India land of white hairs


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India land of white hairs

  1. 1. INDIAWhat our motherland wants?Bunch of Biologically youngpeople or Treasure of realYoung People? By, Kaushal Mandalia By 2025, more than 50% of Indian Population will be young and in working age group. But are we really young? There is significant difference between biological youngness and mental youngness. This article reveals few arguments on India’s ability to be true young nation. Kaushal Mandalia +919825300447 +919558687766 By, Kaushal Mandalia (, +919825300447)
  2. 2. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include freedom to make mistakes Mahatma GandhiMe and Ramdas are very good friends. Ramdas is fond of travelling and meeting new people. At the ageof 30, he is a principal banker with a growing multinational bank. Once he went to China and there hemet a 90 years old man. He was astonished to see that old man is learning French at the age of 90. Hewent there and asked, “Hello sir, I am Ramdas from India, May I ask you one question please?” OldMan Replied, “Yes, why not”. “I am quite amazed to see that at the age of 90, you are learning Frenchlanguage. How does it add any value to your life as you are approaching towards the extreme of yourlife span?” Ramdas Asked. Old man smiled and said, “Dear Ramdas, Do you want to ask me that why Iam learning French, when I am quite near to my death, as most of the people die by age of 80 or 90?”Ramdas was little hesitant but said, “Certainly sir.” Old man replied, “Ramdas, my country is growingand it’s growing at the highest rate, it has created its own space in a globalized world. I am learningFrench, because there are very few people in my country who knows French language, and I think by thisway, I can add value to my country. About my proximity to death, why should I fear death now? Themoment you born, you have fear of death. I have 90 years of successful track record of defeating death.With my experience, I am sure I am going to live for another 10 years at least.” Old Man asked questionto Ramdas now, “What is your age?” Ramdas replied, “My age is 30 years sir” Old man said, “At the ageof 30 years, Should you keep death in focus to take current decision? Do you stop learning; stopcontributing because death is approaching? Life and death are moving towards each other. Just becausedeath is approaching, should you stop living? Stop making progress in life?Who is young in above story? Ramdas or Old Man? I am sure the answer is, ‘certainly Old Man’. I wasreading a book written by Deepak Chopra, titled “Ageless body, timeless mind”. Deepak Chopra hasbeautifully explained the fact that Being YOUNG is not the state of biological age; it’s a state of mind.Ramdas, though at the age of 30 – biologically young, is really OLD and Old Man at the age of 90 –biologically old, is really YOUNG.As a nation, what INDIA should comprise of? Bunch of Biologically Young people or Treasure of RealYOUNG people? We really need young people – Not Biologically young. There are visible parameterson which you can define someone as biologically young or old, looking at their hair color, wrinklesetc, however there are invisible though significant parameters on which you can define someone asReal YOUNG or not. Let me highlight few of those invisible, yet significant parameters on which youcan define someone as Really YOUNG. By, Kaushal Mandalia (, +919825300447)
  3. 3. Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit Mahatma Gandhi ADJUSTMENT India has a traditional history of short supply of Real Young People. We have bunch of old people though biologically young, but all day trying to adjust things, adjust environment, adjust with people – be it their bosses, siblings, parents, relatives, spouse, children etc. They are suppressed with irrational ideologies. The moment they develop a capacity of thinking, they have been programmed by spiritual leaders that being on planetearth is the effect of cumulative sins you performed in previous life. What a tragedy, God sent you toenjoy freedom, enjoy life and rather focusing on today and enjoy the beauty of today, you are cursingyour past or worrying about your future. In this process, what you do today is to ADJUST. Since you areworried about future, you can’t afford to make any mistake in present. You have been told that everymistake has mostly negative or rarely positive effect on Future. You never have been trained to learnfrom your mistakes. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include freedom tomake mistakes.” As we are often worried about our future illusionary happiness, we can’t afford to makemistakes, and as we are not allowed to make mistake, how I can define you as FREE? You are nothingbut a slave living in an environment which is perceived as free-environment or freedom. Slavery is realsin. You are not living in FREEDOM and as you don’t enjoy FREEDOM you are not really YOUNG. I fearone day, though India will have maximum number of young people in the globe, but they can’t bring anysignificant change in the world, as they are only biologically YOUNG. Dependency is a courtesy of OldPeople and Freedom is birthright of Young Generation. • Imagine if Bill Gates believed in Adjustment, we would not have enjoyed Windows and its application. • Imagine if Steve jobs believed in Adjustment, we would not have beautifully designed ‘Apple’ products. • Imagine if Mahatma Gandhi believed in Adjustment, India would not have blessed with 15th Aug 1947 • Imagine if Sardar Patel believed in adjustment, we would not have United INDIA, which is World’s Largest Democracy, second fastest growing economy and third largest army.They succeeded, because they remained young and most importantly they did not believed inADJUSTMENT. They believed in exploring life, they were not feared of making mistakes. By, Kaushal Mandalia (, +919825300447)
  4. 4. Seven social sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice. Knowledge and Skills is lethal combination in absence of ethics and morality Mahatma Gandhi REVOLUTION (REBEL) FROM WITHIN Bhagatsingh and Mahatma Gandhi were having different ideology. But they had one common thing. They were not agreed to make adjustment, they wanted to bring positive changes, they fought for FREEDOM, they lit a spark within them and that spark ignited rebel. When I am saying rebel, it’s not violence on street, but constructive violence in mind. I termed it as Constructive Impatience. That Rebel created a burning desire and helped them to focus on GOAL and its outcome. Where is Rebel in Indian Youth? Sometimes it surprises me that we had people like Gandhiji, Sardar, and Bhagatsingh on this land. There might be some bug in the processor of God during those days otherwise such people would never have been on the land of white hairs.I remember one quote of Shahid Bhagatsingh. He used to tell this to his fellow freedom fighters often,“Crush your individuality first. Shake off the dreams of personal comfort. Then start to work. Inch by inch you shall have toproceed. It needs courage, perseverance and very strong determination. No difficulties and no hardships shall discourageyou. No failure and betrayals shall dishearten you. No such things imposed upon you shall slaughter out the revolutionarywill in you. Through the ordeal of sufferings and sacrifice you shall come out victorious. And these individual victories shallbe the valuable assets of the revolution” At the age of 22, Bhagatsingh has such thoughts. Can we haveyoungsters like Bhagatsingh? Who talks about revolution and not the personal comfort. Who does notwish to spend their days in the mother’s womb but want to fight for their existence and fight for theirideology?To be at a state of young, a state of constructive rebel & non adjustment, People of India must havecapacity of Thinking. But do we really have capacity of thinking? Our Education System has literally killedour capacity of thinking. It promotes CAPACITY OF REMEMBERING and not CAPACITY OF THINKING. Youscore good marks, if you remember well…. Can’t we have INDIA, where parents say, “You can only scoregood marks, if you think well” For last 100 of years, we have rewarded people who remember well. Weare producing doctors, engineers etc who are good crammers (Muggers) and not good thinkers. We areestablishing the fact that if you remember well, you will earn more money, you will get good job, you willget good life partner and so on. Hence, if you give importance to education only, prosperity andhappiness in INDIA is directly proportional to the capacity of remembering things and not capacity ofthinking. However in developed countries its reverse, for them prosperity is directly proportion to thecapacity of thinking. Last year in USA and Europe more than 100,000 patent (including technical patents)were registered where India had only 1200 patents. This establishes my concern over capacity ofthinking. By, Kaushal Mandalia (, +919825300447)
  5. 5. Revolution is an inalienable right of mankind. Freedom is an imperishable birth right of all. Shahid Bhagatsingh Krishna Said to Arjun in Geeta, “Yada Yada hi dharmasya, glanir bhavati bharat….” When there is rise in evil force, I will come on planet earth to re-establish Dharma. Let’s pause at this moment and think, why God needs to come to Establish ‘Dharma’? Why can’t we do it by ourselves? We can not do this simply because, we are struggling to adjust. We are struggling to raise children and feed them. God created all this mess so it’s his moral, professional, social responsibilities to do it. And most importantly, we can’t do this because we are OLD and Old people can not bring Revolution. So definitely we need GOD. If India would have been filled with Young people, God would not have told that I will come to re-establish Dharma. He would have been confident that my children have capacity to do it, why should I bother?“Doobta hai to pani ko dosh deta hai, Girta hai to Patthar to dosh deta hai, Insaan bhi ajeeb hai, Kuchh kar nahi paata toKismat aur Bhagvan ko dosh deta hai (When you drawn, you blame water, when you fall you blame stone,Humans are so strange, if they cant do anything significant in life, they blame Fortune and God”“Be the change you want to see in the world”, Mahatma Gandhi said. If we are not happy with thepresent situation of India, let’s not discuss with spouse and friends over a glass of wine or a cold drinkand satisfy our intellectual capacity. Lets rise, and walk towards the change. Let’s ask QUESTIONS – Theforbidden art of Ancient Indians. Let’s come out of the glorified world of Obedience which kills our abilityto ask questions. You gain wisdom only if you ask Question. We need students like Nachiketa and Gurulike Vivekananda and Ramakrishna. Vivekananda said once, “Give me 200 Nachiketa and I will change thefate of India and Indians. Nachiketa had one fabulous art – Asking Questions. Due to the habit ofremaining in comfort of mother’s womb, Youth is yet to borne in India.I found many people who have told me that they are not happy with their jobs, with their boss, it’simpossible to adjust his belief. My boss told me to do things which I don’t believe doing. But I can’t affordto resign and follow my passion. What will happen in future? How should I raise my children? I wish to dobusiness but what will happen if I fail? What will be the reaction of my family and friends over thismistake? I can’t afford to make mistake, so I can’t afford to enjoy FREEDOM so I can not be YOUNG. Weare coward people living in the state of FEAR and not in the state of REVOLUTION. Creation begins withrevolution and dies in the presence of FEAR. By, Kaushal Mandalia (, +919825300447)
  6. 6. Merciless criticism and independent thinking are the two necessary traits of revolutionary thinking. Shahid Bhagatsingh Let me also correlate this to biology. Our brain has three layers. Outer layer is called Neo-Cortex which is responsible for language, verbal communication, understanding complex information, rational behavior etc. Middle layer is Limbic System which takes care of emotions, belief, value system, principle. It does not understand language. However, limbic system takes most of the decision. Neo cortex can only supply relevant information to limbic system. The innermost layer is Reptilian Complex which is focused on our Survival and it’s governed by FEAR. Scientist has found that primitive man had only reptilian complex which was fully developed. With the evolution of man, Limbic System and Neo-cortex were developed.If you governed by FEAR, you are governed by Reptilian Complex. Though you have three fullydeveloped layers which can do wonders, you choose to live a life of primitive man only. Charles Darwinhas found evolution of human being, but I believe, he was referring to only physical reality. We arebiologically young, and we are biologically homo-sapience sapience. Only youngness can have emotions,values, beliefs. I am not referring to emotions of love and hate. …. It’s an outcome. I am moreconcerned with the emotions like Self Satisfaction, Happiness, Blissfulness, willingness, character,enthusiasm, ability to think, revolution etc.If we want to bring change, let this change become our strong belief. Let us THINK – ACT –COMMUNICATE in same way. If we wish to give better environment to our generations – environmentthat foster youngness, promotes transparency, honesty, ethics, morals, learning from mistakes, anenvironment which does not look mistakes sinfully but blissfully, we must inculcate these changes intoour belief.I wish one day, India will be known for their really young population. One day India will have studentslike Nachiketa, Gurus like Chanakya, Swami Vivekananda and Ramakrishna, King like Asoka and TipuSultan, People who believed in innovation rather than adaptation, shows highest level of ethics,integrity and morality. People, who can not make adjustments easily, have courage to challenge statusquo and bring positive change. People who doesn’t worry about future but believe in contributingtoday. Real Young People, who have passions like Shahid Bhagatsingh, Curiosity like Nachiketa, Wisdomlike Sardar Patel, Intelligence like Swami Vivekananda and Patience like Mahatma Gandhi. People, whoare not running behind the age old mythology or traditional belief, but have their own belief and self-religion. People who does not waste time in discussing about petrol price and corruption, but showstheir strength to government. People, who make all positive attempts so that the world recognize them. By, Kaushal Mandalia (, +919825300447)