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Digital Marketing Guide 2014: Part 1 SEO Red & Green Lights


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Welcome to the Inspiration Marketing digital strategy guide for 2014. My name is Patrick Naughton and I am the head of digital marketing for Inspiration. In part 1 of our digital strategy guide I am going to give you an overview of SEO red and green lights. By red lights I mean techniques that you should not be performing and green lights - techniques that I would recommend for 2014 and beyond.

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Digital Marketing Guide 2014: Part 1 SEO Red & Green Lights

  1. 1. Digital Strategy Guide for 2014 Part 1 – SEO Red and Green Lights
  2. 2. SEO Red Light s • Building as many links as possible from as many sources as possible • Using anchor text to manipulate your keyword rankings • Writing content for search engines
  3. 3. Will Google Penalize Me? • The short answer is yes. You can’t run and you can’t hide! • Google Panda and Penguin updates focused on poor user experience and content and backlinks
  4. 4. Diagnose a Penalt y • There are several ways that you will know that your site has been penalized • Manually penalty, drop in traffic
  5. 5. Benchmar k Tr af f ic • You can use Google Analyics • Run a test against site traffic and Google updates
  6. 6. How t o Fix SEO Red Light s • Diagnose toxic links and submit a disavow document • Re-write poor content • Give a better user experience
  7. 7. SEO Gr een Light s • Building a website that delivers the best user experience • Clean backlink footprint • Developing inspiring content that will earn you links naturally • Writing content for your target audience • Embracing social media with open arms • Focusing on conversions
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