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Sgi infinite storage gateway


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SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway is a purpose built appliance for enterprise data centers struggling with high costs and difficulties resulting from exponential data growth.

SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway reduces the dependency on high-cost primary storage by creating a virtualized storage fabric that can include any mixture of disk, tape, Zero-Watt Disk or MAID, and object storage. While appearing to users and applications simply as online data, SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway offers IT administrators the ability to keep data protected and online at a fraction of the cost of primary storage systems.

The system automatically places data on any or all storage devices and locations based upon what works best for the access requirements and data protection policies.

By seamlessly connecting to existing heterogeneous storage environments, SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway provides a way for users to see and access all the data all the time, no matter what might be happening to the storage infrastructure in the background. Because the storage infrastructure is virtualized, as requirements change, the type of storage deployed can also evolve, with no interruption to users.

SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway includes up to 276TB of onboard capacity in a single 4U appliance. As that local capacity begins to fill, data is virtualized with any of multiple different storage choices to enable the entire storage fabric to scale to massive proportions.

SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway bundles into an easy-to-deploy appliance SGI® DMF™ technology, the tiered virtualization software SGI has deployed in hundreds of customers worldwide in some of the industry’s most demanding data management environments.

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Sgi infinite storage gateway

  1. 1. SGI® InfiniteStorage™ GatewayA Virtualized Data Management Solution!SGI® Company Proprietary Embargoed until April 22, 2013
  2. 2. ©2013 SGI 2SGI is Known for Speed and Scale!"#"$%&(")*+,"-./&0*"./"1,++%+2" -3.2/(/&0*+")%4./&0*"5#6"5#76"5#758"5#9:"5#56"5#5;"<=3*+,">,&./&,.,2"?0@A.B,2"C/D3*+,">0(E0(@"-(3F,23G"!"#$%&()*+,$%,+-(+$+.(,+*+$/)0&*+$)1$2-(-$
  3. 3. ©2013 SGIStaying in Front of the Data Gap3H0@"I."J2/4+,&3"K*,E"4B")LM"$N1"*%3./&,23"K/2"/O,2"9#"B,23"2,"(/F"4,*/&0(@"*/&&/("J+*,"0("@,(,2+"MPQ"!"#$!3455+2$%0)+$()$67789$)1$:4;$4<$=7>=$5R;9""""5R;S"""""5R;T"""""5RR5"""""5RR9""""""5RRS"""5RR6"""""5RRR"""""9##5"""""9##S"""""9##6""""9##T""""9##;""""9##R""""9#5#" "9#55 "9#59""""9#5S"
  4. 4. ©2013 SGI 4Runaway Storage Costs$$$!Primary Storage!•! Acquisition Costs•! Energy Costs•! Backup Volume•! Complexity
  5. 5. ©2013 SGI 5Evidence Of The Problem in the Machine Room0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%OtherIntegration ComplexityStaff RetentionStorage MonitoringTechnology ComplexityDisaster RecoverySecuring StorageManaging Storage EquipmentData MigrationApplication Recoveries / Backup RetentionPower ManagementVendor ManagementRegulatory ComplianceDealing with Performance ProblemsArchiving and Archive ManagementData MobilityStorage ProvisioningLack of Integrated ToolsManaging ComplexityManaging CostsBackup Administration and ManagementProper Capacity Forecasting and Storage ReportingManaging Storage Growth>/2"&(B"/2@(0UV/(3W"%(3.2%*.%2,E"*/(.,(."03"K%(E&,(.++B"/%."/K"*/(.2/+W "!"#$%&($)*+*,-./$0&.*$1-*+&*23$4"-$5,-32*-$$$)%2O,B"/K">/2.%(,"5###")./2@,"N2/K,330/(+3 "N0("N/0(.3""1MX3"2(Y"E."@2/F.A"3".A,02"./J"*/(*,2(W"(E"&Y0(@"3,(3,"/K"++".A."E."3".A,02"(%&4,2"/(,"J20/20.BQ""67897$5,-32*-$:;<$=>*2,?@$
  6. 6. ©2013 SGI 6Storage Sprawl = Data ProblemsDATA SILOS $?,%34/+$9-%;&5$@0)&2$Data di!cult to manage, find, and protect!8,4*-,A$EMC & NetApp, IBM…!:B$•! The Problem: As data grows, existing primary storage systems get full and more are added.!•! This causes silos of data; -- These often include a wide range of heterogeneous storage solutions.!•! The result: Data is Di"cult to administer, di"cult to find, di"cult to protect. Expensive to keep online.!
  7. 7. Big Data Explosion>CD.$9#9#"D7.$9#5#"Growth in unstructureddata far outpacing ITresources"
  8. 8. ©2013 SGIInactive DataActive Data8Inactive Data Consumes Primary StorageE4F3(AGH4/+$5+,%+<("/K"J2/E%*V/("E."03"M(*VO,"7"6;Z"(/."**,33,E""0("R#"EB3"=.."-&2>$3"$A"--*+3*-$)*+*,-./$XO,2"66I$/K"[+,3"2,"2,7/J,(,E"/(*,"(E"R8Z"K,F,2".A("8"V&,3Q"BCAD4E2*$F@:@$C,23,$:-EG$C3EH$"2$I,3,$=..*++$1,J*-2+"
  9. 9. ©2013 SGI 9Time Value of DataValue!Time!Last timeaccessed!Next timeneeded!Inactivity!Access Event!•! Normal workflow !•! Audit!•! Historical reference !PA,"J2/4+,&"03".A."E."(,,E3"./"4,"/(+0(,"(E",30+B"**,3304+,"4B"%3,23"(E"JJ+0*V/(3Q"N20&2B"3./2@,"03".//",=J,(30O,"K/2".A03"./"3*+,Q"
  10. 10. ©2013 SGIStorage Cost & Storage SprawlThe Problem: !!! Exponential data growth straining conventional storage environments.!•! Expensive primary disk used for inactive data.!•! Fragmented infrastructure of heterogeneous primary disk and storage silos. !•! Dedicated archive choices are disconnected from day-to-day workflows, often overlap with backup, and oftenrequire IT intervention to retrieve files. !The E"ect: !1.! IT must either continue to add high cost primary storage, or choose which data toarchive and which users to impact. !•! Causes user downtime: Users become disconnected from their data, increasing complexity of finding and using it. !2.! Increasing complexity and cost of operations!•! Storage sprawl add to IT overhead!•! Silos of di#erent performance classes, or age of hardware become disconnected islands of data. !•! Increases cost and complexity of backup operations.!•! Upgrade or replacement cycles of hardware are disruptive to current users and applications. !•! IT intervention needed for access of o$ine archived data. !
  11. 11. ©2013 SGI 11SGI® InfiniteStorage™ GatewayDelivering virtualized data management to%lower the cost of high volume storage!
  12. 12. ©2013 SGI•! Purpose-built appliance•! Align data with appropriate storage over lifecycle•! Maintain seamless data access•! Connect to heterogeneous storage environments•! Leverage SGI DMF technology proven in largestBig Data environments12SGI InfiniteStorage GatewayI>"0(""H/=""
  13. 13. ©2013 SGI 13Storage FabricVendor 1$$$$! $$$!Vendor 2$“Share A”$ “Share B”$ “Share C”$Files are moved from Share A toShare C (Gateway) to clear primaryspace$$!¢!J?#:$ K?8E$ BEJLKE$CLOUD$$ $ - ¢!$ - ¢!SGI Storage Fabric$SGI InfiniteStorage Gatewayplaces data in any or all tiersaccording to policy$Users see all files onlineand seamlessly available!IT Managers candetermine where data isplaced by policy, withoutimpacting users.!
  14. 14. ©2013 SGI 14Lowering Storage Cost & SprawlThe Solution: !!! Reduce load on primary storage!!! Consolidate storage to cost-e"ective shared resource !•! SGI IS Gateway enables low-cost online management for all data.!•! Virtualizes infrastructure, and data management, controls costs, increases utilization.!1)! Lower costs and energy footprint.!•! Primary storage costs are contained!•! Silos are contained!•! SGI storage fabric enables IT managers to optimize storage hardware choices.!•! With Tape and/or Zero-Watt Disk, energy footprint of mass storage drops dramatically.!2)! Easy for users.!•! Data is accessed in the same way, regardless of where it resides!•! All data is always online and appears like any other network share.!3)! Easy for IT administrators.!•! Implement solution and begin savings in as little as 1 hour. !•! Unlimited scalability.!•! Data lives forever – SGI storage fabric enables orderly storage upgrades no impact to users.!
  15. 15. ©2013 SGI 15"! 1/3&/+/@0*+"],3,2*A $D$5##Q#"NH""! -,2/3J*,"@,(*B"^:#"LH_3,*`""^95"B,23"/(+0(,` "7""6#Q#"NH""! aV/(+"b,.A,2"-(+B303"^S##"PH_EB"M_X"c"5#8LH_3"a>)".A2/%@AJ%.`" "7""S6Q9"NH""! /O0,"O03%+",d,*.3"c"5Q;"H0++0/("[+,3` "7""9:Q#"NH""! -,2/3J*,"2,3,2*A"^95"B,23"/(+0(,` "7""9#Q#"NH""! e(0O,230.B"c"L,(/&0*3"],3,2*A"7 "7""9#Q#"NH""! )J/2.3"?,@%,"-*VO,"-2*A0O,"^f:#PH_EB"0(@,3.`"" "7""5;Q#"NH""! )*0,(V[*"],3,2*A""^95"B23"0("J2/EW"+FB3"/(+0(,`"" "7"""";Q#"NH""! ,E0"(E"<(.,2.0(&,(.">0+&"?0422B"" "7""""TQ#"NH""! b,.A,2"J2,E0*V/("^g5SPH_EB`"c"b0.A"?%3.2," "7""""6Q8"NH""! <%2/J,("aV/(+"M(3V.%.,"K/2"-%E0/"h"i0E,/"" "7"""":Q8"NH""! aV/(+"1/&J%V(@"(E"a,.F/2Y"),2O0*,3"^<%2/J,` "7"""":Q#"NH""! <%2/J,("aV/(+"],3,2*A"-@,(*B "7"":Q#"NH""! <%2/J,(")J*,"],3,2*A "7"""":Q#"NH""! <%2/J,("X0+"(E"L3"1%3./&,2 "7""""SQ#"NH"""! %+V(V/(+"X0+"(E"L3"1%3./&,2" "7""""9QT"NH""! -02*2j"(%K*.%2,2"" "7""""9Q#"NH""! <2.A"I."],3,2*A "7""""5QT"NH""! )%J,2"1/&J%V(@"1,(.,2" "7""""5Q6"NH"SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway leverages SGI DMF technology proven in manyof the world’s largest data environments!SGI addressing data explosion for over 20 years
  16. 16. ©2013 SGIExtension of SGI® ModularInfiniteStorage™16One modular platform =multiple differentiated products
  17. 17. ©2013 SGI•! Highly dense, modular design–! Up to 288 raw TB in a 4U single19 form-factor chassis•! Flexible deployments–! Storage Server or JBOD configurations–! SAS, SATA & SSD storage•! High throughput–! 6GB/s per chassis•! Designed to meet stringent availability requirements–! Redundant components–! Multiple RAID options - 0, 1, 5, 6, 10–! Hot swap componentsSGI Modular InfiniteStorage- Overview17
  18. 18. ©2013 SGI•! SGI MIS Server–! M(.,@2.,E"0(./":e"*A3303"•! 5"/2"9".F/"3/*Y,."A/.73FJ"&/.A,24/2E3Q"•! M(.,+k")(EB"H20E@,"J2/*,33/23"–! <*A"*A3303"3%JJ/2.3")-P-_)-)_))I"E20O,".BJ,3l"•! eJ"./"T9"="SQ8m"E20O,3"•! eJ"./"5::"="9Q8m"R&&"))I"E20O,3""–! X(4/2E"(E"/JV/(+"(,.F/2Y"*/((,*VO0.B"•! SGI MIS JBOD–! eJ"./";5"="SQ8m"E20O,3"–! eJ"./"569"="9Q8m"RQ8&&"))I"E20O,3""PF/"1A3303"XJV/(3"18
  19. 19. ©2013 SGISGI MIS Server19Hot Swap fans%(6 total)!Hot Swap BootDrives!(2-4 total)!Hot Swap Drives%(72 x 3.5”!144 x 2.5” SSD)!Hot Swap%Power Supplies%(4 total, 2N)!Hot Swapmotherboards:!One or two DualSocketMotherboards!Intel®SandybridgeProcessors!Bi-directional rail slidesfor front and backserviceability!
  20. 20. ©2013 SGI 20SGI MIS JBOD"Hot Swap fans%(6 total)!Hot Swap Drives%(81 3.5”!162 2.5” SSD)!Hot Swap%Power Supplies%(4 total, 2N)!Hot Swap IOModule!Bi-directional rail slidesfor front and backserviceability!Drive Brick with Driveexpander PCA. %(9 total)!
  21. 21. ©2013 SGI 21Single Server Chassis – Rear View!4<F0+$+,/+,$%3-4M$)<+$(-<2-,2$N42(3$+,/+,$$O5$()$6$8@#+$%-,2$O5$()$P$+.(+,<-0$%-,2M$P$4<(+,<-0$%-,2M$<)$*),+$(3-<$6$()(-0$$$$Q)$&5F,-2+$()$2&-0$+,/+,$
  22. 22. ©2013 SGI 22Dual Server Chassis – Rear View:&-0$+,/+,$%3-4M$)<+$3-01$N42(3$+,/+,M$&5$()$P$8@#+$%-,2$:&-0$+,/+,$%3-4M$(N)$3-01$N42(3$+,/+,M$$+-%3$N4(3$&5$()$P$8@#+$%-,2$RS$()(-0T$$O5F,-2+-U0+$()M$),$%-<$U+$),2+,+2$-V$
  23. 23. ©2013 SGI•! SGI MIS v1.5 – Two base chassis options1.! ! full = 116TB base (includes additional 500TB License)2.! Full = 276TB base (includes additional 1PB License)3.! Additional expansion licenses – No limitation to scalability•! SGI Storage Fabric can include:–! Most tape manufacturers. Spectra Logic libraries auto config.–! SGI MAID (Zero-Watt-Disk)–! Scale-out object store including S3, CDMI and Openstack (later in2013)23SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway Includes:
  24. 24. ©2013 SGI•! Public Announcement = April 22•! General Availability = June 1524SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway Availability
  25. 25. ©2013 SGI 25