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Birst for Recurring Revenue


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In this video, Southard Jones from Birst describes the company's new Recurring Revenue Solution Accelerator, which gives subscription-based businesses the ability to maximize revenue, accelerate growth and reduce churn by putting fast, accurate and meaningful business intelligence and data analysis capabilities at their fingertips.

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Birst for Recurring Revenue

  1. 1. Enterprise-caliber Cloud BI BIRST RECURRING REVENUE SOLUTION ACCELERATOR Southard Jones, VP of Product Strategy November, 2013 1
  2. 2. SOLUTION: " There’s something companies do exceedingly well: Manufacture data. App-lify that data to drive business returns
  3. 3. HISTORICAL TOUGH CHOICE Capability   BI  Suites   Agility   3
  4. 4. ABILITY, MEET AGILITY Capability   BI  Suites   Agility   4
  5. 5. WHO IS BIRST •  Enterprise-Caliber BI Platform – born in the cloud 2013 Business Intelligence and Analytics Magic Quadrant •  4,000+ organizations rely on Birst across all verticals •  Founded by Siebel Analytics veterans •  60+ Strategic Partners “ No. 1 in product functionality and customer (that is, product quality, no problems with software, support) and sales experience.” 5
  6. 6. Embedded Mid-market Enterprise LEADERS RELY ON BIRST 6
  7. 7. WHAT WE’RE ANNOUNCING 1.  New solution accelerator for subscription based businesses with recurring revenue model 2.  Birst’s ability to easily “app-lify” applications helps organizations speed time to value 3.  Birst continues to extend its BI platform delivering pre-packaged solutions for specific business analytic challenges 7
  8. 8. RECURRING REVENUE BUSINESSES   Keys  to  Success:   1.  Cost  Effec1vely  winning  customers   2.  Maintaining  customers   3.  Mone1zing  customers   8
  9. 9. ADDRESSING KEY CHALLENGES •  Where do I invest to win customers? –  Manage profitable growth comparing CAC, New bookings, and Churn over dimensions –  Review Customer Lifetime Value cohort analysis to find profitable segments •  How do I reduce Time to recover CAC –  Analyze pipeline and order bottlenecks from lead to cash •  How do I manage my business to IPO? –  Understand driving factors of new bookings, renewals, and churn –  Manage key metrics like Magic Number, MRR growth, CAC, CLV 9
  10. 10. RECURRING REVENUE Bundled  Service  and  So8ware:   ANALYTICS   •  Improve bookings velocity •  Nail the mythical Magic Number •  Reduce CAC –  Reduce time to recover CAC •  Increase renewal rates •  Manage lead to cash process Pre-­‐built  Best  Prac=ce  Analy=cs   25+  KPIs   25+  best  prac1ce  reports  including   CAC,  Churn,  Bookings  velocity,  lead   to  cash  boKleneck     Ad-­‐hoc  Enabled   75+  aKributes  &  50+  Measures     Rapid  Time  to  Value   4  week  pre-­‐defined  engagement     Pre-­‐built  connec=ons   Pre-­‐built  connectors  to  SFDC  and   NetSuite   Custom  object  and  field  exposure   10  custom  analy1c  aKributes   5  custom  analy1c  measures   10
  11. 11. HOW DOES IT WORK? Connector Framework Pre-built starschemas Best Practice KPIs Pre-built Reports & Dashboards 11
  12. 12. MASTER LEAD-TO-CASH TO DRIVE PROFITABILITY Challenges •  Drive profitability by converting leads / trials faster •  Increase sales rep productivity •  Get faster insights to pipeline than manual reporting Results “When   we   looked   at   the   ease   with   which   various   BI   solu6ons   allow   business  users  to  construct,  maintain,   and  add  new  sources  to  a  data  model,   Birst   blew   everything   else   out   of   the   water.”                        Monique  Herman,          VP  Business  Opera1ons   •  Real time pipeline analysis – understanding usage, frequency and completed activities of trial accounts •  Reduce sales cycles •  Increase deal close rate Why Birst? •  To go live quickly with a cloud deployment •  Self-service dashboards & mobile access •  Lead-to-cash across Marketo, Salesforce & Netsuite Data Sources Future •  Customer focus culture of Birst 12
  13. 13. BUILT-ON ENTERPRISE CLASS FRAMEWORK FOR CONNECTIVITY Connector Framework Customized Solution Accelerators Sales   Analy1cs   Marke1ng   Analy1cs   Recurring   Revenue   Analy1cs   Opera1onal   Analy1cs   13