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InsideView launches a new webinar format with #socialtalk to educate attendees on how to leverage social media for sales. The format is enhanced by taking live calls during the webinar to address questions from the audience.

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  • Thank you for your interest in InsideView, the leader in social selling. I appreciate the opportunity to give you an overview, followed by a brief demo so you can see InsideView in action.
  • Management candidates may have to pee into a cup in order to control cash at a company, but I doubt Facebook usage is a very good metric for hiring in any case.Besides, shouldn’t you have two social media presences, one professional and one private? And why are you posting drunk pics of yourself in the first place? In many cases it’s a buyers market out there and job seekers, alongside the usual concerns with buying a new suit and printing out a resume, have to be well aware of the reach and impact of their online presence.
  • By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal. Further, we hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of our commitment to keep them off Twitter … While this is an important step, our efforts to combat spam don’t stop here. Our engineering team continues to implement robust technical solutions that help us proactively reduce spam.
  • Colleen Francis, a sales expert and president of Engage Selling, adds that she has seen salespeople pursue leads using social media and end up with sales of between $30,000 and $250,000. “The biggest sales have come from salespeople using Twitter to find opportunities and LinkedIn to find the names of the true buyers inside organizations,” she says.
  • How do you maintain your personal brand?Is a strong personal brand a benefit or a drawback for job candidates?
  • #socialtalk Social Selling University and InsideView

    1. 1. Social Talk Selling to People, Not ContactsKoka Sexton – Dir. Social Media Strategy@kokasexton - Twitter #socialtalk
    2. 2. #socialtalk
    3. 3. #socialtalk
    4. 4. #socialtalk
    5. 5. #socialtalk
    6. 6. #socialtalk
    7. 7. #socialtalk
    8. 8. You are not your business card!Social media puts a stake in the groundfor your personal brand. What is your personal brand? #socialtalk
    9. 9. Personal branding successYour self-impression = How people perceive you #socialtalk
    10. 10. You have social media profiles, now what?? #socialtalk
    11. 11. 40% of companies do not have theability to identify the most likelybuyers of their product #socialtalk
    12. 12. Over 7,500 searches on Linkedinevery minute #socialtalk
    13. 13. What groups do you findmost useful? #socialtalk
    14. 14. 42% of businesses have insufficientknowledge of the business needs oftheir prospects #socialtalk
    15. 15. Groups are good fornetworkingThe key is getting to knoweverything you can aboutyour prospects #socialtalk
    16. 16. 65% of a sales persons time isspent researching and not selling #socialtalk
    17. 17. #socialtalk#socialtalk
    18. 18. #socialtalk
    19. 19. Build Lists in Twitter! #socialtalk
    20. 20. #socialtalk #socialtalk
    21. 21. #socialtalk
    22. 22. #socialtalk
    23. 23. #socialtalk
    24. 24. #socialtalk
    25. 25. #socialtalk
    26. 26. #socialtalk
    27. 27. Over 8 Million trigger eventsdelivered in 2011 - InsideView #socialtalk
    28. 28. Thank You
    29. 29. “Sales intelligence is the combination of not onlybusiness data, but social context, how you’re connectedto a lead or prospect, valuable news insight, and real-time triggers that inform you when to take action. Infact, we’re delivering 35 million unique news triggerevents to our users a year to help them sell better andgenerate more revenue.”