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Poetic response to art


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Published in: Education
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Poetic response to art

  1. 1. Cash 1Box # 108Sandra CashProfessor BouchardENG 132Poetic Response to ArtApril 9, 2012 Rosie the RiveterRosie, how hard it must have been, to do a job of a manWhile other women were planting their garden,But you helped by taking a stand.In history, you had an important role.Of supporting the fight, while still at home,And in the war, we met our goal.Our homes, are finally being filled by our boys,whom were dearly missed.This has brought us many joys. Young Boy Coal Miner
  2. 2. Cash 2There he stands. Just a child and yeta man. Instead of drawing figures on chalkboards he dragscoal in the darkest hole, hoping to find more yet praying to seesunlight.He is so very young, still scrawny and not that tall.He should be in school, learning how to read, and how to spell,But instead he is learning about adulthood.For he works in the darkest hole, called a mine.He stays there long hours, not seeing the sun.He is eaten by the tiniest, darkest hole,to light explosives.Sometimes, his co-workers, who are just children and yet adultsdo not make it, because the darkness eats them.He has learned, what it is like to see people die,and tries his best to cope with the loss.
  3. 3. Cash 3Just look at him:exhausted, hopeless,Why has he traded his childhood to the devil?He has traded his childhood of swimming in the lake,and drawing with chalk, because he has to help support his family;for they live in fear of losing the house,and not having enough money to buy food.Sometimes they do go to bed, with a monster in their stomachs.Plus, there is no law to ban this trade with the devil.Hopefully, one day the devil will be stopped,so that children can have a childhood of playing in the woods,swimming in the lake, fishing, and drawing with chalk,instead of working in mines.