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Treasure Data Cloud Data Platform


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In this presentation, Kaz Ohta, Kiyoto Tamura, and Ankush Rustagi from Treasure Data describe the company's Cloud Data Warehouse service.

"The Treasure Data Cloud Data Warehouse service enables companies to get big data analytics running in days not months without specialist IT resources and for a tenth the cost of other alternatives. Traditional data warehousing solutions - even modern alternatives such as Hadoop - are too expensive, complex and take too long for many companies to implement, so the idea of quickly launching a data warehouse service that uses the power and economics of the Cloud for companies of any size, opens up a huge potential market."
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Treasure Data Cloud Data Platform

  1. 1. Hiro Yoshikawa, Founder and CEO 650-810-6184 Kazuki Ohta, Founder and CTO 650-223-5679 Treasure Data Cloud Data Platform Friday, August 2, 13
  2. 2. 2 Hiro Yoshikawa – CEO - Open Source business veteran at Red Hat Kazuki Ohta – CTO - Founder of the World’s largest Hadoop group Keith Goldstein – VP Business Dev - VP of BD at TIBCO, Talend Jeff Yuan - Engineering Director - LinkedIn, MIT/Michael Stonebraker Lab Investors (part): Bill Tai - Chairman of the board Jerry Yang – Yahoo! founder James Lindenbaum – Heroku Founder Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto – Ruby creator Othman Laraki - ex-VP Growth at Twitter Business, Team & Investors  Founded to deliver big data analytics in days not months without specialist IT resources  Service based subscription business model  Treasure Data is in production for 80+ customers • incl. Fortune 500 companies • 500+ billion records stored • Wide variety of use casen  World class team • Great open source team • Top investors Friday, August 2, 13
  3. 3. The Problem with Other Solutions 3 Customer Value Time Sign-up or PO On-Premise Solutions Obsolescence over time Treasure Data Fully integrated Big Data full- stack service with simple interface, low friction initial engagement & continuous technical upgrade Need Upgrade AWS (or hosted Hadoops)EC2 EMR RedShift S3 Step-by-step manual integrations Maintain NO SpecialistsTOO LONG to get Live = Complex Solutions + Data Collection + Friday, August 2, 13
  4. 4. Columnar Storage + Hadoop MapReduce 500bil+ records 2mil+ jobs Product 4 Data Collection Data Warehouse Data Analysis Open-Source Log Collector 2,000+ companies (incl. LinkedIn, etc) Bulk Loader CSV / TSV MySQL, Postgres Oracle, etc. Web Log App Log Sensor RDBMS CRM ERP BI Tools Tableau, QlikView Excel, etc. REST JDBC / ODBC SQL (HiveQL) Pig Bulk Upload Parallel Upload Value Proposition: “Time-to-Answer” 20bil+, 2 weeks, UK/Austria 3bil+, 3 weeks Singapore 2 weeks, US 2 weeks, US 3 weeks, Japan Dashboard Custom App, RDBMS, FTP, etc. Result push Multi-Tenant: Speed of Improvements + Ease of Management (e.g. SFDC, Heroku) Streaming Upload >80billion / month JSON (MsgPack) Friday, August 2, 13
  5. 5. 5 A case: “14 Days” from Signup to Success 1. Europe’s largest mobile ad exchange. 2. Serving >20 billion imps/ month for >15,000 mobile apps (Q1 2013) 3. Immediate need of analytics infrastructure: ASAP! 4. With TD, MobFox got into production only in 14 days, by one engineer. "Time is the most precious asset in our fast-moving business, and Treasure Data saved us a lot of it." Julian Zehetmayr, CEO & Founder td-agent = fluentd rpm/deb Friday, August 2, 13
  6. 6. 6 A case: “Replace” in-house Hadoop to TD 1. Global “Hulu” - Online Video Service with millions of users 2. Video contents are distributed to over 150 languages. 3. Had hard time maintaining Hadoop cluster 4. With TD, Viki deprecated their in-house Hadoop cluster and use engineer for core businesses. Before After “Treasure Data has always given us thorough and timely support peppered with insightful tips to make the best use of their service." Huy Nguyen, Software Engineer Friday, August 2, 13
  7. 7. 7 A case: Treasure Data with BI Tool (Tableau) 1. World’s largest android application market 2. Serving >3 billion app downloads for >100 million users 3. Only one engineer managing the data infrastructure 4. With TD, the data engineer can focus on analyzing data with existing BI tool "I will recommend Treasure Data to my friends in a heartbeat because it benefits all three stakeholders: Operations, Engineering and Business." Simon Dong, Principal Architect - Data Engineering Friday, August 2, 13
  8. 8. 8 AWS (IaaS) Columnar Storage Hadoop Hive / Pig Low-Latency Query Executor Log Collector REST API & Mgmt Console Data Mart BI + Analytics tool connectivity Dynamic Table Partitioning Full-Stack Cloud Data Platform Multi-Tenant Inter-DC FairScheduler Resource Isolation Access Control Catalog Services Config Automation Other Cloud stack, on-premise ANSI SQL Bulk Loader Mobile SDK External Sources Friday, August 2, 13
  9. 9. Competitive Landscape Data Storage On-Premise Data collection Hadoop Distro Visualization, BI, Analytical apps Processing Platform Connections/ Integrations EMR Flume • Most big data players, regardless of cloud or on-premise, have had technical challenges in data collection and trustful multi- tenancy data storage design. • Treasure Data solves both with Fluentd and our own columnar DB on top of cloud storage solutions TD is the one stop, full- stack solution Cloud Redshift Partnering 9 Friday, August 2, 13
  10. 10. Streaming upload Partner Eco-System Data Collection Data Warehouse Data Analysis (Data visualization/BI, ETL) Data Sources (PaaS/app runtime, SaaS, IaaS) System Integration + OEM JDBC etc. 10 to be launched Friday, August 2, 13
  11. 11. | @TreasureData Friday, August 2, 13