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News letter light bulb moments


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Published in: Education, Business, Spiritual
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News letter light bulb moments

  1. 1. Let’s Simplify HIRING L i g ht B ul b M o m e nt s But we need LBM .........................otherAbout Us Woooooow, youve just had a moment of clarity wise we will be like processionalFounded in 2010, that illuminated your mind. Yep, youve had a caterpillars.InsightHR is HR and light bulb moment.Training consultancy with A famous story of Jean Henri Fabre, thewide experience of But what does "light bulb moment" mean? French naturalist, and his processionalproviding human caterpillars. He encountered some of these A light bulb moment is what I classify as a life interesting creatures one day while walkingresource, organization altering or changing moment that is so in the woods. They were marching in a longdevelopment and illuminating and powerful that you are changed unbroken line front to back, front to solutions. forever by the light of recognition shining on What fun it would be, Fabre thought, to what was before this, hidden, unknown or not make a complete ring with these wormsOur Vision and let them march in a circle.We believe that realized.Recruitment and Training So, Fabre captured enough caterpillars to Light bulb moments can be life altering. They cangoes hand in hand. It’s encircle the rim of a flowerpot. He linked happen at any age, at any time and you may getour Mission to provide them nose to posterior and started them many or none in your lifetime.end to end solution to walking in the closed circle. For days theyour customers in terms of There is no school, college, management guru, or turned like a perpetual merry-go-round.Recruitment to Expected anything on this earth that teaches you to see Although food was near at hand andPerformance and and capture light bulb moments. accessible, the caterpillars starved to deathContribution from on an endless march to nowhere.employees. We need to instill a passion and excitement for new ideas and a hunger for innovative practice, One thing’s for sure: radically efficient and not to be afraid of failure and blame if new thinking and design will be needed in all approaches don’t immediately yield the results institutions, in very near future. Or we all and no system judging. This is difficult! We are will become like processional caterpillars. social failure can be treated as success...... Do you think you light bulb moments are good and healthy and important in life, career and business!! HR and Training +919825300447 Co ns ul t a nts