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Inspira - Portfolio [en]

Some of our more than 150 projects delivered so far.

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Inspira - Portfolio [en]

  1. 1. Inspira Tecnologia | presentation @2014
  2. 2. signature portal project Challenge: Leverage the power of agile software and automated tests to allow a fast release process. Solution: We used BDD (behavior driven development) to align business requirements and IT resources, ensuring the correct behavior for every feature of the product results: • Frequency of releases was cut down from quarterly to weekly Opportunity: Certisign launched a new product where users can sign documents online, but every new release would take months and the deployment process was painful. • Drastic reduction in reported bugs and open tickets • The team gained confidence to implement and deploy new features
  3. 3. listo project Opportunity: Provide a payment gateway for small and medium companies that want to simplify their financial management and focus on sales Challenge: Create a easy to use web platform so every step of the process could be managed online . Solution: An online POS platform that connects to a PinPad and generates realtime data, as well as online management tools and reports. results: • A first version of the product was created in two months (already being used to make transactions) • The entire operation of the company was automated, reducing the cost per transaction
  4. 4. elanco - ivisit project Opportunity: Elanco was using plain paper to collect data from customers located in remote areas Challenge: To create a multiplatorm tablet app for iPad and Android that could be used offline to collect customer data for later synchronization when a connection is avaliable Solution: We used PhoneGap to generate multiplatform builds with the same codebase, reducing development and maintenance costs results: • Eliminated use of paper • Realtime data for report generation • Improved effectiveness of sales force
  5. 5. amigo carona project Opportunity: Encourage the use of carpools in the big urban centers of Brazil. Challenge: Offering rides to strangers it common in Europe, but unlikely in Brazil for safety reasons. Solution: Facebook integration in order to share ride invitations with friends (and friends of friends) to ensure safety for both parties. results: • Clean and organized design • Great performance • Option to offer and take a ride with friends and acquaintances • Possibility of sharing costs of displacement
  6. 6. amigo carona project
  7. 7. saúde mobi project results: Opportunity: allow chronic patients to be monitored at home and make life easier for patients and health professionals. Challenge: implement a new proof of concept (PoC) with limited financial resources. Solution: research and development on the Bluetooth and HDP (health data protocol) protocols and implementation an Android mobile app. Surpass all clients’ expectations by mitigating technical risks and investing time on look-and-feel and usability.
  8. 8. jazz side Opportunity: reflect the capacity of Jazz Side to accomplish dreams and show that anything is possible. Challenge: create a modern, attractive and practical website with organized content and highlighting the services offered by Jazz Side – through best practice usability and SEO. Solution: we created a website with fully manageable content for Jazz, with tools to help the website’s visitor to build their ideal dream. The website was essential in the company's marketing strategy, since there was wide brand awareness in newspapers, magazines, and tv. results: project
  9. 9. jazz side project
  10. 10. FCB Brasil results: Opportunity: strengthen the online presence of the agency FCB Brasil, demonstrating its expertise, cases and the DNA of the company. We were able to meet the expectations of a highly demanding client, generating long-term relationship and new projects. Challenge: create a website for an agency that works with digital media is a huge responsibility. Solution: we created a 100% manageable website using the best practices of web development and SEO, and with a smooth user experience. project
  11. 11.!/agencia FCB Brasil project
  12. 12. Grão Gourmet project results: Opportunity: help a startup selling gourmet coffees online Challenge: develop an e-commerce with specific characteristics and business rules Solution: using agile methodologies and python/django as the main platform, we have created an evolutionary solution, allowing customers to invest in their business gradually, according to the feedback received by the market. Improved return on investment and happy customer.
  13. 13. Grão Gourmet project
  14. 14. Visit Brasil The Youtube channel was highlighted in international tourism events and was selected by Google as a technology case for Youtube. results: Solution: we used javascript / jQuery to integrate several APIs from websites like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Google Maps . Opportunity: spread the word about tourism in Brazil through Youtube for the brazilian tourism bureau (embratur) in partnership with Isobar Challenge: integrate information gathered from several web services in a unified solution. project
  15. 15. Visit Brasil project
  16. 16. Broota Brasil Opportunity: Promote the startup scene in Brazil through equity crowdfunding (for investment in startups by individuals and small businesses). Challenge: Quickly respond to market changes and the actions of competitors, bringing innovative features. Solution: In addition to developing the platform using agile methodologies and Ruby on Rails, we are acting as trusted advisors, understanding the customer business model and proposing new possibilities. Total synergy between technology, business and people; offering the customer flexibility to guide their own business. project results:
  17. 17. Broota Brasil project