The Convergence of Public Relations and Advertising


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Phil’s (@PhilGomes) successful career in the communications field is characterized by his passionate interest in technology, media, and emerging forms of communication. In his role with Edelman Digital he is responsible for crafting the online engagement policies and standards for the agency and its clients, as well as serving as an educator and counselor with regard to online communities.

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  • As you can see, almost 2/3 of respondents said they need to hear data about a company 3-5 times to believe it.It’s critically important that communications be dispersed through multiple channels and an integrated approach is needed to meet the demands people have for accepted data pointsWe saw the greatest skepticism in the U.S. and the U.K.In the U.K., 83% said they need to hear a data point 3-5 times to believe it. In the U.S., that number was 85%
  • Think of this:Thru crisisThru M+A etc. Build a trusted relationship with your stakeholders before you need it
  • The Convergence of Public Relations and Advertising

    1. 1. The Convergence of PR and Advertising Phil Gomes SVP, Edelman Digital @philgomes
    2. 2. This presentation has been certified 100% Oreo-free by the Sandwich Cookie Liberation Front.
    3. 3. This is the part where I tell you that I went to school, got a job, got another job, started writing about social media (which my boss hated enough to dock me in my performancereview that year), went independent, and then joined Edelman. I went to school again. Dropped out. Went to school again a second time and got an MBA. I worked with lots and lots of clients and basically did a ton of stuffover the past 17 years that brought us to today.
    4. 4. A borrowed definition by way of creative anachronism
    5. 5. Hey, girl… I’m a hot date.How ‘bout it? Definition: Direct Marketing
    6. 6. Hey, girl… My friend Ryan is a hot date… My friendRyan is a hot date… My friend Ryan is a hot date…My friend Ryan is a hot date… My friend Ryan is ahot date… My friend Ryan is a hot date… My friendRyan is a hot date… My friend Ryan is a hot date…My friend Ryan is a hot date… My friend Ryan is ahot date… My friend Ryan is a hot date… My friendRyan is a hot date… My friend Ryan is a hot date … Definition: Advertising
    7. 7. I’ve been hearing that RyanGosling is a hot date…Definition: Public Relations
    8. 8. Hey, Ryan… I hear you’re a hot date. How ‘bout it?Definition: Branding
    9. 9. Part One’s Lesson:The media tour and the advent of PRas a marketing discipline have thesame origin more than 60 years ago.Advertising led creative. Publicrelations brought it to life.
    10. 10. Inter-agency Team:• Edelman – Public Relations• Ogilvy & Mather – Advertising• Mindshare – Media
    11. 11. Global Internal Whitepaper Finds…• Only 2% of women would describe themselves as “beautiful”• 2/3 of women thought that the media set a false beauty standard
    12. 12. Part Two’s Lesson:In a true inter-agencyenvironment, advertising no longer hasthe presumption of program/creativeleadership.The discipline that brings the idea and theinsights does.
    13. 13. Whuuuuuuu?
    14. 14. WinnerRound 1 Web as Presentation AdvertisingRound 2 Web as Conversation PRRound 3 Web as… ?
    15. 15. Here’s what I do know…
    16. 16. Don’t Ten or more know, 2% Once (1), 4% times (10+), 6% Six to Nine times (6-9), 8% Twice (2), 22% Four or Fivetimes (4 - 5), 26% 3-5 times 59% Three times (3), 33%
    17. 17. When an organization is NOT trusted When an organization is trusted 57% will believe negative information after hearing it 1-2 times 51% will believe positive information will believe positive after hearing it 1-2 times 15% information after 25% hearing it 1-2 times will believe negative information after hearing it 1-2 times
    18. 18. PR as amplification Advertising as mechanism for amplification advertising mechanism for PR
    19. 19. Key Forces Scarcity has given way to hyper- abundance Few companies will replace the analog dollars with digital subscriptions (NYT did…) Automated buying exchanges are driving down the prices Economics matter
    20. 20. The Point of Convergence: Paid ContentDistribution
    21. 21. Paid Content Syndication
    22. 22. Paid content syndication resembles advertorials.It’s the in-stream distribution of branded content.
    23. 23. Pros Cons Years of benchmark data Starts with a trust deficit 100% control of the content Requires an editorial mindsetEasy for the reader to delineate Easy to skip or miss Write once, use many times Can be jarring to the reader Can be adjusted as needed Needs to be kept fresh
    24. 24. Paid Content Integration
    25. 25. Paid content integration closely resembles productplacement. The brand is woven into the storyline.
    26. 26. Pros Cons Hard to miss Needs to be hand crafted Can be simple Can be expensive Huge diversity of options Lack of accepted standards Room to innovate Harder to measure ROICan spur social distribution Potential for backlash (if done wrong)
    27. 27. Paid Content Co-Creation
    28. 28. Paid content co-creation resembles a stadiumsponsorship. It funds editorial, research & events.
    29. 29. Pros Cons More like a media buy Can be expensive Client has directional oversight No daily say in editorialDiverse options - e.g. events, research Lines get blurry with commerce Large pool of media partners Sometimes distanced from editorial Can start with a trust surplus More of a commitment
    30. 30. Final thoughts…
    31. 31. Don’t fixate so much on who‘owns’ ‘social media.’”Focus instead on how onlinecommunities affect your work.
    32. 32. Strategic Implications1.Think like a media company • Have a content vs a message mindset • Use content to solidify trusted relationships between company/audience • Instill “brand journalists” in teams; bring different skill sets closer together
    33. 33. 2. Act like a media company Always be in beta: take a 20-80 approach, start with two week tests Create memorable characters and story lines Think about creating content experiences vs one-offs
    34. 34. 3. Partner like a media company Dont just buy what the media is selling, see whats not there, bring them ideas Integrate several different partnerships together; snap it together like Legos Use partnerships to hook paid and owned, but always be thinking earned/social
    35. 35. The Convergence of PR and Advertising Phil Gomes SVP, Edelman Digital @philgomes