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About the Institute for Social Enterprise & Development


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The Institute for Social Enterprise & Development is a department of the BCY Foundation that aims to develop innovative social solutions through social entrepreneurship.

ISED aims to identify, train, assist and develop gamechanging social entrepreneurs.

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About the Institute for Social Enterprise & Development

  3. 3. Why are we here? The emergence of these organizations and individuals gave birth to the concept of ‘social enterprises’ and ‘social entrepreneurs’ – entities employing market-based solutions to pursue the creation of social value (Dees, Emerson, & Economy, 2001). Businesses, nonprofits, and the government have each failed in addressing the world’s most pressing problems (Visser, 2010). In this regard, hybrid organizations and innovative individuals began to blur the boundaries between the private and public sectors in the pursuit of creating value for society (Dees & Anderson, 2006).
  4. 4. PROFIT COMMITMENT IMPACT COMMITTMENT Traditional Business Traditional Philanthropy Current Social enterprises Main Goal ISED Advocate, identify, train, assist, develop social enterprises for growth
  5. 5. The Social Enterprise Alliance defines social enterprises as “businesses whose primary purpose is the common good. They use the methods and disciplines of business and the power of the marketplace to advance their social, environmental, and human justice agendas”.
  6. 6. Our Mission Our mission is to advocate, identify, train, assist and develop social entrepreneurs in Asia for them to build strong and profitable enterprises, rooted in the values of citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility
  7. 7. Our Vision We seek the formation and development of social entrepreneurs who devote their lives to building ethical, just and profitable social enterprises rooted in the values of citizenship, sustainability and social responsibility (CSR 3.0).
  8. 8. Our Philosophy We believe that individuals formed in character make for effective social entrepreneurs. Therefore personal formation is essential to becoming a social entrepreneur who can build effective enterprises in impact, profitability and scale.
  9. 9. Market opportunity The Market “The SME sector of a nation is a barometer of an important element of any sustainable growth story, as these are the companies that can account for considerable job creation as well as new instances of personal wealth.” - Forbes Magazine 45% of Filipinos still below the poverty line 99.6% of economy is made up of SME’s PH projected to be 16th largest economy by 2050
  10. 10. BCYF Social Enterprise Development Model TechnologyAssesmentTrainingMarketing Advocating social entrepreneurship and identifying social entrepreneurs Advocate & Identify Consulting and Business Services for Social Enterprises ConsultingTraining Training social entrepreneurs Events Engaging aspiring and existing social entrepreneurs through events
  11. 11. ISED Special Projects Social Enterprise Mark 🌋🏃 👜 Social Enterprise with Local Governments ISED Social Enterprises
  12. 12. Developing Gamechanging Entrepreneurs 100 Developmental Social Entrepreneurs Innovative products, Specific Social Objective, Big potential for scale 🌋 🍴 🏃 👜 Target 2015
  13. 13. Initiatives Advocacy Caravans for Social Enterprise for students and young professionals ISED Gamechangers Caravan
  14. 14. Initiatives Training and capacity building for entrepreneurs
  15. 15. Initiatives Assisting and Developing Social Enterprises for Growth
  16. 16. ISED SE HUBS At least 10 Student-led Social Enterprise Hubs in Philippine Universities 🌱 🍞 🚚 🌋 💃 💃 💃 Initiatives
  17. 17. EntrepsBuildPH Investment Pitch Weekend 🌱 🍞 🚚 🌋 Initiatives
  18. 18. Social Enterprise Awards 🌱 🍞 🚚 🌋 Initiatives
  19. 19. ISED Projects Cities Islands Tourism Retail Media Coffee Collab Spaces Social Enterprise Development in Cities and Islands ISED Social Enterprises
  20. 20. Partners