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MapR - - Enterprise Grade NoSQL and Hadoop


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In this slidecast, Jack Norris from MapR Technologies presents: Enterprise Grade NoSQL and Hadoop.

"MapR M7 provides an enterprise-grade NoSQL solution that has tremendous scale advantages,” said John Schroeder, CEO and co-founder, MapR Technologies. “The fact that it is built-in with Hadoop is a game changer for organizations looking for the best platform to leverage Big Data and support the broadest set of mission-critical applications.”

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MapR - - Enterprise Grade NoSQL and Hadoop

  1. 1. 1  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  MapR  Technologies:  Enterprise  Grade  NoSQL  and  Hadoop  
  2. 2. 2  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  The  Hadoop  Advantage  §  Fueling  an  industry  revolu6on  by  providing  infinite  capability  to  store  and  process  big  data  §  Expanding  analy6cs  across  data  types    §  Compelling  economics  –   20  to  100X  more  cost  effec6ve  than  tradi6onal  enterprise  storage  or  data  warehouses  Pioneered  at    
  3. 3. 3  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  Important  Drivers  for  Hadoop    §  Data  on  compute  drives  efficiencies  and  beJer  analy6cs  §  With  Hadoop  you  don’t  need  to  know  what  ques6ons  to  ask  beforehand  §  More  data  beats  beJer  algorithms  §  Powerful  ability  to  analyze    unstructured  data  
  4. 4. 4  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  Hadoop  Growth  
  5. 5. 5  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  MapR  Technologies  Overview  §  Enterprise-­‐grade  plaTorm  for  Hadoop  –  Founders  from  Google,  MicrosoW,  IBM,  EMC  §  Deployed  at  1000s  of  companies    §  Massive  amounts  of  data  analyzed  on      MapR  –  Hundreds  of  billions    of  events  daily  –  90%  of  the  world’s  internet  popula6on  monthly  –  $1  trillion  in  retail  purchases  annually    
  6. 6. 6  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  MapR  DistribuEon  for  Apache  Hadoop  §  Complete  Hadoop  distribu6on    §  Comprehensive  management  suite    §  Industry-­‐standard  interfaces    §  Combines  open  source  packages  with                      enterprise-­‐grade  dependability    §  Higher  performance  
  7. 7. 7  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  Data  Warehouse  Offload  Sensor  Data    Web  Logs  Hadoop  RDBMS  Benefits:  ü  Both  structured  and  unstructured  data  ü  Expanded  analy6cs  with  MapReduce,  NoSQL,  etc.  DW  Query  +  Present    ETL  +  Long  Term  Storage  ETL  +  Long  Term  Storage  SoluEon   Cost  /  Terabyte   Hadoop  Advantage  Hadoop   $333  Teradata  Warehouse  Appliance   $16,500   50x  savings  Oracle  Exadata   $14,000   42x  savings  IBM  Netezza   $10,000   30x  savings  
  8. 8. 8  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  An  Enterprise  Data  Hub  ü  Combine  different  data  sources  ü  Minimize  data  movement  ü  One  plaTorm  for  analy6cs    Sales  SCM  CRM  Public  Web  Logs  Produc6on  Data  Sensor    Data  Click  Streams  Loca6on  Social  Media  Billing  Enterprise  Data  Hub  
  9. 9. 9  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  Enterprise  Data  Hub  Supports  a  Range  of  ApplicaEons  99.999%  HA  Data  Protec6on  Disaster  Recovery  Scalability    &  Performance  Enterprise  Integra6on  Mul6-­‐tenancy  Batch   InteracEve   Real-­‐Eme  •  Self-­‐Healing  •  Instant  recovery  •  Snapshots  for  point  in  6me  recovery  from  user  or  applica6on  errors  •  Unlimited  files  &  tables  •  Record  sejng  performance  •  Direct  data  inges6on  and  access    •  Fully  compliant  ODBC  access  and  SQL-­‐92  support  •  Mirroring  across  clusters  and  the  WAN    •  Secure  access  to  mul6ple  users  and  groups  
  10. 10. 10  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  MapR:  One  PlaOorm  for  Big  Data  …99.999%  HA   Data  Protec6on  Disaster  Recovery  Scalability    &  Performance  Enterprise  Integra6on  Mul6-­‐tenancy  Map  Reduce  File-­‐Based  Applica6ons   SQL   Database   Search   Stream  Processing  Batch   Interac6ve   Real-­‐6me  
  11. 11. 11  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  …Map  Reduce  File-­‐Based  Applica6ons   SQL   Search   Stream  Processing  Database  99.999%  HA   Data  Protec6on  Disaster  Recovery  Scalability    &  Performance  Enterprise  Integra6on  Mul6-­‐tenancy  Batch   Interac6ve   Real-­‐6me  MapR:  One  PlaOorm  for  Big  Data  
  12. 12. 12  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  M7  –  Enterprise-­‐Grade  NoSQL  on  Hadoop  §   NoSQL  Columnar  Store  §  HBase  API  §  Integrated  with  Hadoop  HBase  JVM  HDFS  JVM  ext3/ext4  Disks  Other  Distros  Tables/Files  Disks  MapR  M7  
  13. 13. 13  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  …99.999%  HA   Data  Protec6on  Disaster  Recovery  Scalability    &  Performance  Enterprise  Integra6on  Mul6-­‐tenancy  Map  Reduce  File-­‐Based  Applica6ons   SQL   Database   Search   Stream  Processing  Batch   Interac6ve   Real-­‐6me  MapR:  One  PlaOorm  for  Big  Data  
  14. 14. 14  ©MapR  Technologies  -­‐  Confiden6al  Thank  You