Jill Konrath - The Agile Selling Imperative


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Sales Acceleration Summit - This session is now available on demand: http://www.insidesales.com/events/2014/sales-acceleration-summit/jill-konrath

Session Overview
In a world of constant change, a seller’s ability to learn quickly is their only sustainable competitive advantage. In this keynote, you’ll discover the four agile selling mindsets as well as strategies to:

- Rapidly acquire new knowledge;
- Quickly pick up new sales skills; and
- Increase your thinking flexibility.

The result? You’ll shorten your path to proficiency in new positions, jumpstart new product/service sales and adjust faster to evolving business conditions. Being agile matters.

Come to this session and get a sneak peak at Jill’s forthcoming book, Agile Selling: Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today’s Ever-Changing Sales World (available May, 2014).

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Jill Konrath - The Agile Selling Imperative

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  10. 10. #SalesSummit | @jillkonrath AGILE MIND-SET #1: Success is a decision. Dare to choose it.
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  12. 12. #SalesSummit | @jillkonrath AGILE MIND-SET #3: Reframe failures as valuable learning experiences.
  13. 13. #SalesSummit | @jillkonrath AGILE MIND-SET #4: Turn performance goals into getting better goals.
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