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History assignment chapter 12


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History assignment chapter 12

  1. 1. Sandra CashMailbox 108The writing of the “Declaration of Sentiments” tone is very legal. The intended audience seems to beeveryone, but it seemed especially specific to the group itself to state what they stood for and believed.The claims of the declaration were; first God created man and woman equal, both morally andintellectually. Second, that they needed to have the right to vote so that they would be represented andwould not have laws that would affect them passed without having any say in the matter. Third, theywanted to be able to be leaders in the church.I would support the first two claims the most, which were God created man and women equal bothmorally and intellectually, and that they should be able to vote so that they could have their say in thematters of the government and what the government does. These two claims seem sound to me, andthey do give nice evidence to support these claims. For example, they talk about how men got to createthe divorce laws, and how the husbands get to keep their wives’ earnings if she earned any money. Theygo on with more evidence to support their other claims.The last claim I would support the least. To me the matter about them having leadership positions inthe church do not seem to be something that is as important as the other two. In addition, they did notgive really any evidence to support this claim. Do they really need leadership positions to teach withinthe church? Not to mention this seems more of a church matter where as the other two is more of alegal matter, so this should not be in there. Separation of church and government comes into play here,so this claim does not seem to fit in this declaration.