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Owner Operator Vs Fleet Driver


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Owner Operator Vs Fleet Driver

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Owner Operator Vs Fleet Driver

  1. 1. Once you finish driving, your responsibilities are over and you can leave the truck terminal. Fleet companies may pay for lengthy training, allowing you to earn money while you learn. Enjoy your paycheck — you are not responsible for fixing or upgrading the vehicles. The company sets routes and deadlines, so you may be on the road as much or more than you’re off it. Fleets pay by mileage; you are not paid for time spent waiting in terminals or taking breaks. This means taking longer trips to earn more money. Without an investment in a truck, you’re free to switch companies or leave truck driving behind. When you enter a rig driven by another driver, you have to clean it and inspect it on your shift. If you want them, you must buy and bring your own seat covers, food and other essentials. If you want to earn a paycheck without investing your own money, driving for a fleet is a good option. You may work longer hours and make less than an owner operator, but it’s still a good job — and probably the best way to begin any driving career. You are responsible for everything: driving, fixing your rig and performing management tasks. In addition to truck driving, you must learn how to book jobs and negotiate with customers. You pay for repairs and upgrades, but owner operators usually earn more than fleet drivers. You choose your own schedule, so you can take time off and avoid working nights and weekends. Negotiating your own rates means you’re paid for waiting and load times plus mileage. Overall pay for owner operators exceeds that of fleet drivers Changing careers requires that you pay everything off and you find a buyer for your rig. You’re the only one driving your truck, so you don’t have to worry about this at all. You can upgrade the seats and climate control system. You can even bring passengers with you. Those who plan to make driving a long- term career will likely choose this option somewhere down the road. Being an owner operator offers more freedom and the opportunity to earn a better paycheck compared to fleet driving. OWNER OPERATOR RESPONSIBILITY TRAINING EXPENSES WORK HOURS PAY RATE CAREER PATH BOTTOM LINE SLIP SEATING COMFORT FLEET DRIVER OWNER OPERATOR FLEET DRIVER vs The American Trucking Association (ATA) projects trucking freight volume growth of 3.4% for 2018 – 2023, and another 2.3% for 2024 – 2028, which means more jobs for truckers. SOURCE: WHICH IS RIGHT FOR YOU? SOURCE: