Toni Yancey: Instant Recess


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Dr. Toni Yancey's showcase presentation of Instant Recess (r) from her TEDx Manhattan Beach appearance

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  • I'd like to give you a snapshot before I move into the substance of my talk, of who I am and why I do what I do. I'm from a long line of teachers, my grandma, my mom and her three sisters. And yep, I’m a nerd—was headed to medical school from the age of 9. As I climbed off the school bus and walked into my first day of integrating my Kansas City, KS junior high in 1970, my only greeting was a muttered gripe from the vice-principal to the principal, "Damn, wish she were a boy!" I’m sure I could was eloquent for awhile about the intersection of racism, sexism and classism embedded in that statement. Suffice it to say that's what I call motivation, and I did go on to play high school and college basketball after the passage of Title IX several years later.
  • Prevention is personal to me. Along with my old “balla” knees, I have a bad family history of osteoarthritis and a little Alzheimer’s mixed in. Neither my mom nor her two sisters got to their seats unassisted!
  • My “Journey to Purpose” was a circuitous one that also included a little modeling after medical school and internship.
  • Finding public health has tapped my passions and allowed me to express all of my multiple identities, including my newest one. After more than 20 years as a cancer prevention researcher, I joined the significant uptick of never-smoker younger women diagnosed with lung cancer 8 months ago.
  • Only 4400 people have died in the electric chair between August 1890 and March 2010.Sitting increases risk of death up to 40% and doubles the risk of cardiovascular disease:Shuts off electrical activity in leg musclesDrops rates of calorie burning to 1/minuteDrops fat-burning enzymes by 90%Drops good cholesterol & insulin effectiveness
  • Historically, movement was a fundamental part of living. Today, lack of movement is a fundamental part of dying.
  • Movement now requires conscious effort and access!
  • The major problem is not sudden laziness—we are not programmed as humans to go out of our way for PA because we never had to. What’s changed is the paucity of obligatory physical activity incurred during our activities of daily living!
  • Human beings are just not programmed to go out of their way for activity—individual motivation is fleeting and unsustainable for all but a small and relatively affluent subset of the population, so we have to make the active choice the default option—”pushing” will be necessary to realize population-wide improvements in activity.
  • How many of you participated in an Instant Recess® break with students and staff today?
  • Have focused more to date on supply creation.
  • Administrative office worksites
  • Clinical worksites
  • Schools
  • Spectator sports events
  • Religious institutions
  • Corporate partnering with the hybrid footwear manufacturer KEEN produced a toolkit free for downloading to help us “sell” Instant Recess® as well as make it “plug and play.”
  • We cpnservatively calculated an average return of $1.50-2.00 for every dollar invested in implementing recess breaks.
  • With guidance and support from my band of marketing angels, I’m now shifting to more of an emphasis on demand generation.
  • Social behavior changerequires community participation and peer pressure (altered cultural norms).
  • Couldn’t have dreamed up a more ideal celeb spokesperson and role model to lead the charge of the movement I hope to spark. In April 2010, I joined 9-member Board of Directors of the Partnership for a Healthier America, non-profit guiding and supporting First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign.
  • We now have hundreds across the US, and we need more sparkplugs!
  • Toni Yancey: Instant Recess

    1. 1. What’s Good for theWaistline Is Good for the Bottom Line! Toni (Antronette K.) Yancey, MD, MPH Co-Director, UCLA KP Center for Health Equity Professor, Health Policy & Management Dept UCLA Fielding School of Public Health
    2. 2. “Recapturing Recess”
    3. 3. Introduction "Damn, wish she were a boy!”
    4. 4. Three of the four Hall sisters of KC
    5. 5. I amA Woman of ColorA PoetAn AthleteA ScholarAn Active~istA Cancer Sur vivor
    6. 6. Which of these chairsis more likely to kill you?
    7. 7. TRENDS IN ENERGY EXPENDITURE Agriculture 6000 calEstimated daily energy Hunter-gatherers 5000 cal expenditure Laborers 3000 cal Office workers 1800 cal Mouse potatoes 1500 cal? 1 million 10,000 yrs 1915 2000 2010 yrs ago ago
    8. 8. TRENDS IN ENERGY EXPENDITURE Physical activity is still important to healthEstimated daily energy and well-being! expenditure * 1 million 10,000 yrs 1915 2000 2010 yrs ago ago *Image from Barefoot Runner Society
    9. 9. Leisure Time Physical Activity Levels: Little Change in >2 Decades
    10. 10. 1960sWe s h a l l n o t b e m ove d
    11. 11. 2000s We cannot be moved
    12. 12. Which “Personal Trainer” Achieved Better Results?“push” vs. “pull” strategies 1 million Today yrs ago
    13. 13. Introducing 10-minute activity bouts in the work or school day can: Decrease Increase Waist line, blood  Engagement of  Energy levels pressure, weight inactive people , and percent  Cognitive body fat  Mood, self- processing, esp. efficacy, self- executive Appetite esteem function component Urge to smoke  Fruit and (judgment and vegetable intake Stress and processing and water efficiency) anxiety consumption Harmful effects  Bone density  Physical activity of prolonged  Employee morale sitting  Concentration
    14. 14. Proven benefits of movement Instant RecessEasy to do anywhere Brief, fun and engaging
    15. 15. Two-pronged approach to burning more calories Remove barriers to / increase demand for movement Increase access to (supply of) movement
    16. 16. January 12, 2012Washington DCDept of HealthWobble DanceInstant Recess®
    17. 17. South Bay Health Center Launched Instant Recess® Jan 2011 in call center, Apr in lab/path, Jun in in-pt unit 3000 Compared to 2010 data from same period, reduced sick days by nearly 2 days per pay period Injury rates--“accepted workers’ comp claims”— decreased by 33% to 300%
    18. 18. Instant Recess® @ Network for a Healthy CA elementary schoolInstant Recess® @ Phoenix charter schoolInstant Recess® @ Indianapolis middleschool
    19. 19. San Diego Padres’PETCO Park onSunday home game“family” days; 2013will be 6th season
    20. 20. The Jesus Shuffle
    21. 21. ENABLE CHANGEBuild the case forrecess:•Health & productivityevidence•Return on investmentfigures forimplementing recess•Case studiesProvide tools forimplementation:•Step-by-step guide•Engagement ideas•Tracking charts•Motivational materials
    23. 23. Active involving action or Producing or movement Activist Taking direct and militant action to achieve a political or social goalActive ~ ist change Engaging in active social
    24. 24. September 6, 2011
    25. 25. Instant Recess® is a movement of ACTIVE~ists (“Sparkplugs”)dedicated to effecting social changethrough MOVEMENT
    26. 26. Beyonce’s Move your Body!modeled on Instant Recess®
    27. 27. Sparkplugs! @InstantRecess