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This eBook is a must-read for all inside sales and marketing professionals.

In this eBook, learn real marketing and sales tactics that have led to exponential growth: 7 Rules to Contact Busy Executives, how buyer behavior has changed lead generation, aligning sales and marketing with buyer personas.

You can download and read the ebook here as well:

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HubSpot & Secrets Revealed

  1. 1. SECRETS REVEALEDMaster Tactics for Exponential Growthand the Secrets of Contact Rates Ken Krogue President and Co-founder Mark Roberge SVP Sales and Services Hubspot
  2. 2. Introduction Page 2 From Ken KrogueMark Roberge and I have been friends for Mark has been intrigued with how we atseveral years since we seem to be speak- have such incredibly highing quite often at the same tradeshows. I lead contact rates. We have maintainedwas so impressed at one show years ago 92% contacted levels using our technol-where he got pretty brave and shared ogy and best practices. The average is onlymany of the secrets that HubSpot uses 27%. HubSpot does quite well already andinternally to drive amazing results. His is nearly double the average, but all thepresentation included graphs, charts, and leads in the world do no good if they don’tdata; just how I like it. get contacted and qualified...HubSpot drives more visitors a month (over Hence this webinar (available here) and1 million) to their website and more sales eBook.ready leads (60,000) than any B2B salesor marketing automation company I’m I talked Mark into sharing their secrets,aware of. I wrote about them in my weekly and he said, “I will if you will!”Forbes column recently. We partner withseveral marketing companies like Marketo, So we did... Here it is.Eloqua, and Act-On. They are all extremelystrong in their market segments and areasof expertise, but HubSpot is noted for driv-ing a ton of organic traffic and web | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  3. 3. Table of Contents Page 3Introduction From Ken Krogue����������������������������������������������������������������2 Published by 34 East 1700 SouthAbout the Authors������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 4 Provo, Utah 84606Lead Generation: How Buyers Have Changed������������������������������������� 5 887-798-9633Lead Nuturing: It’s All About Context��������������������������������������������������� 9 Copyright © 2013 All Rights ReservedSales Marketing SLA: Agree to Agree���������������������������������������������� 13High Velocity Sales: Win Faster�������������������������������������������������������������� 16Top Inside Sales Issues: First Things First������������������������������������������� 187 Rules To Contact Ratios: Reach Busy Executives�������������������������� 20Increased Sales Success: 3 Things to Remember����������������������������� 24Summary Credits��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  4. 4. About the Authors Page 4 Ken Krogue Mark Roberge President and Co-Founder SVP Sales and Services of HubSpot — — http://blog.hubspot.comKen is a results driven sales leader and As the Senior Vice President of Sales andvisionary for the inside sales industry. The Services at HubSpot, Mark has increased rev-research and data driven approach he uses enue by 6,000% and grown the team fromhas led to best practices of contacting and 1 to 200 employees in five years. Mark isclosing leads. He pioneered the powerful also a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur insales automation PowerDialer which greatly Internet marketing, social media, and mobileincreases the effectiveness and efficiency of with a background in sales, marketing, andinside sales professionals. Ken is also a regu- business development.lar contributor to | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  5. 5. Lead Generation: Page 5 How Buyers Have Changed Visit Lead toFor those who don’t know the story about when people asked a question about mar- Sources Visits to Lead Leads Customer CustomersHubSpot, the idea behind our company keting and lead generation on LinkedIn, Organic 59,100 3.1% 1,854 2.3% 43 Searchstarted six or seven years ago in the halls we were the ones being mentioned in the Referrals 80,660 7.5% 6,059 0.64% 39of MIT where our co-founders and I were. conversation. Basically, we wanted to make PaidWe were looking at the change the Inter- sure that we were found when people were Search 18,241 7.4% 1,348 0.52% 7net had on how people buy and shop. We looking for us. This technique has Direct 228,613 2.6% 5,851 1.5% 88 Trafficnoticed that the Internet gave a lot of con- worked wonders. Emailtrol to buyers. Marketing 89,817 9.9% 8,898 0.36% 32With that in mind, we started looking Where do customers Social Media 13,252 6.6% 874 0.46% 4at how people were marketing to these come from? Other Campaigns 117,586 12% 14,245 0.25% 35buyers; we found it wasn’t transforma-tive. For example, with DVRs, people don’t This data proves a point with the seven Totals 607,269 6.44% 39,129 0.63% 248watch commercials as often, they are on web channels that we get traffic from. Pay specific attention to the “customer” line Customers are able to see these inbounddo-not-call lists, and they have power- lead statistics on their HubSpot dashboard.ful SPAM blockers. So, how do you reach and the “lead to customer” line. As the VP of Sales, I look very closely at the “lead The leads that are finding you (organic andthese people? direct) from inbound marketing efforts to customer” metric because when my sales reps are calling 100 leads and clos- close at a high rate and they close fast.The Solution: They change the game for your business.We wanted to make sure that when people ing .64% to customers, that’s a lot of work.did a Google search on how to market and But when my guys close 2.3% customers, like from organic leads, that’s a really Key Point:generate leads, HubSpot was the number If you focus your attention on organicone result. When also wanted to make sure nice yield. growth, some really nice things will follow in terms of business | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  6. 6. Lead Generation: Page 6 How Buyers Have ChangedInbound Lead Costs There is also a huge correlation between different assets of your company online, This is a big trend that people don’t appre- ciate, but yet Google is very public aboutLooking at more data surrounding inbound your marketing presence, and your abil- paying attention to how many followersleads, our cost per new lead generated is ity to rank well on Google. From the graph your business has. They are starting to pay$7.00. For our other paid/advertising leads, below, you can see that social media is attention to how many times your contentwe pay an average of $25.00 per lead. Not something that highly influences search is re-tweeted. They’re using these dataonly are inbound leads much cheaper, but engine ranking. points to figure out how high to rank youwe close those leads at a rate 3x higher. in Google.This proves a significant inbound lead If you don’t think your buyers are on socialadvantage. In fact, the total sales and media and that social is a waste of time, Imarketing cost per new customer for cold disagree with you. You can’t afford to givecalling is $15k; for paid/advertising leads up the social media game because you’reits $13k; and for inbound leads it’s $5k. also giving up on the Google search game as well. The research proves it.Social authority islargest influencer of SEOMost of the industry is starting to under-stand how SEO works, but it’s really aboutgenerating inbound links with lots of highquality inbound content. Click image for larger view (Adobe Acrobat) | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  7. 7. Lead Generation: Page 7 How Buyers Have ChangedHow does SEO work? 2013, you will increase your lead flow by 5x. Imagine what that could do to your business. It’s important to set a goal to be aWrite educational, quality content as often content you can. Promote this content on socialmedia, your blog, and in as many places However, most people don’t have the time to write the content fastonline as you can. When you are promot- enough. Then what?ing your own content on social media, itis all about you, so make sure you also Step 1: Form a Thought Leadership Committeeparticipate in industry conversations, to This committee should have about twenty people that relate to yourbecome thought leaders related to target audience. For example, if you sell to a tech crowd, get youryour content. engineers. If you sell to a sales crowd, get your sales managers. Step 2: Hire a JournalistImpact of Monthly Blog After you’ve hired a full-time journalist, have them interview a memberArticles on Inbound of the committee every day about a niche subject related to your industry. If the committee member has to prepare for it, it’s too com-Leads for B2B and B2C plicated. This should be something they can rattle off in a half hourCompanies which the journalist can use to create the content. Step 3: Create Niche ContentThe industry data, on average, will show From the interview, the journalist now has enough content to write anyou that if you blogged once per month eBook (put behind a landing page and form), 4 blog articles about dif-in 2012, and plan on blogging every day in ferent subjects within that eBook, eight Facebook posts, and 16 Tweets about each one of those blog | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  8. 8. Lead Generation: Page 8 How Buyers Have ChangedStep 4: Create a Content CalendarAfter the content has been created, decide when it will be distrib-uted throughout the course of the month. This ensures there are abunch of tweets and posts going out that point to the blog articlewhich, at the end, has a nice call to action for the related eBook.With this model, we get 50-55% conversion rates on the click-through to leads.As you create these eBooks, you grow your content library thatyou can spread across your website. For every page on your web-site, match it with an eBook that relates to the content on thatwebpage. This should easily create a 3% conversion rate as peopledownload your eBooks. If originally you are at 1% visit/lead con-version and you increase that to 3%, you’re going to triple yourleads in days and | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  9. 9. Lead Nuturing: Page 9 It’s All About ContextI’m always asking our customers what This is usually how our conversation goes:pieces of software they want to start with.For whatever reason, it’s never our blog Sales rep: “Tell me. How big is your list?”and social media tool or our landing pageand CTA manager. They all want to start Customer: “Well, we have 50,000 leads in Salesforce.”with our lead nurturing tool that allowsthem to segment their leads and create Sales rep: “How long did it take you to build that?”email marketing campaigns. It takes morethan marketing automation though. They Customer: “We built it over the last 15 years.”first need quality leads. Sales rep: “Have you cleansed it?” Email Marketing M Customer: “What do you mean cleanse?” Sales rep: “Well, how did you build it? Was it a bunch of people 3 Design and build personalized emails that effectively target your came to your website and they asked to be added to your list? Or leads. was it from buying lists and putting out fishbowls at a tradeshow?” 3 Track delivery, opens, and clicks Customer: “Well, probably a lot more of the latter.” for all of your contacts This client is in serious trouble if they think our automation is Get a Demo going to solve their | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  10. 10. Lead Nuturing: Page 10 It’s All About ContextHere’s why:• You’re not taking into account the data- base half-life. The industry data shows that if you were very fortunate to have 50,000fresh, inbound leads right now, a year from now 25% will be irrelevant. That means25% of those people would have moved on, changed roles, or are not a buyer.Every year that goes by the list is shrinking by 25%.• The other thing, people don’t appreciatethat the engagement level expires. We ran data over a 70,000 email campaign andwhat we found was that if someone con-verts on your website today and you sendthem an email, on average click-through Remember: rate on that email is 5.5%. Ninety days The whole problem is that you whole strategy is hinged on afrom now, if you send that same person an cannot jump into lead nurtur- dying asset. If you’re commit- email, their click-through-rate is going to ing automation unless you are ted to inbound, this won’t be a be 2.1%. Why? Because most people don’t generating 25% fresh leads problem for you. remember the website they went to over a every year. Otherwise, your month | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  11. 11. ; WorkfloWs segment and Nurture Your leads3 Segments: Use smart lists to create targetedsegments and automatically nurture them.3 Email: Trigger emails based on downloads,property changes, pageviews, or clicks.3 Update: Use workflows to update contactproperties and add or remove leads from lists.3 Score: Create customized lead scores basedon lead activity. Get a Demo
  12. 12. Lead Nuturing: Page 12 It’s All About ContextTraditional Marketing you need to design these lead nurturing campaigns: they need to be buyer focused. show me a whitepaper. However, if I’ve come to your website for the seventeenthAutomation is Not Lovable time, I’m talking to a salesperson, and I’m How To: in a trial, you don’t need to offer me aThe issue we did see and fix was our Start by identifying the different personas free trial.approach to lead nurturing automa- that are involved in your buying processtion. When we first started out, we were (sales, marketing, IT, HR, etc.).Then identify By not personalizing your homepage,obsessed with having a work flow. For the different buyer cycle stages that they you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.example, every time someone requested a go through as they start to learn about Show them a case study about their indus-free trial and didn’t come back in two days, your company and product. As your leads try that gets them excited aboutwe would send them a specific email. move through the different stages, start your business. to customize and personalize your contentThis didn’t have a huge impact. But, we to whichever stage they’re at. The ruleskept building these work flows for demosand pricing pages. Pretty soon we had 27 behind your automation campaign are to Free Template to Helpdifferent work flows for different scenar- segment these people into specific boxes. You Create Buyerios. It was a complete mess. They weren’t The other large problem we had was only Personasrelated and leads kept getting lost. using personalized email marketing. That isn’t enough. You have to personalize theThis is not how people buy. Don’t think of entire sales and marketing experience.your leads as someone who came to yourpricing page three days ago. Think of them Get Your For example, if I come to your homep-in terms of individuals. They could be a Free Template! age for the first time, I don’t want to seesales executive (buyer persona) who is a a demo request – it’s too pushy. Instead,passive visitor to a website. That’s the | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  13. 13. Sales Marketing SLA: Page 13 Agree to AgreeSLA stands for service level agreement If marketing is going to step up and do this,and is used often in the worlds of host- then so does sales. Sales’ responsibilitying and IT. It’s important to extend this is to call those leads as efficiently as pos-concept to the sales and marketing rela- sible. Ken Krogue and aretionship. Be very quantitative and clear the industry experts on this. We all knowabout what marketing delivers to sales and they’ve done research with MIT and deter-what sales delivers to marketing. mined that you need to call leads back within a matter of minutes. We did someRemember to keep in mind that not all additional research. If I call a lead now,leads are created equal and they have dif- when should I call them again and whenferent close rates. For example, a demo should I give up on attempting contact? Click image for larger view (Adobe Acrobat)request closes a lot faster than someonewho went to a webinar, but you want both In the graph, you can see that the idealof those leads. number from all the leads is somewhere in the 8-9 range. For the smaller leads, theWe went back six months and looked at a blue line, it was more like 5-6 attempts butgroup of 50,000 leads. Of those that were the bigger companies it was more like 9-10.demo requests, we figured out what the With this data, you can go the sales teamclose rate and average sales spend was and tell them exactly how many times theyand came up with a lead value. We did need to be attempting contact with leadsthis with webinars, eBooks and free trials. in order to bring the most value out. YouWith this information, you know how many can also build this into totypes of leads you need in order to reach make this an automated process for yourquota and it creates perfect alignment. sales | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  14. 14. Sales Marketing SLA: Page 14 Agree to AgreeDaily Accountability For and clicked on two emails and your sales team doesn’t know that, they’re flyingMarketing Sales blind. This information tells you how inter- ested that lead is and that’sEvery single night it’s important to send vital information.accountability audits to your sales andmarketing teams to ensure that they areon track to reach goals. This ensures thatyour sales reps are actually calling usingthe contact research discussed previ-ously and that marketing is generatingthe appropriate amount and type of leads.This makes everyone accountable on adaily basis and adjustments can be madeaccordingly to meet weekly goals.Also, before the sales team gets on thephone with a lead, make sure to providethe sales team a complete 360 view of Download Now!where that lead has been. If they did aGoogle search for “IT services in Birming-ham” and then scrolled through 17 | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  15. 15. PowerSuiteUltimate sales automation platformClick icons for more information (Adobe Acrobat) PowerDialer™ PowerInbound™ LocalPresence™ Click-to-Call™ Recording Monitoring™The PowerSuite™ by provides reps with everythingthey need to put their sales into overdrive.Benefits:• Increased response contact rates • Automatic call distribution• Optimized sales workflow • Call recording for quality assurance• Monitor sales rep activity • Happy sales reps Demo Now
  16. 16. High Velocity Sales: Page 16 Win FasterInside Sales vs Outside Sales a collaborative environment where every- We’re doing things that have never beenIn the sales industry, we’re seeing a shift one on our sales team can grow and learn done before in the sales industry with thehappening. Inside sales is fast becoming every day. leverage of technology.the preferred method of sales. We also have stat boards everywhere Specialist vs GeneralistWhat is inside sales? and turn work into a game. In fact, we did At, we’ve tried to spe-Inside sales is professional sales done a webinar not too long ago with Chuck cialize the sales process. One of the firstremotely. Also, inside sales is usually B2B Coonradt, the grandfather of gamifica- research studies we did with Dr. Jamesor complex B2C sales. It’s not telemarket- tion, on turning work into a game. That’s Oldroyd found one key stat: if you special-ing, it’s not customer service inbound. It’s what we’ve tried to do and we’ve seen our ize your sales force (lead gen reps, closers,professional sales. In fact, I wrote a blog results increase dramatically. account managers all separated) yourdefining inside sales on my website, average close ratio will be 7 points, called, “What is Inside Power ToolsSales? – Our Definition of Inside Sales.” Our team would be nothing without the For example, if a company has a generalist tools that we use every day to get the model with a 10% close ratio, by incorpo-The Environment job done. In fact, what we advocate is, “If rating a specialist system they create aAt, you’ll find a very open you’re going to build a house, use a nail 17% close ratio. This is a big deal. We’veenvironment with hardly any frills. We gun not a hammer.” The traditional model seen this same thing in manufacturing. Byinvest in great technology for our reps and of manual sales is a hammer. It’s slow and building an assembly line, Ford was able towe don’t use cubicles. Instead, we have an ineffective. produce far more vehicles than a general-open concept work environment so that all ist model.the cool techniques that are really driving What we have seen is that our technologyresults can be shared and implemented by turns a regular sales rep into Iron Man.everyone on the sales floor. This creates Humans plus technology = super | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  17. 17. High Velocity Sales: Page 17 Win FasterInside Sales Growth Projected Growth RateInside sales is growing like crazy. In fact, 3.75 MILthis graph from a research study by Inside Sales 3.50 MILinfoUSA and Dr. James Oldroyd shows Outside Salesremote (inside) sales vs. outside sales. As 3.25 MILinside sales continues to grow, outside 3.00 MILsales remains stagnant. In fact, inside sales 2.75 MILis outgrowing outside sales 15x. 2.50 MIL 2.25 MILMaybe more interesting is that the average 2.00 MILinside sales rep spends 71% of their time 2008(historical) 2009 2010 2011 2012selling remotely while outside sales repsare spending 41% of their time also sell- Remote Sales Industry Studying remotely. This data was done in 2009. sales representative activity allocationTwo years ago, a new statistic for percent-age of time inside sales reps spend sellingremotely found that now the number 17% 24% Office/Home Officeis 46%. Outside sales reps are spend- 6% Travel/Othering more time; on the phone and selling 6% 41% 71%through the internet remotely. 13% Outside Prospecting On Site with Client 22%What does this tell us? Inside sales is theoptimal way to respond to web Inside Sales Rep Outside Sales Repgenerated | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  18. 18. Top Inside Sales Issues: Page 18 First Things FirstWhat are the main issues faced by insidesales managers? The Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industryresearch division published a study (avail- 100%able for download here) which surveyed608 inside sales professionals and askedwhat their biggest obstacles were. Ofthose surveyed, 58% were sales managers 75%and 42% sales reps. Of the managers sur-veyed, 56.9% said finding good leads was 56.9%their biggest problem, 48.3% said hiring 50% 48.3%the right people and 41.1% said making 41.1%sure information is reporter correctly. 36.0%What this shows is that it’s all about 25% 20.9% 23.4%the leads. 14.0% 9.4%Once the leads have been found, they goto the sales reps. The top three problems 0%inside sales reps face are making contact Finding Hiring the Making Sure Properly Compensating Employee Using the Right Other Good Leads Right People Information is Training Reps Sales Agents Turnover Equipmentwith leads (46.1%), accessing decision Reported Correctlymakers (41.5%) and knowing who to con-tact and when (35.3%). Again, these are allabout regarding | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  19. 19. Top Inside Sales Issues: Page 19 First Things FirstKey Takeaway: So guess what? The marketers’ intuitionThe single most powerful thing you can do is a leader in the inside sales space is tohelp your people increase their The sales guys aren’t reaching their ratios. Through our research, we’ve found how to get contact ratios up to 92%. The aver- ResponseAudit ™Average Industry Lead Response Time age company is only contacting 27% of Find out how quickly yourIn order to increase your contact ratios, their web generated leads. We’ve proved it sales and marketing teamyou need to have a benchmark of where 14,000 times. responds to leads.your company currently sits. We developed • Learn Current Lead Response Timea technology (similar to HubSpot’s Market-ing Grader) where you can see how you’re • Increase Effectivenessdoing in terms of lead response. We’ve • Competitive Analysisaudited over 14,000 companies and we’vefound that the average company takes 46hours and 37 minutes to respond to a leadfor the first time. Also important to note, Request ResponseAuditsales reps are only attempting contact 1.4times before giving | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  20. 20. 7 Rules To Contact Ratios: Page 20 Reach Busy ExecutivesMost sales training teaches sales reps howto close. That’s actually not the main prob- CONTACTS MADE FROM FIRST DIALSlem. The main problem is getting in touchwith people to actually talk with the people WITHIN 5 MINUTES CONTACTED / QUALIFIED LEADSwe need to close. 100 X Higher chance of contactingThese are my 7 Rules of Contact Ratios 21 X Higher chance of qualifyingthat can get your contact ratios up to92%. We tested this technique for overtwo years and consistently saw the same AFTER 5 MINUTESresults. Contact rates drop significantlyRule 1: ImmediacyOnce again, Dr. James Oldroyd found that Leads That Become:if leads were responded to in less than five Qualified Contactedminutes, the odds of contacting them were 5 MIN 10 MIN 15 MIN 20 MIN 25 MIN 30 MIN100x higher than waiting 30 minutes. Also, RESPONSE TIMEthe odds of qualifying a lead and bringingit into the sales funnel are 21x higher in thesame time frame. takes 46 hours to respond to their leads, their leads don’t even remember they submitted aThink about the implications of this data. lead two days ago.If the industry average is that a sales | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  21. 21. 7 Rules To Contact Ratios: Page 21 Reach Busy Executives somewhere between six and nine calls % OF SALES BY CALL ATTEMPT depending on the lead type. If that lead is100% inbound, the rep should make nine contact 92% 93% attempts. However, for outbound leads, six 90% 91% 80% 85% attempts are adequate. 82% 73% 60% Rule 3: Optimal 61% There are two different ways to be opti- 40% mal. The research that immediately comes 37% to mind is a study conducted by Franklin 20% Covey which discovered that, although pretty rare, in some instances it’s not good 0% to call back immediately. It’s important 1ST 2ND 3RD 4TH 5TH 6TH 7TH 8TH 9TH that you do research on your customers to NUMBER OF CALLS see what the optimal calling strategy is. Based on internal research The second way to create an optimal salesRule 2: Persistency strategy is to put a space on your leadThis may seem familiar from Mark’s comments previously. If you form asking your leads when the best timeonly make one phone call, you’re going to wring 37% of the to contact them would be. If they want youvalue from that lead. If you want to get 85% of the lead’s value, to reach them, they will put the best need to call five times. At, we | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  22. 22. 7 Rules To Contact Ratios: Page 22 Reach Busy ExecutivesRule 4: Time of Day Rule 5: Day of Week INITAL DIAL TO LEADS THAT BECOME CONTACTEDThis came from the original MIT study. In addition to time of day, it’s important to 2.5Time of day is a huge, relevant part of get- know which days of the week a sales repting in contact with people. The two best is most likely to reach a lead. Wednesdaystimes to make contact are between 8-9:00 and Thursdays are by far the best days for 2.0a.m. and 4-5:00 p.m. Lunch time, 12-1:00 making contact with leads. Mondays andp.m., is the worst time to contact leads. Tuesdays are the worst. Fridays are not too 1.5 bad. While we don’t know why this is, timeAs a best practice, if you’re currently after time the data shows us that it’s true.having your sales meetings in the morning, 1.0move them to lunch time and ensure your So when should your sales meeting be? M T W TH Fsales reps are calling during the best times. Around lunch time on Tuesday. CONTACTS MADE FROM FIRST DIALS Rule 6: Direct Dial Numbers AVERAGE MEETINGS PER % DIRECT LINES ON REP3,500 This research was provided by our friend MONTH (LAST 3) CONTACT LIST3,000 Steve Richards at Vorsight. Steve did a 1 11 51%2,500 study on six reps and looked at why some reps were more successful than others. 2 13 45%2,0001,500 What the research found was that the most 3 20 76%1,000 successful rep had an average of 33 meet- 4 22 74% 500 ings per month and 97.6% of his database 5 29 87% 0 had direct dial numbers. 7-8 8-9 9-10 10-11 11-12 12-1 1-2 2-3 3-4 4-5 5-6 6 33 97.6% Best Times to Contact 8-9 AM and 4-5 PM Source | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  23. 23. 7 Rules To Contact Ratios: Page 23 Reach Busy Executives 57.8%This means that the first time the rep you feel like you probably know who it is BESTcalled the lead, they made sure they got and you’ll pick up. Caller ID is a really bigthe best number to reach the decision deal for increasing contact ratios.maker at. The worst rep only had 11 meet-ings per month with 51% of the databasebeing direct dial numbers. LocalPresense, an prod- uct, allows a sales rep to dial a lead and have a local number show up on the leads MORE LIKELY TO ANSWER PHONERule 7: Caller IDIf you get a call from a blocked number, Caller ID. Why is this important? Our research has shown that the odds of con- FROM A LOCAL NUMBERhow likely are you to answer that call? You tacting a lead increase drastically if they TOLLprobably won’t answer because you think see a local number on their Caller’s a sales guy. TOLL FREE Think about it.If you get a call from a toll free number, BLOCKEDyou likely think it’s a marketing guy. WORSTLikewise, if you get a call from a longdistance number, you probably think it’ssomeone you don’t know. Maximize Your Cold Calling Efforts Boost Contact Rates and Learn Best PracticesBut, if you get a call from a local number,research shows that you’re 57.8% morelikely to answer the call. Why? Because Download Free | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  24. 24. Increased Sales Success: Page 24 3 Things to RememberThe Media vs The Message four qualification areas including: budget, authority, need, and timing. BANT wentFrom internal research at InsideSales. out of style about three years ago whencom, we’ve learned that it’s not the mes- a research study done by DemandGensage that is important, it’s the media, or found that only 20% of companies havethe medium you deliver it in. For example, an annual budget that they make purchaseyou can take an email and cut and paste it decisions from.into a LinkedIn message and the LinkedInmessage will outperform the email with The new way to qualify is something we7x the response. Even further, if you send call ANUM: Authority, Need, Urgency, andthe message by InMail, you’ll get a 33x Money. It’s important that you start withincrease in response. authority then move to need. Through Motivate Your Reps education and a needs analysis, you build PowerStandingsFor more information on how to use Linke- the need like crazy. If you build the need,dIn effectively, check out these resources. urgency and money tend to appear. Bring gamification to your team.Remember, the media used is just as • Capture reps competitive energyimportant as the message you send. Sadly, the most common approach is what • Real time performance ranking I call RANDUM: Rarely Any Need, Decision, • Results oriented environment or Money. For the best results, move awayQualification Models from the RANDUM approach and go toEverything you do needs to be based on ANUM. ANUM can be used in both market-priority, which is based on qualification. ing and sales, but it’s important that it’s Click for DetailsThe age old qualification model for the built into the process.sales industry was BANT and | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  25. 25. Increased Sales Success: Page 25 3 Things to RememberSystems ThinkingThis is the key to success. With everythingyou do, it’s important that you test yourprocesses and strategies to make surethey are performing. This is the systemsthinking model that I was originally taughtby Dr. Chauncey Riddle and it changedmy life.Here’s the process.Begin by analyzing your problem, design-ing a solution, implementing a solution,and evaluating what you did. If it’s off alittle bit, analyze how it’s off, design a solu-tion, implement the solution, and evaluatehow well it worked.Systems thinking is a loop that keeps get-ting better and better. This is how salesand marketing really ought to be done –focusing on perfecting processesthrough | HubSpot Share this eBook:
  26. 26. Summary Credits Page 26Now that you know the inside scoop of CO NTENThow HubSpot and drive Ken Krogue |results through inbound marketing and http://kenkrogue.comlead management, you can now implement Mark Roberge |these same strategies to increase the http://blog.hubspot.comperformance of your sales andmarketing teams. WRITER Alex Orton | Inbound marketing is fast becoming thesole method to drive leads and improveSEO – both of which are vital to the suc- CO PY EDITO RScess of your business. By hitting the wave Amanda Sibley |now, you’re setting yourself up for huge Elizabeth Rosenthal |success in the long run. DE SIGN ERFor a more detailed, in-depth discussion Scott Humphries |on the tips shared in this eBook, watch thewebinar featuring Ken Krogue and MarkRoberge available | HubSpot Share this eBook:
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