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10 Celebrities Who've Killed Someone


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We never would have guessed that so many celebrities out there had killed someone. You won't believe these shocking stories!

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10 Celebrities Who've Killed Someone

  1. 1. 10 Celebrities Who’ve Killed Someone
  2. 2. 1. Phil Spector Legendary Music Producer February 3, 2003 —ALHAMBRA, CA LI ● FORNIA Body of 40-yearold actress, Lana Clarkson, was fo his home. She w und in as shot in the m outh at close ra ● Spector’s limo dr nge iver testified that he heard the gu and that Specto nshot, r got in the car an d told him “I thin shot her.” k I just ● Spector was arre sted and charge d with 2nd degr ● He pled not guilt ee murder y, claiming that Clarkson shot he ● First trial in 2007 rself was a hung jury ● Second trial in 20 09, he was conv icted and senten years to life in pr ced to 19 ison
  3. 3. 2. Keith Moon Drummer, The Who January 4, 1970— HERTFORDSHIRE, ENGL AND ● ● ● ● ● Moon was leaving the Red Lion pub when patrons rush his vehicle ed Although he was dr unk, he tried to es cape the chaos He accidentally ra n over and killed N eil Boland who was friend, chauffeur, his and bodyguard Coroner ruled the death an accident and Moon received absolute discharg an e, meaning that he was not charged w anything and the ith case was closed im mediately People close to M oon said that the incident haunted the rest of his life him for
  4. 4. 3. Brandy Norwood Grammy-Award Winning Singer December 30, 20 06—LOS ANGEL ● ● ● ES, CALIFORNIA She was driving on L.A.’s 405 free way when her SU a smaller car V struck The crash killed the other driver , 38-year-old Aw Aboudihaj (she di atef ed in the hospita l the following da Brandy was not y) arrested becaus e authorities did enough evidence not have to charge her with vehicular mansl aughter
  5. 5. 4. Vince Neil Frontman, Mötley Crüe December 8, 19 84—REDOND ● O BEACH, CA LIFORNIA Neil lost contr ol of his vehic le and crashe car d into an onco ming ● His friend, Nic holas Dingley, was in the pas died in the cr senger seat an ash d ● The two passe ngers in the o ther car were ● Neil’s BAC regi seriously inju stered at over red twice the lega arrested and l limit and he charged with was a DUI and veh ● Sentenced to icular manslau 30 days in jail, ghter 5 years probat community se ion, 200 hours rvice, and ord ered to pay th e victims $2.6 M
  6. 6. 5. Don King Legendary American Boxing Promoter 1954 & 1966—CL EVELAND, OHIO 1954 ● King, 23, shot an d killed Hillary Br own, a man who rob him was attempting to ● King’s actions wer e ruled justifiable , and he was not 1966 charged ● King was involved in a physical alte rcation with Sam his employees at Garrett, one of the time ● Garrett’s head hi t the pavement an d he died from th say King stomped e injury. Some him to death ● Convicted of man slaughter and sp ent four years in parole in 1971 an jail. Released on d granted a full pa rdon by Ohio gove rnor in 1983
  7. 7. 6. Rebecca Gayheart Hollywood Actress June 13, 2001— LOS ANGELES, CA LIFORNIA ● ● ● ● Gayheart’s vehi cle struck 9-year -old Jorge Cruz across the street Jr., as he walked Cruz died the ne xt day from his injuries Gayheart was ch arged with vehi cular manslaugh She pleaded no ter contest and was sentenced to th probation, one ree years year license susp ension, a $2,800 hours of comm fine, and 750 unity service
  8. 8. 7. Laura Bush First Lady, 2001-2009 November 6 ● ● ● ● ● , 1963—MID LAND, TEXAS Laura Welch (maiden nam e) ran a stop vehicle sign and stru ck another The driver w as a friend o f hers named Douglas was Michael Dou killed in the cr glas ash Authorities fo und no signs of criminal n speeding or egligence (sh drinking) e wasn’t She was not charged and suffered only minor injurie s
  9. 9. 8. Matthew Broderick August 5, 1987— ● Hollywood Actor ENNISKILLEN, N ORTHERN IRELAN D Broderick and co -star Jennifer Gre y were driving a when he crossed rental car into the wrong la ne ● His vehicle struck another vehicle head-on and the passengers were two killed instantly ● Broderick suffer ed a fractured le g and ribs, a conc collapsed lung ussion, and a ● He was initially ch arged with causin g death by dang driving and face erous d up to 5 years in prison ● He was later conv icted of a lesser charge of carele paid a fee of only ss driving and $175
  10. 10. 9. Robert Blake Hollywood Actor May 4, 2001—ST UDIO CITY, CALIFO ● RNIA Blake’s wife, Bonn ie Lee Bakley, was shot and killed w car outside a rest hile sitting in a aurant ● Blake claimed to be inside the rest aurant at the tim but he was arrest e of the murder, ed a year later. ● During his trial, tw o men testified th at Blake tried to kill his wife, but ju recruit them to ry found him “not guilty” ● In 2005, Bakley’s children filed a ci vil suit against Bl found liable for he ake and he was r death and orde red to pay the ch million ildren $30 ● In 2008, the verd ict was upheld by an appeals court penalty in half but they cut his
  11. 11. 10. Corey “C-Murder” Miller January 12, 2002 Rapper —HARVEY, LOU ● ● ● ● ● ISIANA Miller was at th e Platinum Club when a fight br 16-year-old Stev oke out and e Thomas was be aten and fatally Authorities iden shot tified Miller as th e gunman In 2003, Miller was convicted of 2nd degree mur In 2006, the Lo der uisiana Suprem e Court overturn In 2009, Miller ed the verdict was retried and found guilty ag sentenced to lif ain and was e in prison
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