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5 Steps to Tactical Social Selling


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5 Steps to Tactical Social Selling

  1. 5 Steps to TacticalSocial Sellingwith Jonathan Catleyand Koka Sexton
  2. Webinar Speakers Jonathan Catley Digital Content and Marketing Manager to AG Salesworks. Jonathan has worked for AG Salesworks for two years assisting other companies in closed loop marketing and executing strategic B2B sales programs. @jonathancatley
  3. Webinar Speakers Koka Sexton Founder of Social Selling University and Director of Social Media Strategy at InsideView @kokasexton
  4. A word to the wise… Interact with the Social Selling Team Sign up for Social Selling University Slides and Recording will be delivered tomorrow
  5. Agenda1. Understanding the Social Selling Basics2. What Social Selling Tools Should I Use?3. Social Selling Prospecting4. Social Selling Nurturing5. The ROI of Social Selling - Social Selling Case Studies #socialtalk
  7. What is Social Selling? Today’s buyers are web and social media savvy, they are informed about your offering – and your competitors’ – and they are starting the sales process without you. Through social selling, sales reps use the power of social media to understand their prospects’ needs, and actively seek the right person, with the right message at the right time #socialtalk
  8. Who in B2B is on Social Media?60% of B2B decision makers use social media 75% of B2B buyers will likely use social media in the purchase process55% of B2B survey respondentsconduct searches for information onsocial media sites #socialtalk
  9. Twitter reaches 1 in 10What are the global online userssocial media 1 in 5 min spentnumbers? online is spent social networking Social networking reaches 82% of world population We now create as much information every two days 1.2 billion users worldwide #socialtalk did from the dawn of civilization to 2003 as we ERIC SCHMIDT - FORMER GOOGLE CEO, 2011
  10. The Three Pillars of Social Selling1. Listen2. Build your brand3. Know your client “How about this, lets just call it selling – but better.” -Craig Rosenberg #socialtalk
  11. Why calculating social selling ROI is hard• No clear boundaries between “selling” and “social selling”• Many of the social selling tenets are selling best practices• Social is not a direct response activity (hard to track) “Whats the financial return on electricity?” – Andy Rudin; Outside Technologies #socialtalk
  12. Powerful Tools for Executing Social SellingSTEP 2. WHAT SOCIAL SELLING TOOLSSHOULD I USE?
  13. What can InsideView beused for?• Lead Generation – Build Lists• Listening – Create Watchlists of Your Prospects• Social Insights Build targeted lists of Prospects! #socialtalk InsideView Screenshot
  14. What can SproutSocial beused for?• Lead Generation – use the discovery tab to find people within your network• Social Analytics – in-depth analytics of your social network• Deep Social Insights SproutSocial Screenshot #socialtalk
  15. What can Hootsuite be usedfor?• Listening – build streams of specific hashtags and people• Bulk Scheduler – you can’t be tweeting all of the time…• Easy to multi-task with social media #socialtalk Hootsuite Screenshot
  16. Where do you find these leads through social selling?STEP 3. SOCIAL SELLING PROSPECTING
  17. Social Prospecting• Stat: 79% of European and 86% of U.S. online adults engage with social media. (Source: Forrester)• Stat: 82% of the world’s online population is reached by social networking sites, representing 1.2 billion users around the world. (Source: comScore)• Stat: LinkedIn boasts more than 150 million members, including executives from all Fortune 500 companies. (Source: LinkedIn)• Stat: Nearly 1 in every 5 minutes spent online around the world is now spent on social networking sites. (Source:ComScore) #socialtalk
  18. Social Prospecting• What is it?• Stat: Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. (Source:• Stat: Sirius Decisions states that 70% of the buyers journey is complete before sales gets involved. #socialtalk
  19. Why Social Prospecting #socialtalk
  20. A$" , *& #! # T5- % 5 =$74 20(0$*< !=% &% (4*# ! !) % $!5- 4!4#$% 6 $!4) 8.*9!5*6 .*$U! S !: 5% $!75: =) *.$ !) *+!$: =6 5E$$ !6 $<$% 9$!4556 !6 ) .8$!"3 .44$% ! !>5% 75: : - *.7) 4.5*(!E5- !#) <$!4#$!5==5% *.4E!45!9$4!) !+.% .*$!5>! .9#4!5*! 4- $74!6Social Prospecting – How?? 3 #) 4&!#) ==$*.*9!3 .4#.*!4#$.% 5%+ 0 !3 6 !"#$!5*6 E!4#.*9!4#) 4!) 653 ! ) 6 !=$5=6 45!- *+$%4) *+!4#$.% 45: $%!5*!4#. !6 !3 .4#5- 4!; $75: .*9!>% !7- $<$6 6 $ $! .$*+ !. ! 57.) 6 ! : $+.) 0 !1. Monitor T5- % 5 =$74 !) % 4!4#$% 6 !=% $!5- $!4) 8.*9!5*6 ! .*$U !2. Listen ! !3. Engage ! ! ! Always be listening!
  21. Social Prospecting – LinkedIn Updates #socialtalk
  22. Social Prospecting – DON’Ts DO NOT BE SALESY!!! This is an immediate turnoff to prospects – establish yourself as a Company name trusted advisor Work to engage with Under no the prospect – don’t Name circumstances should provide a link that will Provided Link you ever say “RE$ULTS”lead them to no where #socialtalk
  23. Social Prospecting – DOs Contact a friendly “On the ground of customer of yours to intersectinghelp with the discussion highways, join hands with your allies.” -Sun Tzu Work to engage with the prospect. A prospect will run atNOT SALESY – answers the first sign of a sales the question without pitch. dropping a sales line #socialtalk
  24. Social Prospecting - Twitter• Lists• Prospects, Customers, Competitors, Companies (grouped with all employees)• Keyword searches• Monitor for Trigger Events #socialtalk
  25. Social Prospecting – Why? #socialtalk
  26. Now that I am engaged, how do I nurture the lead?STEP 4. SOCIAL SELLING NURTURING
  27. Social Nurturing• You are a Customer advocate• Initiate Conversation• Expert in your field• Utilize multiple internal departments for external dialogue (R&D, customer service, human resources, product management, and marketing) #socialtalk
  28. Social Nurturing - Communities #socialtalk
  29. Social Nurturing – Monitor Trigger EventsSales trigger events may include:• Management Changes• Mergers and Acquisitions• Social Networking/marketing comments• New Partnerships• Funding or Financing• Expansions or Relocations InsideView Screenshot #socialtalk
  30. Social Nurturing – Social Scoring #socialtalk
  31. Social Nurturing“When I first started tweeting, I had no brand recognition; no one knew who I was.To build my brand, I started creating conversations around what I cared passionatelyabout: wine. I used Search.Twitter (called back then) to findmentions of Chardonnay. I saw that people had questions, and I answered them. Ididn’t post a link to and point out that I sold Chardonnay.If people mentioned that they were drinking Merlot, I gave them my Merlotrecommendation, but I didn’t mention that they could buy Merlot on my website. Ididn’t try to close too early, like a nineteen-year-old guy; I made sure to invest in therelationship first.Eventually, people started to see my comments and think, “Oh hey, it’s thatVaynerchuk guy; he knows Chardonnay. Oh cool, he does a wine show – let’s take alook. Hey, he’s funny. I like him; I trust him. And check it out: he sells wine, too. Free Gary Vaynerchukshipping? Let’s try a bottle of that…” The Thank You EconomyThat’s what caring first, not selling, first looks like and that’show I built my brand.” #socialtalk
  32. Real Social Selling case studies with real resultsSTEP 5. THE ROI OF SOCIAL SELLING
  33. Social Selling from Shenzhen City “If you can’t make money on LinkedIn, you’re deaf, dumb and blind.” – James Filbird • James Filbird, owner of an international trading company called JMF International Trading Group in China • No marketing budget – turned to LinkedIn • Filbird spent 1-2 hours daily building his network through LinkedIn Groups • Used LinkedIn to develop his network and leads through connections and LinkedIn Groups • Filbird grew his company to $5 million in annual revenue and finds 75% of his business via LinkedIn #socialtalk
  34. Uses Social Selling with Twitterto Eliminate Cold Calling “We were reaching people when they wanted to be reached, when they want to have a conversation = not when we wanted to have a conversation.” -Craig Robertson, co-founder and CEO of• Founded in 2009, ecycler is an Internet-age spin-off of the cash-for-cans concept – “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”• No marketing budget with a very specific targeted audience – originally spent a lot of time cold calling or direct emailing with very poor results• The founders decided to build awareness among businesses and individuals through social media – mainly Twitter• On average the company lands one meeting per week with potential partners through Twitter• In a 3-month challenge, added 151 collectors and 623 discarders #socialtalk
  35. Using Hootsuite to Become a Trusted Advisor -Why Doctors are Tweeting During Surgery “I think it’s a unique opportunity to explore innovative ways to communicate with patients and alleviative fears they may have about joint-replacement surgery,” -Dr. Wallskog • Dr. Joel Wallskog, an orthopedic surgeon at Aurora Health Care used Live Tweeting while conducting orthopedic surgery • Established themselves as thought leaders and trusted advisors in the industry • 15% conversion rate from lead to customer using live Customer Tweeting during orthopedic surgery #socialtalk
  36. Sales reps that achieved their quota over thelast calendar or fiscal year: Sales Reps that use Social Selling 79% Industry Average 43% Sales Reps that DID NOT use Social Selling 15%#socialtalk "Social Selling: Best-in-Class Targeting of the Right Message, at the Right Time, for the Right Person" Aberdeen Group; 2012.
  37. Any Questions??#socialtalk