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QwikLABS Online Learning Platform Podcast


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In this slidecast, Casey Palowitch and Ken Sauter from Cloud vLAB describe the company's qwikLABS software learning platform and service.

"With qwikLABS, users can create, manage and run labs anytime. Labs are delivered via the public cloud to classrooms, events or online; anywhere there is access to the Internet. qwikLABS is used by lab creators, instructors/trainers, administrators, coordinators and students around the world. The qwikLABS platform users are able to create, manage, deploy and run lab environments around the clock and around the world, and do so in a way complementary to the business or education institution’s flow of assignments, modules, classes, courses."

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QwikLABS Online Learning Platform Podcast

  1. 1. qwikLABS © 2013 Cloud vLab Inc. – Confidential & Proprietary Casey Palowitch Ken Sauter ® …visits with inside HPC and inside BIG DATA
  2. 2. 2 • Customized compute labs from the public cloud • Tech companies, training providers, higher education • Priced as a utility, with global scale & availability • E-commerce marketplace for self-paced labs • Founders from IBM, Sun, VMware • Some large clients: NVIDIA, Amazon Web Services, Red Hat • Serving thousands of labs to the Fortune 500 every month © 2013 Cloud vLab Inc. – Confidential & Proprietary qwikLABS® -- one platform to create, manage and deliver hands-on training, globally qwikLABS® Overview
  3. 3. 3                                                                                  At  a  global  conference   AWS  re:Invent  Conference,  Las  Vegas  NV                                                                                                                                                                          ONE  pla<orm  for  hands-­‐on  learning  worldwide   learn        hands-­‐on        your  environment          your  community        live!  
  4. 4. 4 With qwikLABS® © 2013 Cloud vLab Inc. – Confidential & Proprietary Hands-on experience for your prospects, field teams, students and customers: global, 24/7, and secure * Environments across Linux & Windows operating systems •  With no limits on tools, programming languages, frameworks * Labs pre-loaded with your own files, examples, and customizations, large datasets best kept in the cloud •  Arbitrarily complex, any # of systems •  Integrated with your training platform •  Integrated with Dropbox •  With root access or not, in any network config or security posture •  For instructor-led, online, self-paced, events, conferences, demos…
  5. 5. 5                                                                            At  a  technical  conference   2013  Strata  Conference,  Santa  Clara  CA                                                                                                                                                                          ONE  pla<orm  for  hands-­‐on  learning  worldwide   learn        hands-­‐on        your  environment          your  community        live!  
  6. 6. 6 •  Sysadmin skills, OS configuration, scripting (Linux, Unix, Windows) •  SQL & NoSQL DB administration-- MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer, mongoDB, etc. •  GPU, GPGPU programming, parallel programming & optimization •  Security, Intrusion, Forensics, Hardening •  Application Software, from desktop apps to enterprise apps •  Programming languages, compilers, frameworks (essentially any/all) •  iPython Notebooks: for learning Data Science & Scientific Computation •  3-tier architectures, app servers, load-balanced web tiers •  AWS Public Cloud operation/architecture (EC2, S3, ELB, VPC, etc.) •  Big Data clusters, architectures, programming (Hadoop, R, AWS EMR) •  Data Warehousing (Oracle, HP Vertica, SAP, Microsoft, AWS Redshift) •  Life sciences, bioinformatics clusters, HPC clusters in general •  Much more is possible, give us that problem to solve for you… Build hands-on into your teaching curriculum around: © 2013 Cloud vLab Inc. – Confidential & Proprietary
  7. 7. 7                                                                            At  HPC  community  events   2013  SupercompuLng,  Denver  CO                                                                                                                                                                          ONE  pla<orm  for  hands-­‐on  learning  worldwide   learn        hands-­‐on        your  environment          your  community        live!  
  8. 8. 8 •  With qwikLABS™, easily add hands-on labs to your sales process, marketing programs, training curriculum, and events, with global scalability and low cost •  Your products running on live running systems, now, not simulations •  Places little or no burden on in-house IT organization •  Integration to LMS systems via API or the LTI Standard (demo) •  On-demand, global scalability to thousands of simultaneous users •  Dramatically reduce time to implement new ideas, labs, classes, & campaigns to stay fresh, relevant, competitive, creating & sustaining demand for your products qwikLABS®Advantages © 2013 Cloud vLab Inc. – Confidential & Proprietary   “Infrastructure  as   Code”     “Opex  not  Capex”  
  9. 9. 9                                              Global  Scale  for  Hands-­‐on  Labs   2013  HiPC  Conference,  Bangalore                                                                                                                                                                          ONE  pla<orm  for  hands-­‐on  learning  worldwide   learn        hands-­‐on        your  environment          your  community        live!  
  10. 10. qwikLABS © 2013 Cloud vLab Inc. – Confidential & Proprietary ® Take a free AWS Lab: Take an NVIDIA GPU Lab: Talk to qwikLABS: