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Maxta VM-centric Storage


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In this slidecast, Yoram Novick from Maxta describes the company's new software-defined, VM-centric Storage solutions.

"The complexities and high costs of traditional enterprise storage are magnified in the virtual data center," said Yoram Novick, Founder and CEO of Maxta. "After being told repeatedly that expensive storage arrays are the only way to support enterprise applications in virtualized environments, IT organizations finally have an alternative to storage arrays that significantly reduces complexity and cost. Maxta has broken the code for integrating storage and compute into a converged virtual data center."

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Maxta VM-centric Storage

  1. 1. Maxta  Confiden,al   Under  NDA  un,l  November  12,  2013   Thinking outside the storage box Software-Defined VM-centric Storage Yoram  Novick  –  Founder  &  CEO   Amar  Rao  –  VP  Business  Development  &  OEM  Sales   November  13,  2013  
  2. 2. Maxta at a Glance MISSION:    To  drama,cally  simplify  and  streamline  IT     ! HQ  –  Sunnyvale  CA  (Delaware  corpora,on)     ! Execu,ves   ―  Yoram  Novick  –  CEO  and  Founder   ―  Amar  Rao  –  VP  BD  &  OEM  Sales   ―  Steve  Velardi  –  VP  Sales   ! Employees                 ―  20  employees   ―  Outsourcing  QA  (India)   ! Funding  –  $10M  Series  A  (Andreessen  Horowitz)   ! Product  Status   ―  Maxta  soWware  is  Generally  Available   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  3. 3. Storage Challenges in the Virtual Data Center ! Complexity  of  storage   ―  Storage  constructs  are  different  from  server  constructs   ―  Storage  UI  is  required  in  addi,on  to  VM  UI   ! Enterprise-­‐class  storage  capabili,es  are  essen,al   ―  Highly  available  shared  storage   ―  Space/,me/performance  efficient  Snapshots/Clones   ―  Capacity  Op,miza,on   ! High  CAPEX/OPEX   ―  Storage  arrays  are  inherently  expensive  and  complex  to   manage   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  4. 4. Maxta Storage Platform Overview ! Eliminate  Storage  Arrays  and  Storage  Networking   ! Drama,cally  Simplify  IT  by  elimina,ng  Storage   Management   ! Provide  Hypervisor  agnos,c,  VM-­‐centric  Enterprise-­‐class   data  services  for  VM  agility,  con,nuous  availability,  data   protec,on,  and  capacity  op,miza,on   ! Op,mize  for  flash  performance  and  hard  disk  capacity   ! Enable  compute/storage  convergence  on  standard  servers   maximizing  capital  and  opera,onal  savings   ! Provide  investment  protec,on   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  5. 5. Maxta Architecture              Maxta  Global  Namespace MxSP MxSP MxSP Hypervisor Hypervisor Hypervisor SSD   Disk  Drives Server  1 Disk  Drives SSD   Maxta  Aggregated  Storage  Pool   SSD   Disk  Drives Server  n Server  2 Ethernet Virtualiza@on  UI Maxta  Confiden,al  
  6. 6. Maxta Value Proposition Enterprise  Storage  Redefined  for  the  Virtual  Data  Center   SAN NAS Drama,cally  Simplify  IT   Enhance  Resiliency,   Con,nuous  Availability,  Data   Protec,on  &  Agility   Maximize  CAPEX  and  OPEX   Savings   Manage  VMs,  NOT   Storage   Provide  Enterprise  Class  Data   Services   Leverage  Convergence  and   Commodity  Components   Eliminate  storage  arrays  and  storage  networking   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  7. 7. Maxta Capabilities Streamline  IT  by  integra,ng  storage  with   virtualiza,on  from  UI  to  data  management   (Manage  VMs  for  storage)   Protect  your  applica,ons  simply  &  efficiently   (Best  in  class  snapshot  and  clone  technology)   Deliver  end-­‐to-­‐end  data  integrity   (Leverage  strong  checksums)   Maximize  storage  u,liza,on   (Thin  provisioning,  Compression,  De-­‐duplica,on,  Flash  op,mized)   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  8. 8. Initial Target Use cases ! Enterprise   ―  ―  ―  ―  ! ROBO  (Remote  Office,  Branch  Office)   Test  and  development  environments     DR  site  storage     Virtual  Desktop  Infrastructure  (VDI)     Mid  market  and  SMB   ―  Storage  for  virtual  infrastructure   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  9. 9. Go-to-Market Strategy ! Channel  focused  Sales  model       ―  Phase  1  :  Direct  sales,  fulfilled  through  the  channel   ―  Phase  2  :  Channel  led  sales;  100%  through  channel   ―  Phase  3  :  OEM  rela,onships     !   ! Ini,al  focus  on  VMware  centric  customers  and  channels  /  OEMs   Ini,al  North  America  market  focus   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  10. 10. Thank  You   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  11. 11. Backup  Slides   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  12. 12. Data Center Transformation - Last Decade The Compute/Storage Gap ! Enterprise  Compute/Server   ―  Server  Virtualiza,on  redefined  Compu,ng   •  Abstrac,on,  pooling  &  on-­‐demand  alloca,on  of  resources   •  New  levels  of  simplicity,  availability,  agility  and  cost   ! Enterprise  Storage   ―  Incremental  improvements  to  basic  architecture   •  SAN/NAS  paradigm  virtually  unchanged   ―  Flash/SSD  is  the  only  radical  innova,on   •  Improves  I/O  performance  and  Cost/IOPS  (not  Cost/GB)   ―  No  match  to  Compute  levels  of  simplicity,  availability,   agility,  and  overall  cost   Maxta  Confiden,al  
  13. 13. Maximize Savings – Total Cost of Ownership Simple  &  Green   85%  Reduc,on  in  OPEX   Converged   55%  Reduc,on  in  CAPEX   77%  Reduc,on  in  Power  and  Cooling   60%  Reduc,on  in  Floor  Space   Environmental   Maxta  Confiden,al   Savings   80%  Reduc,on  in  TCO  
  14. 14. Simplified Management ! Single-­‐pane-­‐of-­‐glass  for  VM   and  storage  administra,on   ―  No  separate  storage  UI   ! ! Completely  integrated  into   vSphere  Client  and  workflow   ! Maxta  Confiden,al   Spend  less  ,me  managing   storage     Snapshot  and  Clones  at  VM   level  granularity  
  15. 15. Capacity Optimization Maximize  Storage  u/liza/on     ! Purchased  physical  capacity Allocated  capacity Thin  Provisioning   ―  No  upfront  reserva,on   ―  Reduces  capital  expenditures,  by  boos,ng   capacity  u,liza,on   ―  Lower  opera,ng  expenditures,  by  elimina,ng   administra,ve  tasks   ! Compression  and  De-­‐Duplica,on   ― Inline  reduc,on  with  no  performance  penalty   ― Reduce  capacity  u,liza,on  by  3X  -­‐  5X   Maxta  Confiden,al   WriGen   Data Incoming  data WriGen   Data WriGen   Data Inline  compression   and  de-­‐duplica@on
  16. 16. Data Protection Protect  your  applica/on  Simply,  Efficiently   ! Unlimited  VM  level  Snapshots  and   Zero  Copy  Clones   ―  Extremely  fast  and  efficient   ―  No  upfront  reserva,on  of  space   ―  Ability  to  uniquely  revert  to  every   snapshot   ―  Enable  backup  without  impact  to   produc,on  applica,ons   ―  Enable  instant  provisioning  of  new   VMs  leveraging  VM  templates   Global  Namespace MxSP Hypervisor Maxta  Snapshot Maxta  Storage Maxta  Confiden,al  
  17. 17. Data Integrity Deliver  End-­‐to-­‐End  Data  Integrity   ! Automa,cally  detect  and  fix  data   integrity  issues  due  to  hardware   failures   ―  Prevent  silent  data  corrup,on     ! Checksum  reveals  that  data   is  corrupted   MxSP Sustain  any  3  drive  failures   ―  Top-­‐notch  resiliency   Maxta  Confiden,al   MxSP  reads  from  the  replica,   validates  checksum,  returns  data  to   host,  replaces  the  corrupted  data   MxSP