Five Proven Sales Management Secrets for Revenue Growth


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Speakers: Matt Heinz, Craig Rosenberg and Kevin Baldacci discuss the secrets to sales management

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Five Proven Sales Management Secrets for Revenue Growth

  1. 1. Five Proven SalesManagement Secrets forRevenue Growth
  2. 2. The speakersKevin Baldacci Matt Heinz Craig Rosenberg Social Strategist President Funnelholic InsideView Heinz Marketing @funnelholic @KevinBaldacci7 @heinzmarketing
  3. 3. Five sales management secrets to drive growth1. Focus2. Culture3. Coaching and training4. Metrics and Reporting5. Technology#SellingPower
  4. 4. 1. Focus#SellingPower
  5. 5. “The enemy of every sales person is time” -Some awesome person “Sales reps spend 65% of their T time not selling” -Gerhard Gschwandtner, Sales 2.0 conference#SellingPower
  6. 6. Four ways you know your team lacks focus1. Miles of “victory laps”2. Always clicking never calling3. You don’t know whether they do or not (that means they do btw)4. You haven’t helped them#SellingPower
  7. 7. Four inefficiencies that can be painlessly fixed1. Research – “7 hours per week is the average time a salesperson spends looking for relevant information to prepare sales calls. “2. Understanding the perfect customer (2 parts) – Improves lead generation (time spent on the wrong target) – Improves lead qualification (too much time on the wrong deals)3. “Know when to Fold-Em” – know when to give up on a prospect or customers slide on the next page4. Paperwork and other logistical issues#SellingPower
  8. 8. Optimize follow-up processesAfter 6-8 contacts, the laws of diminishing returns set in. On the other hand, make sure you make 6 – 8 attempts#SellingPower
  9. 9. 2 and 3. Culture, coaching, and training#SellingPower
  10. 10. 6 ideas for building a great sales culture1. Get executives involved – Exec sponsorship promotions – Call observations & follow-up reports2. Gamification3. Celebrate the big and little things4. Get their families involved – Awards dinners5. Mentors6. Open communication#SellingPower
  11. 11. Coaching is culture“89% of sales reps want MORE sales coaching from their managers”Chuck Penfield, Oracle#SellingPower
  12. 12. 15 Matt Heinz sales coaching tips1. Focus on the numbers2. Focus on what they can control3. Compare current and previous habits and performance measures4. Peer shadowing5. Deal walkthroughs6. Evaluate effort, attitude, and drive7. Use positive reinforcement and constructive feedback8. Make a comp plan that requires consistent performance9. Be aware of personal issues10. Create friendly but spirited competition between reps11. Create a longer version of s contest contingent on hitting quota12. Go back to basics13. Watch the video tape (be like Pujols)14. Be willing to use a performance plan15. Make sure YOU didn’t add to much process #SellingPower
  13. 13. Four keys to training inspired by Dave Stein1. Self-directed training scales2. One-size does NOT fit all – personalize training based on roles, location, type of sale3. Tools and Technology training – just buying it for them, won’t help them use it4. Have a year-round training plan not just on product but on sales skills
  14. 14. 4. Metrics and reporting#SellingPower
  15. 15. The Metrics and reporting slippery slopeJust because you can track it:• doesn’t mean you should• doesn’t mean it’s important• doesn’t mean it should be on your exec dashboard Choose the right metrics to drive your business to higher sales, greater pipeline yield and profitability#SellingPower
  16. 16. Five metrics you should not track1. Dials2. Demos or appointments scheduled3. Talk time4. logins5. Logged activities#SellingPower
  17. 17. Ten metrics every revenue organization must track1. Marketing Cost per Sales2. Customer Lifetime Value3. Nurture Database Success4. Addressable Market Size5. Sales Cycle Length6. Lead- Opportunity – Sales Conversion Rates7. Deal Size8. Qualified Leads9. Referrals10. Customers#SellingPower
  18. 18. 5. Technology f#SellingPower
  19. 19. Sales Technology is HOT“There are estimated over 2000 sales tools on the market”Nancy Nardin, Sales 2.0#SellingPower
  20. 20. 5 best practices for sales tool adoption1. Pain-killers not vitamins2. Implement 1-2/quarter3. Start with small group first4. Sit down with reps and walk them through process5. Roll out globally with success story#SellingPower
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