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News letter managers and leaders


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Published in: Education, Business
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News letter managers and leaders

  1. 1. Let’s Simplify HR M a n a ge r s a n d L e a d e r s It is only when your people place their trust in you that you have followers. As a leader you Ask your people at work and they will tell you, there is are functioning at such a high level ofAbout Us a difference between being a manager and being a leader. But when you ask them what that difference effec tiveness that you are contributing to theFounded in 2010, organizational success.InsightHR is HR and is, they will face a bit more difficulty in answering you. All of a sudden, these two words become fluid andTraining consultancy with However, the obsolete “command and control” undefined. Leadership is perceived as an indefinable,wide experience of captivating component that some people have and administration archetypes are still applicable toproviding human many progressive 21st century companies. Yes, the others dont.resource, organization the controls are in place. Yes, you are solving problems. But it isn’t you alone. You now alsodevelopment and Wrong! have your people in whom you have placedtraining solutions. your trust and who have willingly placed theirs The real difference between being a manager and in you in order to create gr eater collective being a leader is this: Management is your career.Our Vision successes…. Leadership is your calling……We believe thatRecruitment and Training As you identify your beliefs and begin aligning You dont have to be outstanding, well-spoken and ingoes hand in hand. It’s possession of a great deal of presence to be a your behavior with your beliefs, you would need to take steps to build a concerted planour Mission to provide successful leader. You dont have to have that based on where youre going.end to end solution to "extraordinary something" to fulfill a leadership role.our customers in terms of What you need are clearly defined beliefs and, more importantly, the courage of your convictions to see Take the time to sit back and pay attention.Recruitment to Expected Look for movement and development. Discover them manifest into your reality. Only when youPerformance and understand your role as guide and guardian, based on where the possibilities are, the dots that youContribution from can connect and need to disconnect. your own most deeply held beliefs can you migrateemployees. from a manager to a leader. Be more, grow more, do more and ultimately you will have more. Become everything that Whether the group under your care is labeled as employees, associates, team-mates or anything else, you have always believed. Leaders arent born. Embracing leadership is your decision. It is a what they are looking to you for, is someone in whom belief and a commitment to everything that is they can safely place their convictions. of excellence within you. Someone whom they know is working for the greater The time is now! Be a leader. good – theirs and their organization’s. They are looking for someone who they can follow, and want to follow. HR and Training +919825300447 C o ns u lt a nts