Bcyf Academy for Social Development


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The BCYF Academy for Social Development is one of 4 departments of BCYFoundation aimed at Educating Society's Change Agents.

It offers 3 programs namely:
1. CSR Academy
2. Academy for Social Enterprise Training
3. BCYF Cultural Learning Center

Based in Metro Manila, Philipoines

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Bcyf Academy for Social Development

  1. 1. ACADEMY FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT Educating Society’s Change Agents
  2. 2. ABOUT BCYF The Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation (BCYF) was established in 1993 and has the mission to create innovative social solutions through social enterprise. It has been advocating CSR 3.0 (which is citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility at an individual level) as a necessity for social enterprise. BCYF has 5 departments all aimed at advocacy, education and conversion to CSR 3.0: 1. Institute for Social Enterprise & Development 2. CSR World 3. Academy for Social Development 4. Special Projects and Marquee Events 5. Volunteer Matching Exchange
  3. 3. Academy Components BCYF Cultural Learning Center
  4. 4. CSR Academy Live. Learn. Share. Guided by this motto, the CSR Academy is a venue where individuals can learn and practice CSR through different training programs, workshops, and activities. Through the CSR Academy, we hope that individuals develop a personal social responsibility commitment – an oath to live a lifetime dedicated to pursuing the Common Good. Course Offerings: Diploma in Social Responsibility Diploma Programme Certificate in Ethics, Charity and Social Business Certificate Programme
  5. 5. ASET Training Social Entrepreneurs The Academy for Social Enterprise Training is a blended education platform under the BCYF Education department, for social entrepreneurship. Its online website will host online courses local and international education providers, relevant to the Asian social entrepreneur. ASET will also have its own social enterprise certificate module – a six-course program that equips the entrepreneur with the basics of enterprise management: (1) Intro to Social Entrepreneurship, (2) Feasibility study, (3) Finance for the Social Entrepreneur, (4) Project monitoring and control of information systems, (5) Marketing Management, and (6) Hiring / HR / Organizational Development. Course Offerings: Certificate in Social Enterprise Management Certificate Programme Lean Startup Machine Workshop ASET Learning Sessions Workshop & Field work
  6. 6. BCYF Cultural Learning Center Education from Indigenous Innovations & Culture The BCYF Cultural Learning Center is an program that aims to educate people, especially Filipinos of the rich indigenous culture and innovations from the various indigenous communities of the Philippines. The courses are designed with tourism immersions to actual indigenous communities where people experience the culture and learn the practical wisdom from indigenous communities which they can use in their own profession (eg. Agriculture, architecture, art & creativity, music, entrepreneurship, business, etc.) Course Offerings: Ifugao Culture and Practices Certificate Programme Mangyan Culture and Practices Certificate Programme BCYF Cultural Learning Center
  7. 7. APPROACH: Blended Learning Classroom OnlineExperiential
  8. 8. Target Market Students and young professionals ages 15-40 years old
  9. 9. bcyf.edu@gmail.com