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Sales Acceleration Summit - This session is now available on demand: http://www.insidesales.com/events/2014/sales-acceleration-summit/lori-richardson

Session Overview
Let’s face it, sales prospecting can get mundane and can be difficult. Rather than focusing on just one type of strategy to fill your sales pipeline, learn how a diverse strategy grows revenue.

Sales prospecting expert Lori Richardson will quickly show you a framework to set up a successful prospecting effort and offer tips, ideas, and resources to be able to create an abundance of qualified sales opportunities.


- The five pieces of the prospecting puzzle
- How all five work to grow revenues
- Actual examples you can use right away

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  • Thanks for sharing. Outbound prospecting is so important for a more predictable sales process. We're currently using a sales prospecting tool called www.found.ly which grabs us the professional email address of our prospects in real-time, and also allows us to reach out to them using the internally built email automation tool. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else uses this system to get your feedback to compare?
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Lori Richardson - Sales Prospecting Success Puzzle

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  2. 2. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Gain MORE Deals with the Sales Pipeline Success Puzzle * A session about sales pipeline building for b2b sellers Lori Richardson Score More Sales, LLC
  3. 3. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Lets talk about: •How this came about •The five pieces of the pipeline success puzzle •How all five work to grow revenues •Examples
  4. 4. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales New to Sales? New territory? New vertical?
  5. 5. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Finding new business can be tough. There are reasons to use this strategy •Have better success through multiple strategies •Make your day more interesting •Be more effective with your time
  6. 6. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Existing Customer Base •Statistics •Speed •Ease
  7. 7. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Outbound Calling • A key, critical piece often overlooked • Get a system going • Regular means daily or __ x a week
  8. 8. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Inbound • Powerful tag team w/ outbound • Get a chance to educate your buyer • Statistics
  9. 9. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Referral Relationships & Planning •Trifecta with Inbound & Outbound • Huge missing piece – a system • References & referrals need to be included as a normal part of sales process
  10. 10. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales Nurture & Follow Through • backbone of the system • supports all five strategies together • where most sellers FAIL
  11. 11. #SalesSummit | @scoremoresales * A session about sales pipeline building for b2b sellers Here’s the how: http://goo.gl/Ebk2cB
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