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In this slidecast, David Cerf from Crossroads Systems describe the company's innovative Strongbox Shared Storage for HPC data protection.

"StrongBox is a network attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to lower the costs of long-term storage and protection for unstructured, fixed content. By pairing a flexible, policy-driven disk cache with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage costs without sacrificing data availability."

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Strongbox Data Storage Podcast

  1. 1. StrongBox:  Shared  Storage  for   Data  Protec3on  and  Preserva3on   for  HPC   by:  David  Cerf,  EVP  Crossroads  Systems,  Inc.  
  2. 2. Data  –  No  longer  simply  data…   •  Global  broadband   and  mobile   technology  now   expose  6mely,   worldwide   informa6on   •  The  right  informa6on   to  the  right  people  -­‐   in  real  6me  -­‐   producing  be<er   business  and  social   outcomes         •  Keep  it  all,  keep  it   forever  
  3. 3. big  data…   (Exabytes)  80%  of  all  storage  capacity  sold   will  be  for  file-­‐based  data  
  4. 4. Customer  Pain  Points   •  Data  growth  exceeds   budget  growth   •  Backup  windows   unaIainable  and  too   complex   •  Need  long-­‐term  data   reten3on  and   preserva3on     •  Tradi3onal  archiving   process  too  complex  or   proprietary   Massive  growth  of  fixed  content,  unstructured  data   overwhelms  the  tradi3onal  storage  environment  
  5. 5. The  Power  Challenge   •  Storage accounted for less than 4 percent of data centre spending in 2012 according to IDC •  Forrester states 30% of electricity consumption is while devices sitting idle 70% of the time •  Up to 70 percent of the costs associated with running a data center are attributable to power or power-related equipment for cooling, power conversion and power generation1.   1- ENTREPRENEURS Why IT Dollars Will Go Further on Google's Floating Data Center •  Compute and power for the Internet accounts for 10 percent of the world’s electricity and growing rapidly.
  6. 6. Affordable  Data  Protec3on   so  You  Can  Keep  it  All!   StrongBox  is  a  NAS   appliance  purpose-­‐built   to  lower  the  costs  of   long-­‐term  data  reten6on   while  providing  built-­‐in   data  protec6on,  full  file   accessibility  and   simplified  management   for  unstructured  fixed   content.      
  7. 7. Seamless  
  8. 8. Defining  the  Problem…     …Providing  the  Solu3on.   Memory  Based  Storage   Cost  of  Scale   Simplified  Workflow   High  Performance  th•  Add  more  disk   Disk   •  Add  m •  1/10  the  cost   ore  backup   •  Orders  of  magnitude  rresources   •  Add  more  IT   eliability   •  Massive   Large  Volume  Disk   scalability   •  Infinite  life  span   •  Low  power   HSM  or  Backup  Server   Offline  (Unavailable)   Tape  Library  
  9. 9. Non-­‐Proprietary   No  Dependency  On   •  •  •  •  Opera6ng  system   Applica6ons   Specialized  agents   Proprietary   soXware  layer   No  Change  To   •  File  formats,   a<ributes   •  Applica6ons   Vendor  Neutral  Archive  
  10. 10. New  tape  technology  meets  archiving   requirements  –  Keep  it  forever!   Barium Ferrite is a new type of magnetic particle which can be greatly reduced in size to improve recording density without magnetic signal loss. Oxidization is one of the causes of data deterioration. Barium Ferrite has a much longer life compared to metal particles (MP).
  11. 11. Built-­‐in  Data  Protec3on   Data  Integrity   •  Tamper  checking   •  LTFS  check   Data  Reliability   •  HASH  code  per  file   •  Drive/Tape  error   correla6on   •  Self  healing   •  No  Delete   Data  Redundancy   •  Mul6-­‐Copy  (different  media)   •  Secure  over  wire  replica6on   •  Media  export  
  12. 12. Portability  and  DR  
  13. 13. Total  Cost  of  Ownership   •  Reduces  costs  of  primary   storage  with  a  low-­‐cost   alterna6ve   •  Simplifies  archiving  and   data  management   •  Relieves  and  complements   tradi6onal  backup   •  Up  to  95%  reduc3on  in   power         1  Petabyte  |  2  Copies  |  10  Years   “Lowering  Long-­‐term  Archive  Costs  with  Crossroads  Systems  StrongBox,”   Brad  Johns  Consul6ng,  LLC,  2013  
  14. 14. •  Over  43,200  images  to  date   •  Need  for  expanding  archive   •  Data  sync  from  primary  storage   to  StrongBox   •  User  access  via  StrongBox  
  15. 15. StrongBox  Customer  Win:   Jet  Propulsion  Labs   Challenges:   •  Irreplaceable  mission  data  required  protected   storage   •  Too  expensive  to  maintain  expanding  data   archive  with  protec6on  on  NetApp  disk   •  Looked  into  mul6ple  scenarios,  but  none   could  deliver  cost-­‐effec6ve  scalability  
  16. 16. The  StrongBox  Solu3on  for  JPL   •  Simple,  protected  storage   •  Long-­‐term  reliability   •  Cost-­‐efficient  scalability   Project-­‐based  storage  for  mul6ple  input  sources  –   satellite,  video,  imaging,  research  data  and  more.    
  17. 17. Why  StrongBox?   •  Built-­‐in  protec6on  (no  backup)   •  84%  Less  expensive  than  disk   •  Works  with  exis6ng  resources   •  Environmentally  sustainable   •  Data  is  available  online,  all  the  6me   •  Op6mized  mission  efficiency    
  18. 18. Use  Case:   Long-­‐term  Data  Preserva?on   Customer  Challenges   Limited  budget  to  meet  data  growth   Storage  management  is  complex,  Straining  IT   Data  is  offline  or  in  proprietary  format   Content  needs  to  be  preserved  indefinitely   StrongBox  Solu3on  –  The  BoIom  Line   Scalable  storage  at  a  cost-­‐efficient  price   Plug  &  Play  storage  saves  6me  &  money   Data  is  online  &  accessible  –     no  vendor  lock-­‐in     Data  is  ALWAYS  intrinsically  protected  
  19. 19. Use  Case:   Leveraging  the  Disk  Cache  to  provide  NAS  like  performance   Customer  Challenges   StrongBox-­‐  The  BoIom  Line   Too  expensive  to  add  more  disk   Lowers  TCO  for  data  storage  without   sacrificing  accessibility  &  performance   Too  much  data  to  keep  on  disk,  yet  need   data  available   Ability  to  meet  demanding  business   requirements  instantaneously   Protec6on  of  data  makes  management     of  growing  data  volumes  difficult   Automa6c  data  protec6on  reduces   risks  of  data  loss  &  saves  on  IT   resources  
  20. 20. Who  is  using  StrongBox?   Solving  data  archiving   for  today,  tomorrow   and  the  future   “StrongBox  is  an  excellent  tool  within  my   environment,  providing  flexibility  that   makes  it  func6onal  in  mul6ple  use-­‐cases   for  MLB  Network.”   —Tab  Butler  Director  of  Media  Management   Major  League  Baseball  Network  
  21. 21. THANK  YOU!   For  More  Informa6on  visit  our  Web  site  at:       Crossroads  Systems,  Inc.  |  11000  North  MoPac  Expwy.  Ste.  100  |  Aus6n,  Texas  78759  |  866.289.2737  |  512.349.0300|