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5 Surprising Reasons Why Car Insurance Rates RiseEven if you don't get a traffic ticket, cause a car...

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Auto Insurance

  1. 1. Auto Insurance 5 Surprising Reasons Why Car Insurance Rates Rise Even if you don't get a traffic ticket, cause a car accident, or have a teenage boy in the household, you could end up paying more for insurance for these five lesser-known reasons. 6 Ways to Expedite Your Car Insurance Claim No one ever wants to get into a car accident. But fortunately, filing a car insurance claim is easier than you may think. With the right paperwork and a thorough understanding of your insurance policy, you can even expedite the process. Traffic Accident Caused By Act of God An "Act of God" occurs naturally without human activity. It is frequently associated with violent weather events but may include unexpected medical conditions. The key to successfully asserting the defense is a factual determination that the event was unforeseen and could not be prepared for or mitigated by human activity. 5 Ways to Save Money on Car Insurance Saving money on car insurance isn't as hard as it might seem if you keep these tips in mind. California Voters Acted to Save $100 Billion The passage of Prop 103 was a monumental accomplishment and an example of what can happen when people band together for a cause and show up at the polls. Hopelessness is merely a sentiment for the apathetic. Newlywed? How To Maximize Your Insurance For Every Stage of Life (INFOGRAPHIC)
  2. 2. Read More: Benefits, Employee Benefits, Changing Benefits, Binfo-Metlife, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, Disability Insurance, Metlife, Life Stages, Buying a Home, Insurance, Life Changes, Getting Married, Adjust Benefits, Having a Baby, Adjust, Benefits Enrollment, Life Insurance, Stage of Life, Business News Getting married, having kids and buying a house are a few of the major milestones that you may experience in your life. And while many of these life s... Teens and Cars Can Drive You Crazy Just reading the words teens and cars in the same sentence probably sends you reaching for an antacid. Unfortunately, that queasy feeling is well founded. The privilege of driving is costly, and teen driving can be dangerous. California Republic: Pass the Bananas Read More: Mystery Money, California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, San Francisco News, Super PACs, Campaign Finance, Los Angeles News, Molly Munger, California Budget Crisis, Jerry Brown, Campaign Finance Reform, Charlie Munger, Americans for Responsible Leadership, Auto Insurance, Renewable Energy, Small Business Action Committee, Tom Steyer, George Joseph, Politics News Jerry Brown may have thought that the bad old days of campaign finance were gone. At least for a fleeting historical moment. But now he's finding himself in the midst of some bad new days. Ten States Where Youth Rules Times are tough for young adults. Jobs are hard to find, and the amount of outstanding student loan debt in the U.S. is staggering. Still, there are some states where conditions are much more favorable to young people. Comedian's Beef With Progressive No Laughing Matter Read More: Katie Fisher, Katie, Progressive, Twitter, Accident, Car Accident, Progressive Auto Insurance, Comedian Matt Fisher, Auto Insurance, Matt Fisher, Insurance Claim, Tumblr, Business News
  3. 3. Who do you believe -- the angry brother or the insurance company on the defensive? Trust us, it's complicated and heartbreaking. New York comedian ... What Your Choice of Car Insurance Company Says About You A new analysis by reveals how consumers can often find like-minded folks at the same auto insurance company. You Might Be Getting Overcharged For Car Insurance Read More: Car Insurance Overcharge, Overcharging Car Insurance, Auto Insurance Overcharged, Overcharging Auto Insurance, Video, Car Insurance, Overcharge Car Insurance, Auto Insurance, Overcharging for Car Insurance, Overcharge Auto Insurance, Auto Insurance Overcharging, Overcharging for Auto Insurance, Car Insurance Overcharged, Car Insurance Overcharging, Money News If you live in a middle- or low-income area, you might be paying more than you need to for car insurance. Recent research from the Consumer Federat... Insurance Quiz: Is It a Peril or Hazard? If you want to save money on insurance, give some thought to the difference between a peril and a hazard. Anything you can do to minimize hazards could help reduce your premiums for home, health, car and life insurance. 6 Things Your Car Insurer Doesn't Want You to Know Car insurance is something of an opaque industry. We know we have to pay the bill every month; we just have no clue how the carrier arrived at that rate. Are High Gas Prices a Boon to Auto Insurers?
  4. 4. In principle, one would expect personal lines automobile insurance companies to realize a modest windfall from recent increases in gasoline prices. However, I think it's fair to say that "not all's the same 'twixt the pump and the claim" -- not even the same as it used to be. Rick Scott's "PIP Dream" Comes True Read More: Governor Rick Scott, Pip Law, Accident Insurance, Florida Auto Insurance, Auto Insurance, Rick Scott Pip Law, Florida Pip Law, Florida Health Care, Personal Injury and Protection Laws, Florida Personal Injury, Miami News Governor Scott has restructured Florida's Personal Injury Protection laws in such a way to keep both insurance premiums and insured's benefits in the accounts of those mighty few who insure Florida's drivers. Why You Don't Own A Car Read More: Traffic, Gas Prices, Driving, New Car, Ridesharing, Gen X, Gen Y, Carpooling, Auto Insurance, Car Culture, Poll, Used Car, Automobile, Money News The quintessential dream of waking up on your sixteenth birthday to find a new car adorned with a big red bow parked in the driveway is now a thing of... Poor People Pay More For Car Insurance Because Of Bias, Consumer Group Says Read More: Insurance Premiums, New Car, Car Insurance, Low-Income, Auto Insurance, Drive to Work, Consumers, Commuting, Auto Coverage, Used Car, Business News The poorest Americans are unable to buy affordable auto insurance because of insurance company bias, a consumers group charged Monday. Insurance c... A Scarlett Letter On Economic Life Read More: Credit Report, Debt, Payday Lending, Corescore, Fico, Auto Insurance, Employment, Background Checks, Corelogic, Data Collection, Credit, Experian, Credit Check, Credit Score,
  5. 5. Transunion, Rent-to-Own, Equifax, Business News Thanks to a new kind of credit score, more borrowed money may end up in the hands of the increasing number of Americans who are sliding down the econo... Allstate's Three-Month Catastrophe Losses Equal All Of Last Year's Read More: Detroit, Allstate, Quarter 2, Taxes, Northbrook, Illinois, Home-Insurance, Gmac, Auto Insurance, GMAC Bailout, Video, Business News BANGALORE (Aditi Sharma) - Allstate Corp (ALL.N), the largest publicly traded U.S. home and auto insurer, said it sees pre-tax catastrophe losses ... Are You the Next Aflac Duck? Holy spin doctor! Aflac Insurance is holding open auditions for a new voice of their corporate icon. Health Insurance Compared to Auto Insurance; Why the Republican Argument is Bogus Someday you will get sick or injured. That's not an option. It will happen. And if you are not insured other people will have to pay for your care. Government Health Insurance? What About Public Auto Insurance Read More: Manitoba, Health Insurance, Insurance Companies, Health Care, Canadian-Health-Ca- e-System, Auto Insurance, Car Insurance, Insurance Industry, Public Health Insurance Plan, Private Health Insurance, Canada Health Care, Politics News Ideology and propaganda will squash any consideration of a well-executed public insurance option in America, no matter how compelling the case may be.