Putting Social Selling to Work For You


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  • Thank you for your interest in InsideView, the leader in social selling. I appreciate the opportunity to give you an overview, followed by a brief demo so you can see InsideView in action.
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn didn’t existTimes were tough in silicon valleySteve 1. He’s doing this with just 2 papers? And by hand? How inefficient and limited! 2. Why aren’t are our other reps doing the same? TimeInsideView
  • Social EnterpriseBut Steve now has a few problemsOverwhelming
  • Person: NHR Message: RelevantTime: Customer Success ManagersFar cry from Steve
  • The bar has been raised. The commoditization of contact information Email marketing engines
  • Industry similarity between EA and DChoc… Immucor/Thoratec are medicalTrip is a nickname for IIIBill located in Georgia… EA & Apple are located in CA, @dchocgames in CANext: trigger harvest of DChoc Leadership page. Trip = CEO and confirm bio details.
  • Business change is unparalleledCompetition is fierce, So what’s the answer?
  • We believe it’s all about being relevant, saying the right thing to the right person at the right time.
  • But how do you get there? How can you make sense of all the data flying around in your company, in the news, in the social networks, in the “cloud”?The amount of data being created is staggering and it would be more than a full-time job for you to try to take on this task yourself.Every 60 seconds – 100,00 tweets are sent, 700,000 FB Updates, and over 1,500 new blog posts. Are you kidding me?
  • Putting Social Selling to Work For You

    1. 1. Putting Social Sellingto Work For YouSelling to People, Not Contacts
    2. 2. Advice• Test and Learn• Don’t Expect an immediate Give to Get• Use social/email to Connect and Learn about prospects. Use the Phone and in-person to sell. Resources • http://vorsight.com/prospecting • http://www.insideview.com • http://www.socialsellingu.com
    3. 3. Agenda• Welcome• Who is InsideView?• The rising tide of Information overload• What can we do? – Listen – Connect – Engage• Great Social Selling Books• Next Steps• Twitter Hashtag #socialsellca
    4. 4. INSIDEVIEW Brian Bachofner Manager of Channel Development Brian.bachofner@insideview.com twitter: @bbachofner
    5. 5. AboutInsideView • Founded in 2005 • VC Funded • Vision: Increase productivity of customer-facing employees by delivering relevant, timely insight about customers and prospects into CRM. • Today: 145,000+ users, 6,000 customers, 30 countries • Integrated with all major CRMs. • 100+ channel partners on 3 continents • 1st to Establish Non-Profit Social Source. http://www.socialsellingu.com SalesLogix
    6. 6. 2002
    7. 7. 2012: Social Enterprise
    8. 8. 2010: 35% of 2009: 1% of Canadians visit SM Canadians on Twitter once a day 50% of 2011: 2011: 20% of Canadians visit SM Canadians on Twitter once a day Almost 2/3 of 35-54 year olds and over 40% of thoseover the age of 55 in Canadaare now actively using Social Media. Source: www.webfuel.ca
    9. 9. More Data?
    10. 10. Welcome to the Age of Relevance… Right Right Right PERSON MESSAGE TIME
    11. 11. “70% of the B2B buying process happens online” SiriusDecisions Inc. awareness consideration purchaselevel of buyer activity “We have a project” “I’m just “We’ve downloading made a decision” stuff” “We’ve shortlisted vendors” “I’m just browsing”
    12. 12. 92%of prospectsnever respond toa cold call or email
    13. 13. Sell to People not Contacts …….more INTELLIGENCE | SLIDE :14
    14. 14. Quiz Time: Are they the same person? Trip Hawkins: Steve Jobs and Creativity Forbes – Jan 24, 2012 It was an ‘Act of betrayal’ as Steve • Bill Hawkinsit when Trip • Trip Hawkins Trip Hawkins • William Hawkins IIIWilliam Hawkins III Bill Hawkins Jobs saw • Founder of EA • CEO at Immucor Hawkins left Apple in 1982 to • trip@dc.com • Former Dir of start game-maker,atElectronic • Director Thoratec • Twitter @dchocgames Strategy at Apple Arts. But • Located in Atlanta Apple the legendary • Currently works at co-founder and the now • Harvard Graduate Digital Chocolate founder/CEO of Graduate • Duke Digital Chocolate always had a twisted relationship. Certainly a high-level of respect was involved. Sometimes Jobs simply had a funny way of showing it.
    15. 15. And the answer is …Bill Hawkins Trip Hawkins • Bill Hawkins • Trip Hawkins • CEO at Immucor • trip@dc.com • Director at Thoratec • Twitter @dchocgames • Located in Atlanta • Currently works at Digital • Duke Graduate Chocolate
    16. 16. Of your prospects will respond to cold-calls or emails when you leverage connectionsKenan-Flagler School of Business University of Carolina
    17. 17. Where are your customers and prospects?
    18. 18. Add Photo Customize headline Share contentAdd WebsitesAdd TwitterCustomize link
    19. 19. Connections accelerate yourability to get into an account.• Reference accounts• Coworker relationships• LinkedIn connections
    20. 20. The Where B2B Sales Reps should beForresterSocialLadder
    21. 21. Move to Ontario or lose my job. Well at least the kids Off to China to make can get a dog now. sure our factories can meet the new product Looking forward toOur supply chain is launch date that big meetingabout to break. Man do with Intel. Vegas!I need a break… First day as the new VP at Chevron. So we’re getting bought out by Clorox I guess…
    22. 22. Trigger Events Start the Conversation
    23. 23. Social Selling Delivers Relevance… CLOUD TECHNOLOGY AGGREGATION & PROCESSING Jane Smith is a connection from your days as her network supplier She’s currently at Chevron and looking for a new resource
    24. 24. Social Selling Books
    25. 25. 5 Signs you might be ready for Social Selling1. You are buying “lists” for your sales team2. Social Selling is not a part of your sales cycle3. You are spending half of your day Researching4. You are not using Trigger Events, and see deals enter the sales cycle at much later stages5. You’re not hitting your sales marks.
    26. 26. Tenets (plural of ten-et): Noun: A principle, belief, or doctrine generally held to be true; especially : one held in common by members of an organization, movement, or profession Merriam-Webster Google: Wikipedia: Tenet: a Canadian Heavy Metal Band, a healthcare company, a ethnic group in South Sudan, a former Director of the CIA….What’s Missing? CONTEXT!!
    27. 27. Social Selling Context • A replacement a broken sales process. Not a It’s not: magic bullet • A replacement for the PHONE or face-to-face • A broadcast channel for pitching It will: • Help you identify Sales Cycles that you may have missed • Give you a competitive advantage • Help you accelerate sales cycles
    28. 28. Sell to People, not Contacts …….more INTELLIGENCE | SLIDE :30
    29. 29. More Data is not the Answer Social Data CRM
    30. 30. Modify the Old Sales Playbook -- Deals enter pipeline at very-- View “closeness” as a matter ofproximity not geography different stages trigger events are events in a buyer’s work environment that will necessitate change
    31. 31. Own your Presence, and Be Present! Barb Giamanco’s Getting Started with Social Selling 1. Be Compelling: Profiles 2. Be Findable: Headlines 3. Be Visible- share via Twitter and LinkedIn 4. Demonstrate Expertise: Join Groups or even better, Create them 5. Engage with Content Http://scs-connect.com
    32. 32. “InsideView makes it easy for us to use our Vorsight Essentials: 3x3 Research technique to quickly • Industry: Sales Consulting establish credibility with prospects, find • Arlington, VA, USA new leads, and accelerate existing • Employees: 35 opportunities. We use InsideView for both • Sell to: SVP/VP Sales our own sales team and for our clients. • InsideView Users: 25 • CRM: Salesforce.com - Steve Richard, Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer 1. How can we increase relevance with prospects quickly?Challenge: 2. How can we accelerate existing opportunities?Solution: Use InsideView for 3x3 research for selling Vorsight services to prospects. And use InsideView for manage and accelerate existing opportunities. 200% 50% 20% Impact: Qualified Lead Pre-call research Opportunities Volumes time generated
    33. 33. 9 Ideas to Prospect and Land the Big Deal Steve Richard Co-Founder
    34. 34. Recap9 ideas
    35. 35. #1: 3x3 Research A&D Activity Experience with VDRs
    36. 36. #2: ID Contact
    37. 37. #3: Direct Lines from VM
    38. 38. #4: Call Window
    39. 39. #5: Lead In
    40. 40. #6: Second Vendor Option
    41. 41. #7: Client Voice
    42. 42. #8: Questioning Skills
    43. 43. #9: Cell Phone