The Real ABC's of Sales: Always Be Coaching - Gary Milwit


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The Real ABC's of Sales: Always Be Coaching - Gary Milwit

  1. 1. The Real ABC’s of Sales: Always Be Coaching
  2. 2. • former high school football coach. • Worked under two Head Coaches who have won 15 MD State Championships combined. Both are in the High School Football Hall of Fame. • Former high school Athletic Director. In 1994, the youngest public school AD in the country. 1998 named MD State Athletic Director of the Year. • 10 years teaching high school accounting and consumer finance. • Currently I am the Coach w/ the title of Senior Vice President of Sales and Business Development of a specialty finance company 3 miles north of Washington, DC. I have 74 employees/players who are directly involved in sales. • In May my three teams were able to close 176 deals for over $3M in revenue. Gary Milwit
  3. 3. Pregame Questions • Who here has ever been coached? • Who has formally coached before? • Do you believe that micromanaging is a negative and ineffective technique?
  4. 4. Coaching Staff: The 5 Roles of a Leader • Manager: “This is what to do.” • Trainer: “Look and learn what you could do.” • Mentor: “Watch what I can do.” • Counselor: “I can help you with issues you have doing.” • Coach: “This is how to do.”
  5. 5. The Head Coach: Steps to Coaching Success • Define the “who” – Identify the skills, techniques, and knowledge that your employee possesses already. • Coordinate the “why” – Why are they there? What is their goal? • Strategize the “how” – How do you maximize their potential? Answer: PRACTICE
  6. 6. On the Practice Field: The Way to Win • What is practice? • Why is practice important? • Each employee should have their own individual practice plan utilizing strategy and tactical moves. • The Coach’s main focus is on his or her ability to run effective practices.
  7. 7. Winning the Game: Success Comes from the Inside • With practice, a coach can unlock an employee’s full potential within, leading them to their end goal. • The most effective coach can identify when coaching is necessary versus the other roles of a leader, and is able to compliment those roles. • Who do you coach? Create a coaching method that flows down through your organization on all levels. Every member of the coaching staff is important.
  8. 8. If you learn nothing else from today Players Win Games; their coaches lose games. Accept your role and be responsible for the results!
  9. 9. Don’t forget who helped you become the professional you are today.