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Social Selling: LinkedIn & Hootsuite for Competitive Intelligence - Jamie Shanks


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Social Selling: LinkedIn & Hootsuite for Competitive Intelligence - Jamie Shanks

  1. 1. Social Selling LinkedIn & Hootsuite for Competitive Intelligence Jamie Shanks Managing Partner @ Sales for Life
  2. 2. Reps sick of scratching & clawing for deals Every month, the sales rep feels like they start at 0 Few reps have a perpetual lead gen machine
  3. 3. How did they win that account? “The deal came out of no where!” How did your competition unearth that deal??
  4. 4. But the Fundamental Challenge is: Your buyer has changed! 70% of their buying process is done, BEFORE your sales reps involvement Decision-Makers need corporate buy-in (committees)
  5. 5. Result: You’re losing deals, long before you’ve realized they’re lost! Clients are discovering & trusting your competition first, because they’re adding value online. Long before your reps start a phone relationship.
  6. 6. Question to ask your team… Why aren’t you picking up your competition’s “Social Breadcrumbs”?
  7. 7. Remember this… If you can’t be first to a deal… BE SMARTER!
  8. 8. STEP #1 LinkedIn Signal Org chart the sales department @ your competition. Depending on sales reps role in the organization, you can begin to plot their RELATIONSHIP to a prospect.
  9. 9. What should I be looking for? Lead Generation – They are kicking off a relationship You still have time to develop your relationship The prospect is now actively gathering solutions Sales (Quota Carrying) – The prospect is in an active buying mode. You need to being adding value quickly. You have only weeks/month to get engaged as Inception is happening. Sales Engineer – The prospect is at the vendor evaluation phase. You have minimal time to find a way into the prospects evaluation. There is a higher likelihood you will not win this deal. Account Manager - The prospect is a client with your competitor. You can begin planning how to steal this account.
  10. 10. LinkedIn Signal Track their connections!
  11. 11. Amplify with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Instantly maps your entire sales force: Who in your organization is connected to a competitor?
  12. 12. LinkedIn Mobile – Target an individual
  13. 13. How do we use this intelligence?
  14. 14. STEP #2 Competitors Recommendations Potential Prospect Check your competitors recommendations Received + Given
  15. 15. STEP #3 Track Events & Tradeshows #KronosWorks13 Track a competitors user conference: Pre-event - their clients, partners, vendors are the first to Retweet event #. Compile list. During event - capture attendees. You can map both existing clients (to steal account) or interested prospects that have attended. Track not only competitive tradeshows, but industry specific and/or user conferences hosted by “Emulators” (sell to same buyer persona). Great new database. Clients Channel Partners Vendors
  16. 16. Not attending? Generate leads from the event! #FORRFORUM Sales Enablement on Digital Media
  17. 17. Geocode – capture everyone in the room! Change Geocode + distance to 0.5 KM around building
  18. 18. Geocode – Palmer House, Chicago
  19. 19. Contact Us Jamie Shanks, MBA Managing Partner Main: 905-502-5512 x4009 Cell: 416-409-4999 Email: LinkedIn: Twitter: @james_t_shanks