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A brief overview of Radar use on small boats.

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  1. 1. RADAR
  2. 2. Main uses of radar Collision avoidance i.e. look-out, plotting, finding course & speed, finding closest point of approach, determining risk of collision Navigation i.e. range, bearings, mixed fixes Pilotage i.e. clearing lines
  3. 3. BREAK DOWN OF A RADAR SCREEN Range ringsShipsheadmarker
  4. 4. IRPCS & the use of radar Rule 5 (Lookout), Rule 6 (Safe speed), Rule 7 (Risk of collision), Rule 19 (conduct in restricted visability Rule 7b“Proper use shall be made of radar equipment if fitted and operational, including long range scanning to obtain early warning of risk of collision and radar plotting or equivalent systematic observation of detected objects.” Rule 7c“Assumptions shall not be made on the basis of scanty information, especially scanty radar information.”
  5. 5. SOLAS regulations Specifies that you must have a radar reflector ! If your craft is over 15m in length then it must be a specific size.
  6. 6. Collision avoidance Alter course as follows in collision situations depending on what sector the other craft appears. This method of collision avoidance matches Rule 19 for radar users (conduct in restricted visability)
  7. 7. POSITIVE:The virtue ofhead-up modeis that thepicturecorresponds tothe view fromthe helm.DRAWBACK:When you altercourse, thepicture rotates.This can make itdifficult to spotweak contacts.
  8. 8. Postives:Picturecorresponds tochart.
  9. 9. Postive:Similar look toHU.Good forcollisionavoidance butneeds to bereset wheneveryou alter yourcourse
  10. 10. Principles RANGEDepends on height of scanner & targetEffected by the horizon TARGETSSignal depends on size, material, aspect, texture, shape i.e. a port marker will show up better than a starboard marker
  11. 11. Beware ! False echos Side echos – i.e. when a boat goes past you there can be a repeated appearance on screen Shadows – i.e. blind spots Interference – i.e. from another radar**ATTEND AN RYA RADAR COURSE PRIOR TO USE !**