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6 Personality Traits of a 'Super-Hunter' Salesperson - Insights from installCore VP Sales


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There are good sales people and then there are 'super-hunters'. Whether they are born to sell or master the art of sales over time, they often have these 6 personality traits in common. Check out VP Sales and Customer Success Maya Gershon's presentation and comment below if there is anything else you would add to the list.

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6 Personality Traits of a 'Super-Hunter' Salesperson - Insights from installCore VP Sales

  2. 2. All salespeople need to be winners, but the salespeople on my team need to be the complete package. Here are 6 stand-out traits that I look for in candidates:
  3. 3. a fast learner. 1. They can understand the nitty gritty technical aspects of the product 2. They have a strong grip on the industry as a whole, including: ■ Competitors’ offerings ■ Newest developments 3. They are able to ask thought provoking questions & prove that they think analytically
  4. 4. adaptable. There is no end to the types of personalities that you encounter in sales situations Study your targets–do as much background reading as you can get your hands on Listen! Take cues from your surroundings and adapt your behavior to act accordingly
  5. 5. ambitious. 1. They see the quota as a stepping stone for their goals 2. They encourage the people around them to push harder 3. They put the larger goals of the team ahead of their own 4. They tend to be ambitious in most aspects of their lives
  6. 6. clever. TO MAKE IT IN THE WORLD OF SALES YOU NEED STREET SMARTS. The ‘super hunter’ salesperson needs to: ■ be in control of the conversation from the outset; ■ understand the motivations of all the parties involved; ■ have a quick-wit (sometimes client questions can really come out of left field).
  7. 7. fun! CLIENTS WANT TO SPEAK WITH SALESPEOPLE THEY CAN RELATE TO. ■ Relationship building is the most important trait of a salesperson ■ They should be comfortable around everyone, from the engineers to the CEO ■ ‘Fun’ means having a high emotional IQ; they really listen and feel what their client is asking WARNING: being ‘fun’ in different situations does not mean being deceptive or disingenuous.
  8. 8. assertive. AN ELITE SELLER IS GOING TO CLOSE THE DEAL. ■ A true salesperson doesn’t see the selling as ‘nagging’; it’s an essential part of a mutually beneficial relationship. ■ They should be confident in asking for what they want.
  9. 9. The ‘Shoe Salesperson’ ■ People aiming low ■ Looking for small wins ■ Willing to do or say anything red flags for interviewers There’s no reason to settle for people who don’t take themselves or their profession seriously. Detail Fixation ■ Not all tasks are created equal ■ ‘Fixators’ don’t prioritize the larger goal of your company
  10. 10. A strong salesperson knows what they want, and they know how to get it. They are passionate, determined, and self-assured. Above all, elite salespeople can sell themselves. making the cut Icons made by Freepik from
  11. 11. Read the full post here. Want more? Head over to the iC Blog!