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International Sales Playbook - Insights from Sales VP


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International sales is full of pitfalls and potholes. Even when you do everything ‘right’, business outside your country is still a wild ride. Flip through the presentation above for VP Sales and Customer Success Maya Gershon's advice on how to win international sales. Follow us @installCore!

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International Sales Playbook - Insights from Sales VP

  2. 2. International sales is full of pitfalls and potholes... even when you do everything ‘right.’ So how do you make the right impression, and come home a hero?
  3. 3. listen more than you speak. ■ Success in international sales requires high emotional intelligence ■ Follow the local’s lead in the meeting ■ Mirror their gestures ■ Respect their customs ■ Your main task is to cultivate a good relationship & build a connection that can withstand distance ■ Remember, you might only have one chance to get it right!
  4. 4. language. ■ You have a HUGE leg up if you speak and write their language ■ Recruit ‘superhunter’ salespeople that speak the target language ■ Even if most of your high-profile clients speak proficient English, language still matters
  5. 5. When a deal with an international client is stuck, but you’re not sure why: ■ Bring on a member of your team that speaks the client’s language ■ They can get to the heart of the problem faster than anyone else a quick sales secret:
  6. 6. learn key phrases. ■ Be very specific in your learning ■ Stick to what you absolutely need ■ Show you’re willing to put yourself out there ■ Have the confidence to make mistakes ■ Learn the pleasantries: → “hello” → “how are you” → “thank you” → “goodbye” → “tasty” → “cheers”
  7. 7. cultural formalities. ■ Study the standard business customs and rituals of your target region ■ Subtly demonstrate your level of experience in the country ■ Performing the formalities puts your international counterparts at ease SMALL GESTURES CAN TAKE ON LARGE IMPORTANCE
  8. 8. rehearsal. ■ You want to make a strong impression ■ Plan for the scenarios you would least expect ■ Get everyone on the same page ■ Decide ahead of time who will be the ‘go-to’ or the ‘expert’ on certain subjects ROLE-PLAYING IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO GET IN THE PROPER MINDSET.
  9. 9. What do you hope to get out of your next trip? Make a series of goals that will guide your meeting. Remember: ■ Not every flight leads to a deal ■ Building trust takes time defining success. Icons made by Freepik from
  10. 10. Dream big, but set realistic goals. You won’t always hit a homerun, but lots of base-hits can still lead to high scores.
  11. 11. Read the full post here. Want more? Head over to the iC Blog!