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How to Lead Cross-Cultural Teams


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Companies are now increasingly reliant on a diverse workforce to succeed. Putting together different cultures, identities, work experiences and expertise in a team spells more creative ideas and innovative solutions. But it can also prove to be a challenge. How do we leverage the cross-cultural advantage and foster global teams that work? Based on articles and research papers by the faculty from INSEAD and other renowned institutions, this SlideShare explores the character of a multicultural team, and how we can turn diversity into a valuable asset.


Map Your Team’s Cultural Differences
Erin Meyer. INSEAD Knowledge, November 2015.

When Culture Doesn’t Translate
Erin Meyer. Harvard Business Review, October 2015.

How Diversity Makes Us Smarter
Scientific American, October 2014.

Global Teams That Work
Tsedal Neeley. Harvard Business Review, October 2015.

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