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  1. 1. Opportunities for clients
  2. 2. Audience of the portalThe largest Russian-speaking community for physicians in theworld.The website is registered as a scientific mass medium. Founded in October 2009.61,000 physicians. After registration, each physician provides a copy of his/her diploma or employment employment information. We carefully check the information.15,000 publications Our audience is composed exclusively of certified physicians.per month. 80% of the audience visit Information known about the physicians: specialty, age, city, place of employment and the portal on the monthly basis. Each visit lasts approximately 2 hours. position, mobile and business phone.
  3. 3. What do physicians do on the portal?Create clinical tasks on the basis ofinformation about their patients anddiscuss the clinical experience.Discuss medical and economic issues, andpost humorous materials. They publishscientific articles.Post curriculum vitae and search for jobvacancies in the largest database in Russia.Monitor information about conferences inan extensive calendar.Communicate through an internalmessaging system and observe pages oftheir colleagues.Increase their rating by publishing articles,and receive cash and prizes in variouscompetitions.
  4. 4. Clients
  5. 5. AchievementsThe winner of Start-up of the Year 2011in the Team of the YearThe winner of The Best MediaEntrepreneur 2011.
  6. 6. ServicesPROVISION OF RESEARCH ANDINFORMATION FOR ELECTRONIC MED-REP RECRUITINGPHYSICIANS→ →→ For the first time in RussiaNext slide Next but one slide
  7. 7. Provision of information for physiciansTask: increase awareness of specialists through various channels. We can publish your article, video, We’ll place a 200x300 banner (the first screen) with a link to your publication or your presentation, or other materials on the portal. website, the banner will ensure a narrow targeting. Physicians will discuss your publication. We’ll create a regular electronic We can also organize an email and SMS business card for you in the Companies newsletter for selected physicians in order to section: a minisite with news, articles, provide information on this publication. videos. The product portfolio will be placed in the Goods section. The specialists fill out the questionnaire, strengthen their knowledge, and you get We’ll organize a competition for physicians in acquainted with the opinion of physicians. order to draw attention to the subject matter. Targeting on the selected audience of physicians is guaranteed, we take into account their specialty, as well as geographical, gender, age and professional features. ELECTRONIC MEDICAL A fast and cheap tool to boost sales. Allows to expand coverage and increase the efficiency of medical REPRESENTATIVE – E-REP representatives. A brand new service!
  8. 8. Research and recruitingWhy research is more profitable with "A Doctor at SURVEYSwork?" You provide the questions for a survey. Our task is to create a sample of physicians, to verify Quality sampling All the physicians that will be engaged in surveys their information and motivate them to have documented their status and provided participate in the survey. personal information. We can conduct surveys on the basis of our Targeting online panel, as well as to recruit physicians to We select physicians that comply with multiply criteria your panel (your website). specified by you: specialty, region, length of service, position, degree, work experience. IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS, FOCUS GROUPS Speed Budget optimization We also organize in-depth interviews (via telephone, video conference, and face to face), focus groups and field testing. Quality assurance of the audience We verify the diplomas of physicians, contact the accounting department RECRUITING of their medical institution, and check the citys IP address. We can recruit physicians to your focus groups, in-depth interviews, symposiums and→ WE ALSO ORGANIZE SURVEYS INVOLVING THE NURSING STAFF conferences. Please note: We will not share the personal data of physicians and nursing staff without their consent, we also completely fulfill the requirements of the Federal law of RF On Protection of Personal Information.
  9. 9. Thank you for your attention! Telephone/Fax: (499) 246-60-32 E-mail: Actual address: 18 Bolshoy Savvinsky lane, bldg 12 Moscow, 119435 .