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Sales Acceleration Summit - This session is now available on demand:

Session Overview
In this session, you will learn:

- How you can influence your lead quality and quantity without setting a fire under marketing
- The first conversation you need to have after this conference- and with who
- The 3 reasons buyers are more hidden than ever before
- What sales calls have to do with the washroom
- Where all the leads went (hint: not into your database)
- Why five minute call backs are only Step-1 in optimizing contact rates
- The primary lever that adjusts inbound lead volume (it's not what you think)
- How your team can flood the pipeline and win more deals, without spending an extra minute on the phone, or in training.

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  • Its a battlefield for leads, and opportunities and won deals. The world of lead gen, cleaning lead databases, and making contact with prospects is not getting any easier.
    Typically now, you may need to do 6-12 outbound attempts before you actually connect. Inbound leads are tough to qualify and move slowly.
    And your team is lucky to even get into a conversation with a prospect.
    Buyers are harder to reach than ever before but we all have goals to hit.
  • The real problem isn't dirty lead lists, buyers that are hiding from you, or even increased competition
    The key challenge is reaching buyers on their mobile devices.
    If you fail to make this convenient for them, you will not capture them as a lead, and your team will never talk to them. They will be in a competitor's database, not yours, one who is optimized for mobile engagement.
  • The reality sales teams face today is that the buyers will only be in their database if the content, supporting material and lead gen form is mobile and conversion optimized
  • Buyers are on different devices, have fragmented buying experiences with your company, in micro sessions throughout their day –even in the washroom!
    Convenience is king, so if you're not convenient, you don't even make it to their short list.
  • The biggest lever that adjusts lead volume is buyer experience - and without mobile optimized content and lead gen forms, your lead volume will suffer dramatically
  • Many buyers today would prefer to never speak with you - doing their research and only getting in contact to finalize specifics and negotiate their price.
    A typical buyer has completed 70% of his buying journey when he reaches out to a salesperson.
    And every month, more buyers are favoring mobile devices for research and action. The more buyers that use mobile, the more that leave your inconvenient forms and content behind.
  • Ultimately, your lead funnel is losing more and more prospects every day, as buyers abandon content and lead gen forms because they aren't mobile friendly.
  • What does that mean for you?
    Sales people will leave when they recognize they are missing out on opportunities because the support is not in place to make them successful.
    Inside sales teams not reaching targets kills motivation and performance numbers.
  • The critical challenge for a sales or marketing executive is curbing the loss of leads and loss of opportunities.
    Increasing buyer engagement is absolutely vital, so the team continues to yield improving results every quarter
  • Optimizing lead flow processes with 5 minute calls backs, improving sales coaching and improving against KPIs only goes so far when your lead funnel is losing critical numbers of buyers every day.
  • Whats needed is amajor Course correction - not hassling marketing to run more programs, or different campaigns – but fundamentally optimizing your buyer’s experience for their convenience on smartphones and tablets
    Without this course correction, the future is one with even less leads, frustrated buyers and decreasing booked revenue.
  • The new paradigm states that a dramatic improvement to the buyer experience will yield dramatic results.
    Make every touch point mobile-friendly. That means website content, lead gen forms, landing pages, emails and attachments.
  • So how exactly do we fix this?
  • The starting point - and the first conversation you need to have - is with the owner of your content pages, and landing pages.
    This conversation is important to guarantee the future success of your sales organization - every day that passes, more buyers abandon your lead funnel on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Ensure your team writes mobile-friendly emails - aim for one single screen of text.
    Make sure they preview their email on their own phone.
    Ensure they are using a template that reformats to a mobile screen.
  • Make sure any link your team shares in an email lands on a page that adapts to a mobile and tablet screen
  • Make sure any content your team shares is mobile-friendly
    Have you ever tried reading a pdf on a smartphone or tablet? Make sure you deliver a version that favors a larger font size, and a landscape tablet view
  • Influence your marketing team to produce more condensed, 'bite size' assets - like eBriefs, 90 second videos, short articles and snapshot case-studies.
  • Bring that all together, and you will have your mobile-optimized, buyer-friendly lead generation funnel.
  • Your team will have more leads to qualify, more qualified opportunities, and engage with opportunities to close them as won deals, by using mobile-optimized content, landing pages and emails
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    21. 21. #SalesSummit | @derek_sather • Mobile optimized content pages and landing pages • Mobile-friendly emails (1 single screen) • Preview emails on a phone • Email template that reformats to a mobile screen • Share links to mobile-friendly content • Reformat content to be mobile-optimized • Marketing team needs to product bite sized assets
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    23. 23. #SalesSummit | @derek_sather Drive 2-5x more leads with no new campaigns Derek Sather Chief Revenue Officer, Mobify @derek_sather