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Inbound Customer Services Call Center
Customer services include two critical components – interaction and information.
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Inbound customer services


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Inbound customer services

  1. 1. Inbound Customer Services Call Center Customer services include two critical components – interaction and information. The interaction part involves introductory communication, inquiring about the essential details and understanding the problem of the caller. The information part involves the final solution to the customer’s query. To provide the best customer services to our clients, InSO strives to ensure quality at both levels of customer services. Customer Interaction at InSO We understand that every caller is a valuable customer of your company. Every satisfied caller will ultimately reflect in your annual balance sheet. Thus, we direct the best of our energies towards making every call a satisfying experience. To this end, InSO has put in place state-of-the-art infrastructure, such as interactive voice response systems and dedicated software support. Also, we have regular workshops for the customer service call center executives on how to interact with customers in the best possible way. We invite industry experts to train our executives in customer handling skill, such as anticipating caller expectations, understanding his problem and managing short-tempered callers. Giving Information to the Customer The primary motive of every caller is to seek information. The type of information and the need, however, differs from business to business. However, if the call center outsourcing fails to provide the desired information, the customer will form a poor impression of the company. While working, as an extension of your company, InSO considers every caller a direct client and not a third-party customer. Our R&D team thoroughly works on every project to create a database of possible questions from the customers. This database is distributed to all the call center executives for fast and effective query resolution. The database always keeps on growing as new queries emerge. At InSO, we have the facility to record every call so that it can be tested for information delivery and caller satisfaction. To receive quotes on InSO International’s inbound call center services, fill the customer query form. We also provide free services for a period of one month to new and prospective clients.