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Toni Yancey: Instant Recess


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Dr. Toni Yancey's showcase presentation of Instant Recess (r) from her TEDx Manhattan Beach appearance

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Toni Yancey: Instant Recess

  1. 1. What’s Good for theWaistline Is Good for the Bottom Line! Toni (Antronette K.) Yancey, MD, MPH Co-Director, UCLA KP Center for Health Equity Professor, Health Policy & Management Dept UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
  2. 2. “Recapturing Recess”
  3. 3. Introduction "Damn, wish she were a boy!”
  4. 4. Three of the four Hall sisters of KC
  5. 5. I amA Woman of ColorA PoetAn AthleteA ScholarAn Active~istA Cancer Sur vivor
  6. 6. Which of these chairsis more likely to kill you?
  7. 7. TRENDS IN ENERGY EXPENDITURE Agriculture 6000 calEstimated daily energy Hunter-gatherers 5000 cal expenditure Laborers 3000 cal Office workers 1800 cal Mouse potatoes 1500 cal? 1 million 10,000 yrs 1915 2000 2010 yrs ago ago
  8. 8. TRENDS IN ENERGY EXPENDITURE Physical activity is still important to healthEstimated daily energy and well-being! expenditure * 1 million 10,000 yrs 1915 2000 2010 yrs ago ago *Image from Barefoot Runner Society
  9. 9. Leisure Time Physical Activity Levels: Little Change in >2 Decades
  10. 10. 1960sWe s h a l l n o t b e m ove d
  11. 11. 2000s We cannot be moved
  12. 12. Which “Personal Trainer” Achieved Better Results?“push” vs. “pull” strategies 1 million Today yrs ago
  13. 13. Introducing 10-minute activity bouts in the work or school day can: Decrease Increase Waist line, blood  Engagement of  Energy levels pressure, weight inactive people , and percent  Cognitive body fat  Mood, self- processing, esp. efficacy, self- executive Appetite esteem function component Urge to smoke  Fruit and (judgment and vegetable intake Stress and processing and water efficiency) anxiety consumption Harmful effects  Bone density  Physical activity of prolonged  Employee morale sitting  Concentration
  14. 14. Proven benefits of movement Instant RecessEasy to do anywhere Brief, fun and engaging
  15. 15. Two-pronged approach to burning more calories Remove barriers to / increase demand for movement Increase access to (supply of) movement
  16. 16. January 12, 2012Washington DCDept of HealthWobble DanceInstant Recess®
  17. 17. South Bay Health Center Launched Instant Recess® Jan 2011 in call center, Apr in lab/path, Jun in in-pt unit 3000 Compared to 2010 data from same period, reduced sick days by nearly 2 days per pay period Injury rates--“accepted workers’ comp claims”— decreased by 33% to 300%
  18. 18. Instant Recess® @ Network for a Healthy CA elementary schoolInstant Recess® @ Phoenix charter schoolInstant Recess® @ Indianapolis middleschool
  19. 19. San Diego Padres’PETCO Park onSunday home game“family” days; 2013will be 6th season
  20. 20. The Jesus Shuffle
  21. 21. ENABLE CHANGEBuild the case forrecess:•Health & productivityevidence•Return on investmentfigures forimplementing recess•Case studiesProvide tools forimplementation:•Step-by-step guide•Engagement ideas•Tracking charts•Motivational materials
  23. 23. Active involving action or Producing or movement Activist Taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goalActive ~ ist change Engaging in active social
  24. 24. September 6, 2011
  25. 25. Instant Recess® is a movement of ACTIVE~ists (“Sparkplugs”)dedicated to effecting social changethrough MOVEMENT
  26. 26. Beyonce’s Move your Body!modeled on Instant Recess®
  27. 27. Sparkplugs! @InstantRecess