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Bridging the gap between industry and academia


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Bridging the gap between industry and academia

  1. 1. Bridging the gap between Industry and Academics with special reference to current experiences of industry and expertise of studentsBy, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  2. 2. ObjectiveTo bring Industry and Academia closer in terms of havingproductive discussion about the opportunities where they canwork for mutual benefits.To explore the possibility of having customized curriculum asper the need of industry.To discuss about the current need of Industry in terms ofCompetent Manpower and how Academia can help them tobring desired skill set. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  3. 3. Present Situation• India’s Higher Education system contributes about 3.5 Lakh Engineers and 25 Lakh University Graduates every year.• 50 Lakh of them remain unemployed• MNC Finds only 25% of Indian Engineers and Management Graduates employable (Survey by McKinsey Global)• Shortage of 5 Lakh Workers by 2012. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  4. 4. Expectation of Industries• The Survey found that industry has the highest expectations for newly hired MBAs in the area of – Attitudes, – Skills and – Knowledge• “We hire people for attitude and train them for the skills”. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  5. 5. Expectation of Industries• Proper attitude• Must be committed, dedicated, self-disciplined, self-motivated• Showing an aptitude and willingness to learn.• Strong analytic, listening and communication skills• Must be able to work in a team and collaborate.• Basic knowledge of the organization and processes within the organization,• Understanding of products, solutions, and services – including those of competitors• Consumer behavior. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  6. 6. Three Key CriteriaQuotes“We hire people for attitude and train them for the skills” Knowledge“If your organization’s goal is to climb a tree?Which would yourather do.. Hire a squirrel or train a horse?“You cant send duck to an eagle school” Attitude“Belief fuels passion and passion rarely fails… they lack thefoundation stone – Self Belief ” Skills“If you chase two rabbits, both will escape? Students mustknow what they are focusing on.. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  7. 7. Survey Findings• Saurashtra Vyapar Udyog Mahamandal and M-Tradyog conducted a preliminary survey with around 70 organization and discussed with 100+ individuals.• The findings are summarized as follows By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  8. 8. Attitude Knowledge AttitudeAreas to work upon Self Discipline Skills Self Motivation Commitment and Dedication By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  9. 9. Skills Knowledge AttitudeAreas to work upon Listening Skills Skills Team Work and Collaboration Conflict Resolution By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  10. 10. KnowledgeAreas to work upon Organization and Process within Organization Product / Solutions / Services including those of competitors By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  11. 11. Areas of Concern @ Institution• Too much disparity among institutions• Selection Criteria of Candidates• Basic Curriculum is same but outcome is different• Knowledge and skills taught outside Tier 1 institute were neither adequate nor fully relevant By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  12. 12. Areas of Concern @ Institution - Faculties• Lack of Understanding for Industry Specific Content.• Constant Learning and Updating Knowledge for Changing Environment and Market Realities.• Conversant with practical knowledge• Overly focused on Theoretical Knowledge. Less usage of Case Methodology. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  13. 13. Areas of Concern @ Industries• Scientific Learning and Development Programs like Induction Training Programs, Refresher Training Programs etc.• Environment to provide enough autonomy, flexibility and culture for encouragement.• Initiatives for Employee Engagement and taking timely action. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  14. 14. Areas of Concern @ Industries• Reward and Recognition mechanism.• Transparency : What you expect from MBA Graduate ?• Managing Expectation at both sides. By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  15. 15. Areas of Concern @ Students• Unrealistic Expectations (Salary – Position – Mobility)• Perception Disorder : Students are not Consumers….• Degree alone is sufficient to get me job• High salary - White Collar job By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  16. 16. Immediate Action Needed• Expectation of Industries to Institution.. – To let students know it will often take 2 to 5 years to move up the corporate ladder – More realistic expectations for the first job By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  17. 17. GAP• “Due to these unrealistic expectations, new MBAs get easily frustrated. If they do not immediately achieve the highest position and the highest salary, if they are not doing the high-level work they expected, they start looking elsewhere. This leads a number of newly hired MBAs to jump from one organization to another in hopes of getting the job that meets their expectations, even if that job is not available to recent graduates. This does not benefit the organizations or the MBA” By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  18. 18. GAP• “ the freshers are very ambitious, and dangerously ambitious, I would say, because they don’t think that, you know, changing the jobs, or changing the jobs very frequently, can do any harm. They think that…getting new jobs as frequently as possible will take them higher and higher, which is the wrong notion in their minds” By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  19. 19. Immediate Action Needed Working on Realistic Expectations Students Changing Belief that degree will get me job InstitutionWorking on Skills / Frequent Learning andAttitude apart from Industry Development ProgramsKnowledge Clear Reward andCase Methodologies Recognition – WithFrequent Industry desired AutonomyInteractions Transparency By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447
  20. 20. Thank You By, Kaushal Mandalia,, +919825300447