Effective hiring


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Effective hiring

  1. 1. Effective Hiring Workshop By Kaushal Mandalia A Corporate Trainer
  2. 2. A few years ago, I was having lunch with a top executive from a company known for their legendary services. I asked him how they did it and he said something I never forgot. He said, “You can’t send a duck to eagle school.” I said, “Excuse me.” He repeated, “You can’t send a duck to eagle school. You can’t teach someone to want to serve, you can’t teach people to smile, you can’t teach personality, but we can hire people who have those qualities and teach them our product and then our culture.” I If your never forgot what he said that day. I just wish I had heard it 20 years company’s sooner. Mac Andersonmission is toclimb a tree, The above story is an eye opener for all of us. Let’s go back and review our hiring which process. I do not say it’s right or wrong, but most of the time we go by our gut feeling. Here is the list of Frequently Asked Questions in an interview process. would you • Tell me something about yourself? rather do: • Why did you want to leave your current organization? What is the reason? (and then we simply become an investigator why he wanted to leave) Hire a • What is your family background? (To know whether he can tap his naturalSquirrel, or market?) • What will you do if I given you XYZ situation? Train a • How will you act in ABC circumstances? Horse? • What is your sales figure in past organization? How you achieved it? How many investor base you have? These questions are good but they can only give overview and nothing else. Let me ask primary question… Why you want Interviewee to be part of your organization? What do you expect from him/her? I asked this question to organizational heads (dept heads) and their response was 1) He/she must have all qualities which is in synchronization with Organization’s Values. 2) He/she should show positive behavior / positive attitude towards the challenging circumstances and accept those challenges and show his/her leadership spirit. 3) He/she should have drive for result and passion for achievement. You can even list down your own expectation and then see whether the set of questions you have can help you to determine the quality that you are looking for in any individual who is sitting in front of you during interview process?
  3. 3. What is Effective Hiring? • It’s a scientific hiring process. • It is focused on the behavioral traits which can be used to perform the assigned task and can give the desired productivity • It reduces the attrition and helps to improve employee engagement. What is the process of Effective Hiring? The steps for Effective Hiring Process is…. 1. Create a foundation 2. Formulate Key Success FactorValues of the 3. Design QuestionsOrganization 4. Initiate Hiring Process is a guiding 1) Create Foundation path for Creating Foundation involves identifying the qualities that you are looking for in anymaking a list individual who can be a part of your organization. The best way to create foundation is to look at the Values of Organization. For e.g Values are Ethics and morals, Mutual of Key Trust and Transparency, Drive for Result and Customer Orientation then the Qualities that you should look into the candidate must be, Ethical Practices, RelationshipCompetency Management, Sales Ability and Passion for Achievement. These qualities will form a Factors base or foundation or it can act as a minimum eligibility criteria. Any individual who is joining your organization must be aligned to values of the organization. 2) Formulate Key Competency Factors (KCF) As discussed earlier, Values will help you to look for the Key Competency Factor. While taking interview you will ask questions which helps you to evaluate whether the person is having those key competency factors which are aligned with the organization values or not. In earlier case these key competency factors are • Ethical Practices • Passion for Achievement • Relationship Management • Sales Ability 3) Design Questions Once you have identified Key Competency Factors you can design questions based on each Key Competency Factors. Over here you must note that these questions should bring a past experience and not his/her views on situation. These past experiences will help you to determine his/her behavior and hence the outcome.
  4. 4. Let me give you some sample questions based on the Key Competency Factors as described above… Sales Ability • Describe a recent specific example of when you were able to achieve closure with a customer? A past • Describe a specific example of a time when you felt that you had virtually closed the deal but found that the customer backed out towards the end? experience Drive for Result with any • Describe me an example of the first time that you achieved your targets? situation is • Describe me a recent example of the time that you first fell short of your the best tool targets? • Describe a time when you had taken up a new initiative or recommended a to know the different way of doing things? learning Relationship Management aptitude. • Can you remember any specific relationship that has left a lasting impact onThis learning you?can help him • Describe a time when you leveraged a “cultivated’ relationship to generate results (personal or professional)to contribute • Can you give me a specific example of a time when you helped a in your colleague/team member/superior?organization. Likewise, you can have a set of your own questions which can help you to take a call on first hand short listing. TIPS for INTERVIEW • Ask questions that shift the candidate “down” into what he/she actually did versus ‘up” into hypothetical responses, abstractions, philosophizing, espoused beliefs, • Keep your questions brief, specific and in the past tense. • Don’t ask leading questions that put words (or competencies) in the candidate’s mouth – competencies that the candidate might not express otherwise: Examples would include : So, you tried to influence her? • Don’t let the candidate use the “Royal We”. Examples would include : We made this sales pitch to this customer….. • Always ask for Contrary Evidence:
  5. 5. EFFECTIVE HIRING WORKSHOP Our experience of hiring in the past may have already highlighted the need to hire the “right” kind of employee. We may have also faced the consequences of not making the right hiring decision. All of us may have You get the had varying proportions of success in the endeavor to evaluate the best efforts candidate who demonstrates results orientation and can contribute beyond the immediate short-term. from others not by To build on current knowledge levels of employees of your organization, I am proposing an initiative on Effective Hiring by conducting One and lighting a Half Day Workshops targeted at employees who have Recruitmentfire beneath Responsibilities.them, but by Course Objective building a 1) To Understand Personality Styles and Conduct Effective Probing fire within 2) To Understand Key Competency Factors and how to arrive at Key Competency Factors 3) To Conduct Effective Interviewing using right blend of Probing and Listening. Duration : One and Half Days Day 1 : 9:30 to 5:30 Day 2 : 9:30 to 1:30 Contact Person Kaushal Mandalia D 74, Konark Karishma, Behind Reliance Time-Out, Judges Bunglow Road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad – 380015 Mandalia.kaushal@in.com 9558687766 / 9825300447