Serendipity Engine


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Serendipity Engine

  1. 1. First day in a new city. Where to go?
  2. 2. Your personal travel assistant!
  3. 3. Done once for each city:Search photos in townLocation, time, tagsExtract path of touristsScrape sights from the webLocation, descriptionFind time spent at / between sights
  4. 4. Each time a user signs up: Connect to Facebook Description of your likes Latent Semantic Indexing (using nltk and gensim) Shortest path through top sights (using networkx) = Best path through sights similar to your likes!Tools: Ruby
  5. 5. Adrian Kuhn Postdoc, UBC PhD, University of Bern, Switzerland “Psychology of programming” Turning enterprise data into actionable insights. I love food and traveling :)
  6. 6. @akuhn
  7. 7. This is a final slide to get rid of slideshare’s annoying pop up during presentations.