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Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Speaking Engagements (ILTA Speakers Webinar)


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With all the competition for conference attendees’ attention, how can you take advantage of social media to promote your session(s) and better pre-engage your session audience? We’ll discuss that, as well as tips for offering collaboration while you speak, and making sure the post-conference buzz remains strong long after the Vegas dust has settled. With the right social media program, you can make your session stand out, while increasing your personal following among your peers.

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Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Speaking Engagements (ILTA Speakers Webinar)

  1. 1. ILTA Speakers/ Committee Webinar July 17, 2013 #ILTA13
  2. 2. Welcome… 2013 ILTA Conference Vice Presidents #ILTA13 Rachelle Rennagel Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler @irshal Skip Lohmeyer Jackson Kelly PLLC
  3. 3. Promoting Your ILTA Session Through Social Media #ILTA13 JoAnna Forshee @InsideLegal
  4. 4. ILTA Social Media Channels #ILTA13 Twitter • ILTA Organization Account @ILTANet • ILTA Conference Account @ILTAConf • 2013 ILTA Conference Hashtag - #ILTA13 • Join Twitter list of ILTA 2013 Attendees at Blog - ILTA Conference [] Facebook • ILTA Event Page [] • ILTA Main Page [] Connected Community - ILTA Connected Community [] LinkedIn - ILTA Group [] (members only) Access this list at
  5. 5. Hashtags Attach hashtags to your messages to connect them to the ILTA conversation ILTA hashtags - #ILTA13 #SPEC9 #BigData Utilize hashtags to monitor messages Track/search hashtags with tools such as HootSuite or TweetDeck #ILTA13@InsideLegal
  6. 6. Get Involved in the ILTA Conversation Spend 10 minutes/day catching up on conference chatter (based on specific topics/themes/interests) Monitor Twitter/hashtags Review ILTA blogs & Connected Community posts Scan LinkedIn Group discussions Author a blog post (either your own or guest column) on a specific subject matter that is being covered at conference - does not need to be session specific Collaborate with your peers - either peer groups or co-presenters on ‘turning up’ the ILTA conversation volume #ILTA13@InsideLegal
  7. 7. What to Tweet? Quality over quantity Talk about your session and what you’ll be covering Introduce your panelists/fellow speakers Tweet out pertinent facts, stats and metrics Support/reinforce your session with complementary blog posts Invite co-presenters to create content Submit post for inclusion in the ILTA Conference Blog #ILTA13@InsideLegal Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Session Pre-Conference
  8. 8. Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Session Pre-Conference Get setup Announce that you’ll be presenting Think outside your session box … promote related sessions Ask what your audience wants covered - engage in community feedback Invite specific people to attend Make it easy – include the day, time & room Remember to include your session hashtag Schedule tweets before you leave for conference #ILTA13@InsideLegal
  9. 9. Schedule last-minute tweets before your session Utilize the Audience Polling system during your session Send out poll results from session the next day Encourage your fellow speakers to promote your content based on the session #ILTA13@InsideLegal Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Session At Conference
  10. 10. After the conference is a slow time – perfect for follow-up Create detailed content based on findings/discussion from your session Use your content to pitch articles to legal/tech publications Use the audio recordings/other downloads to re-energize your session & discussion Plan post-conference social media follow-up #ILTA13@InsideLegal Utilizing Social Media to Promote Your Session Post-Conference
  11. 11. Social Media Tools Dashboard - Monitor/Schedule tweets early HootSuite TweetDeck Search Tools Google – Blog search (small monthly fee) Analytics Internal – HootSuite #ILTA13@InsideLegal
  12. 12. HootSuite #ILTA13@InsideLegal
  13. 13. Schedule Tweets Ahead #ILTA13 @InsideLegal #ILTA13
  14. 14. ILTA Audience Polling Service #ILTA13@InsideLegal
  15. 15. ILTA App ILTA Conference App Main Twitter Stream #ILTA13
  16. 16. ILTA App ILTA Conference App Session View #ILTA13
  17. 17. Remember to… Let people know you’re attending & speaking Utilize hashtags - #ILTA13 & your session hashtag Follow the conference blog & check in on Facebook page Track your session comments & respond to questions Support your session with content Schedule tweets & blog posts early #ILTA13@InsideLegal
  18. 18. Things to Avoid #Too #many #hashtags Too many tweets, posts and session reminders - engage vs. talking ‘at’ Don’t post from multiple accounts when using hashtags Don’t abandon – so many social media efforts begin & then get abandoned It’s great to show your personality in your social media activity, but don’t cross the line. No one wants to know what you ate for breakfast. @InsideLegal #ILTA13
  19. 19. Experts’ Twitter Tips I tweet from HootSuite because it shows multiple ‘streams’. Set it up to show home, mentions and sent tweets and, at conferences add a stream for the hashtag. Having all the streams in a single browser tab facilitates monitoring an active Twitter discussion. Ron Friedmann, Fireman & Company, @RonFriedmann Attribute the comment you are tweeting to the specific speaker. Also make tweets count and use discretion. Not all your followers are at ILTA. Donna Payne, PayneGroup, @Donna_Payne @InsideLegal #ILTA13
  20. 20. Experts’ Twitter Tips Be Coordinated: set goals such as increasing awareness, sharing tips. Be Consistent: find balance between too much tweeting and ‘just right’. Be Careful: use common sense. Rob Robinson, ComplexDiscovery, @ComplexD Use social media to foster the ‘thank you economy’ … a way of having meaningful, fun, informational and engaging relationships with your clients and potential clients. Roe Frazer, cicayda, @cicayda @InsideLegal #ILTA13
  21. 21. Tweeting works well for note taking/onsite session discussion and post event content sharing. Use hashtags to ID & organize content while building awareness and offering value for attendees. Jen Bullett, One North Interactive, @OneNorth A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Timely stats & industry metrics are worth nearly as much. Make it a point to tweet out informative visuals such as links to infographics, charts/stats, etc. Jobst Elster,, @InsideLegal @InsideLegal #ILTA13 Experts’ Twitter Tips
  22. 22. Social Media Case Studies Mary Abraham Above and Beyond KM @VMaryAbraham Charles Christian Legal IT Insider @ChristianUncut David Hobbie Goodwin Procter Blog “Caselines” @KMHobbie @InsideLegal
  23. 23. ILTA’s Connected Community A Tool to Promote, Engage and Add Value to Your Session
  24. 24. New this Year an ILTA 2013 “Community” Main site URL Direct Community URL: Quick Navigation
  25. 25. Your Audience “Attendees” are automatically added to the ILTA 2013: The Catalyst Community. They are subscribed in Real Time to the Discussion area and will have access to any shared files for the community.
  26. 26. Community Features you can leverage Discussions Shared Files Blogs
  27. 27. The Mechanics
  28. 28. To Start a new Discussion On the Community Home Page, Latest Discussions Posting section, click Post
  29. 29. Continuing the Discussion Community members receive the discussions via e-mail and there are links in the e-mail to reply to the discussion thread
  30. 30. Share Files On the Community Home Page, Latest Shared Files, click on Add Document
  31. 31. Share Files Continued
  32. 32. Share Files Continued
  33. 33. Blogs Anyone can blog Authors determines the blog visibility and who can comment Additional/optional reference to the community that the blog is pertinent to.
  34. 34. To Create a New Blog On the Community Home Page, Community Blogs, click on Post
  35. 35. Recommended Blog Settings Once you’ve completed your blog – you will want to make sure to have it associated with the ILTA 2013 Community and Public Visibility
  36. 36. Need Help? Jeanne Martinez –
  37. 37. Questions?