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Insperity Business Confidence Survey Q2 2015 [Infographic]


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Insperity asked executives from 5,300 businesses about their second quarter 2015 results and what those meant for the remainder of 2015. Here’s what they shared.

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Insperity Business Confidence Survey Q2 2015 [Infographic]

  1. 1. We asked the executives of 5.400 C O N F I D E N C E businesses to look back attheirresults from the second quarter of 2015 and give us their plans for the remainder of the year. These are the results. )7 Tk ° £2, Inspenty inspiring Business Performance‘ 7// // HIRING ACTIVITY FOR THE QUARTER Are you adding employees? Staying the same Laying off 3Ye7s°/ o 56% 7% V/ /// SALARY CHANGES IN Q2 Compared to this time in 2011+: 2°/ ° Awmgp - L", r: ' . ‘,'M’‘‘’- 110/0 cortipcrisntrort ‘ _ 0. regular pm, ‘ 59% 27% 11% 3% Plan to pay at the Plan to Unsure Plan to current rate increase pay cut pay 7// // EFFECT OF CURRENT ECONOMY ON YOUR BOTTOM LINE 18% 47% IIIr, I<; -.i: .e, -I"l I; -.Ir Irmgs IIlI, :- II; -., Il I, l‘I. ,IrI: ,_lI: - 7// // CURRENT BUSINESS CONCERNS’ 60% 40% 20% 0% The economy Hiring the right people Controlling operational costs ’/ /// / BUSINESS CONCERNS LOOKING AHEAD‘ 48% l| .]f/8 °°"°'“"‘°"‘°"""""°" u mo '. 'I'. fIfIT. §i?37I'aT§2§? O/ O Potential tax increases The economy 7// // PERFORMANCE, SALES AND PROFITS Expect sales to increase or stay the same Compared to what 00 YOU eXP9Ct ygu projected‘ how y0U| ' new DUSIHESS sales to increase is your business performing in 2015? 0T “Q9359? Expect sales to drop or are unsure How are you going to increase profits? ‘ 8 increasing service to clients ¥ § Adding new services or products 36% Investing In new Improvements 7// /// SEE HOW TO DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH ‘ Go to insperity. com to learn more about our business solutions {E Insperity. lriaplting htineu Rrlomuncv ' Denotes more than one answer <. '~. oII; e was green. Inspcnty condurtr-<1 the SLl? 'V(''; 'jlJly' 7- 9, 2015, of rl-uol mrcctrtrve officers, rhrr-5 fIn: In<I.1‘. officers and other l, ‘Xl, ‘(uTlV("I In .1 '. ':mety' of mdustm". from its base of . xppro)rvrrr. ntel-, ' 5.1300 ’. IoriIlcIer. e Optrin-: .'ItIon clients tliroughout the Unrted Slate-. .Tl1e overall smrrrpl. ng error of the r. 'ItIon. Il §| .I! VEf Is (4,'- I’. 8} percent at the 95 percent confide. -Ice levck