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Dave Orrico - Accelerating Enterprise Sales


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Sales Acceleration Summit - This session is now available on demand:

Session Overview
Dave Orrico speaks about accelerating enterprise sales and how to work with your sales teams to better their sales performance.

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Dave Orrico - Accelerating Enterprise Sales

  1. 1. #SalesSummit | @insidesales
  2. 2. #SalesSummit | @insidesales Accelerating Enterprise Sales Dave Orrico, Vice President, Enterprise Sales,
  3. 3. #SalesSummit | @insidesales  Career in enterprise selling, including Oracle, Siebel, and Salesforce  Built the enterprise business
  4. 4. #SalesSummit | @insidesales Success in Selling is Pretty Simple Whoever executes the fastest wins.
  5. 5. #SalesSummit | @insidesales Three Pillars Regardless of Customer or Opportunity Size Simple Credible Successful
  6. 6. #SalesSummit | @insidesales Accelerating Enterprise Sales Teams  Seed and grow  Subject matter experts  Blend your execs with customer execs
  7. 7. #SalesSummit | @insidesales Thank You