Selling at the Point of Need


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Slidedeck of Social Selling University's webinar, "Selling at the Point of Need," with Koka Sexton and Adam Metz.

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Selling at the Point of Need

  1. 1. Selling At The Point ofAdam Metz, The Social Concept Koka Sexton, InsideView
  2. 2. Adam MetzAdam Metz is the VP of Business Development atThe Social Concept. Metz has consulted withnearly 100 companies on how to acquire, manage,monetize and retain customers from the socialweb. Metz’s book, The Social Customer, wasreleased on 9/16/11 and has hit #1 on the AmazonInternet Marketing charts.Koka SextonKoka Sexton is the Founder of Social SellingUniversity and Director of Social Marketing atInsideView. He learned to leverage social mediaas a sales person and now educates salesteams how to leverage tools like LinkedIn,Twitter and other social networks to drive salesproductivity.
  3. 3. • We’re mid-senior sales and marketing professionals• We have limited experience with sales enablement technology• We have some experience with social media• Can’t really say if social is driving our income
  4. 4. The “ Knows” know the difference between RedZone, Dead Zone & Maintain Zone know how to leverage social forproactive outbound calls know a valid reason to call customeror decision maker
  5. 5. $100k+ $50-100k $50k or less account account account potential potential or potential or past or past 12 mo. past 12 mo. 12 mo. Closing innext 14 days Red Zone Maintain Zone Maintain ZoneClosing in 15- 29 days Red Zone Dead Zone Dead ZoneClosing in 6- 26 weeks Red Zone Dead Zone Dead Zone
  6. 6. Control the Process -- Win the Sale
  7. 7. Mergers & Acquisitions• Following mergers and acquisitions gains industry insights• Who’s spending money?• Are your customers affected?• Will this impact your opportunity?• Did your prospect just get absorbed?
  8. 8. Mergers & Acquisitions Screenshot
  9. 9. Leadership Changes• Deals rely on executive sponsorship• When those sponsors leave, what happens to your opportunity?
  10. 10. Leadership Changes Screenshot
  11. 11. Sudden Spike/Drop In Web Traffic Screenshot
  12. 12. Partnerships• Who are your customers working with?• Growth opportunities for new business
  13. 13. New Offerings• Are they growing?• Expanding into new markets?
  14. 14. New OfferingsScreenshot
  15. 15. Cost Cutting• Customer having layoffs?• Closing facilities?
  16. 16. Custom AgentsScreenshot
  17. 17. The Three Steps To Social Sales1. Get a social sales enablement solution (We’ll give you afree one in the next few minutes)2. Do a team pizza/laptoplunch where you flag everyreference account you’veworked with and every currentprospect3. Read your social salesemail every morning - itshould arrive around 5 a.m.
  18. 18. FREE
  19. 19. 1. Ideally, the whole sales team should use the same solution2. To make it fun, give a prize (bottle of wine or something) to the team member with the most reference accounts3. You’ll see an enormous uptick in reasons to call, immediately, once all reference accounts and prospects are “loaded” in your system
  20. 20. Q&A Starters• Our sales team really has a problem can we turn it around in 4-6 weeks?• Our VP of sales doesn’t allow us do we do x?• Tell me about the differences between an enterprise social sales solution and and SMB social sales solution!
  21. 21. Q&A Starters• I have a customer that’s not ever on social media - what do we do?• None of my decision makers use social media - now what?
  22. 22. Participate in Social Selling University Webinars, download books and whitepapers, andcatch up on the latest strategies in social selling on the blog
  23. 23. Receive DAILY alerts of Accurate email, phonenews and trigger events of number, company, andyour prospects and accounts social media information Find out how you are connected to people within each company
  24. 24. 60 Days Free CODE: IVFREE0513
  25. 25. 50 attendees will receive a copy of Amazons#1 best-seller: The Social Concept by AdamMetz“Don’t just buy this book: invest in thecontent. Actually, invest time toimplement the content.”Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The LittleRead Book of Selling and Social BOOM!“Read The Social Customer and lead inyour industry. Adam gets you up to speedquickly on social business, whether you’rein marketing, sales, service, productdevelopment, international – or runningthe company.”Anneke Seley, Founder and CEO PhoneWorks
  26. 26. ThankAdam Metz, The Social Concept Koka Sexton, InsideView