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CRM Brings Visibility and Simplicity to Manufacturing Operations


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A customer relationship management (CRM) solution empowers manufacturers to manage
and advance relationships throughout the customer lifecycle, giving them an edge in an
increasingly competitive market.

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CRM Brings Visibility and Simplicity to Manufacturing Operations

  1. 1. Why CRM matters to manufacturers A customer relationship management (CRM) solution empowers manufacturers to manage and advance relationships throughout the customer lifecycle, giving them an edge in an increasingly competitive market. UsingTechValidateanindependentsurvey company, Insightly surveyed over 400 manufacturing professionals to discover how they use CRM and project management solutions to improve operations, help with supplier communications, and manage end customers. Using their insights, your team can spend less time managing the product lines and more time profiting from business relationships.
  2. 2. Top obstacles for manufacturing professionals What kind of project management/workflow problems were you having prior to implementing a CRM? Our CRM solution has helped manage all projects within the company, allowing management a better view of everything that is going on and where to allocate resources. – Ryan Ching, managing partner at Essential Flavours Difficulty organizing information Difficulty managing clients and suppliers Difficulty collaborating with team members Difficulty managing projects Lack of general productivity Other 62% 49% 34% 33% 19% 10%
  3. 3. How CRM improves your operations and relationships How has having a CRM solution helped to improve overall business? 76% 50% 18% Increased efficiency Enhanced productivity Happier customers and clients Our CRM solution has helped us actually get work done, and we’re able to review the entire company’s conversations with each customer. It has really helped this new company grow. – Don Hicks, vice president of construction and partner at Tamarack Pipeline Services CRM solutions address the issues most important to manufacturers: efficiency, productivity, and customer happiness. Installing a CRM also helped survey respondents achieve the below: • Improved sales and shorter sales cycles, resulting from customer and sales data being organized and available in one place • Shorter meetings and less time spent on administrative work • Reduced overall costs, and as a result, an increased competitive advantage Saving time and spending more with clients – that’s progress that benefits the entire customer journey.
  4. 4. Boost overall productivity It’s simple: when data is organized and at your fingertips, you can focus on meaningful work that gets results. Using CRM, almost 90% of manufacturers saw productivity increase by at least 10%, with 31% boosting productivity by more than half. That’s hundreds of manufacturers providing suppliers, distributors and all other contacts with improved, personalized service, simplifying information management and improving communications – all because they used CRM to make information more readily available. 31% of manufacturers used CRM to lift productivity by more than 50%. How much has a CRM solution helped increase staff productivity? How? More than 75%: 10% 50–74%: 21% 25–49%: 32% 10–24%: 24% Up to 10%: 13% The most helpful CRM features were: 68% Contact management 41% Sales pipeline management 28% Mobile CRM app Other helpful features included: 22% File sharing 19% Integrated product management 18% Application integration with Google Apps, Office 365 and more 15% Customized reporting 7% Social media integration
  5. 5. Use your CRM to grow your bottom line CRM solutions make the sales pipeline a breeze – which improves customer relationships and ultimately improves business. By enhancing reporting and data organization, you ensure day- to-day health of your company and continued momentum. Morethanhalfofmanufacturersimproved sales by up to 50% after using a CRM. How much has a CRM helped grow your sales? Insightly was key for us to evolve as a company, better processes and communication, more productivity, and more sales. – Alejandro Brenes, owner of Enertiva CRMdeliversexcellentteamperformance – enhanced ability to manage the sales team on a global basis. – Dennis Riccio, vice president of sales at Strasbaugh 7% 7% 26% 35% 25% More than 75% 50% – 74% 25% – 49% 10% – 24% Up to 10%
  6. 6. Calculating the ROI of CRM The proper implementation of a CRM forces a company to verify what it thinks it already knows about its products and services, value propositions, and processes. This process alone is bound to uncover growth opportunities. – Matthew Stoops, sales manager at MetalSource In less than one month, 43% of organizations surveyed saw a return on investment. 95% of the organizations surveyed saw their investments returned within one year. When a business management tool combines operational simplicity with increased sales and enhanced client service, it’s no surprise how quickly it pays off. Less than a month: 43% 1–3 months: 29% 3–6 months: 16% 6–9 months: 4% 9–12 months: 2% More than one year: 5% How long did it take for your CRM to show return on investment?
  7. 7. How often do manufacturers actually use CRM? How often do you use your CRM? I can’t imagine not having our CRM solution. It takes no time at all to find contacts and other pertinent information, to see what sales and opportunities we’ve had in the past year, and how many opportunities we’ve converted to sales.Insightlyissuchanintegralpartofwhat we do that it’s almost instinct at this point. – Ryan Ching, managing partner at Essential Flavours Every day / can’t live without it Two to three times per week Once a week Once every few weeks Once every few months Other 52% 33% 8% 2% 2% 2% Time is one of the most coveted resources in any organization – especially for manufacturers. Adopting new technology can add cycles to an already busy day. However, when a solution is designed from the ground up to be easy to use, and online support is available 24x7 with tutorials at hand, the long-term benefits of the CRM adoption process pay off. More than half of manufacturers that use Insightly CRM report they can’t live without the tool, and they interact with it on a daily basis. When you’re considering adopting a new solution, consider the big picture: where will your organization be in one year? Where could it be if you start using a CRM today?
  8. 8. Q: How long will it take for Insightly CRM to show ROI? A: 72% of manufacturers saw their Insightly investments returned in less than three months. Nucleus Research also reports that CRM generates $8.71 in revenue for every $1 spent. Q: How much can a CRM increase our sales? A: More than half of manufacturers improved sales by up to 50% after Insightly. Q: How can improved project management help our company overall? A: Of the manufacturing pros surveyed, 62% rated organizing information as their No. 1 pain point. Insightly CRM centralizes customer data, so you can streamline project management – and according to the Project Management Institute, project management boosts the success rate of strategic initiatives by 16%. Your days are already hectic. That’s why Insightly CRM simplifies every link in the production cycle – so you can deliver high standards for client service, streamline operations, and improve your bottom line. CRM FAQ Insightly has dramatically lowered the administrative cost of CRM and pipeline management. It is an essential tool for any small business. – Jenny Hopewell, owner of HOPEWELL Companies, LLC
  9. 9. About Insightly CRM Insightly is the easiest customer relationship managementsolution(CRM)touseformanagingdeep customer relationships. Customers use Insightly’s tightly integrated CRM and project management features to close new sales, track post-sale customer interactions, and drive repeat purchases. See how Insightly could transform your manufacturing business.