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Smart Kalasatama


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Bydelen Kalasatama (Fiksehavnen) i Helsinki bygges ut med smarte løsninger og grønn profil. Finn ut mer om prosjektet her.

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Smart Kalasatama

  1. 1. SMART KALASATAMA Helsinki Smart District
  3. 3. Innovation district of smart urban development Area construction until 2035: 25 000 people, 8000 jobs Developed through experimenting, ICT technologies and the use of data Grows from the collaboration between the city, companies, and the citizens
  4. 4. From a harbour to residential district § Sörnäinen harbour 1863-2008 § Kalasatama 2010 §Kalasatama February 2013 §Kalasatama 2030
  5. 5. The #1 construction site in Finland
  6. 6. Close collaboration with local actors reaching users through real life platforms Reaching the users and residents? HOAS STUDENT HOUSING, KOTISATAMA SENIOR HOUSE HEALTH & WELLBEING CENTER FAMILY CLUB, SCHOOL, ZOO SETLEMENTTI COMMUNITY HOUSING Today 2500-3000 residents
  7. 7. INNOVATOR’S CLUB Regular clubs for joint industry - city - people - academia smart district development. 200+ stakeholders
  8. 8. SMART KALASATAMA Agile Piloting to Accelerate Urban Innovation
  9. 9. SMART KALASATAMA Area construction until 2035: 25 000 habitants, 8000 jobs The Kalasatama area of Helsinki I - an experimental innovation platform to co-create smart urban infrastructure and services.
  10. 10. Testing and developing 20 service prototypes - in real environment with Kalasatama residents. Procuring small pilots up to 8000€/ each.
  11. 11. How to engage citizens? REAL CITY CONTEXT AND CHALLENGES SME’S, Start Ups, Activists MARKET REFERENCES CITY SMART SERVICES FOR THE FUTURE LARGE COMPANIES Future technologies, Platforms I I I I I I CITIZENS WITH REAL NEEDS AND DAILY PRACTICES I I I I I I I I I I I AGILE PILOTING How to accelerate Smart City development? I I How to understand future possibilities and the market?
  12. 12. • Implementing and integrating smart city solutions in the cities is a complex matter and takes time. Decision makers lack concrete examples. • Citizens do not know what Smart Cities are about - lack of concrete examples and possibility to participate. • Start-ups/entrepreneurs have many novel ideas, but lack the first market references and real time feasibility studies. ADDRESSING 3 SMART CITY ISSUES
  13. 13. #NEW CITY SPACES, AND COMMUNALITY #RESOURCE WISE USE OF ENERGY * Genuine novelty * Scalability *Smartness* Value for the user #LOCAL SERVICES #WELLBEING 20 Pilots 2015-2017 PROGRAM FOR AGILE PILOTING New services and solutions to citizens The program purchases small pilots (max 8000euros). The pilots can be executed during 1-6 months
  14. 14. • Program for agile piloting enables innovative experiments in the city with real users • Pilot themes are validated with the city officials • Pilots bring service prototypes to citizens to participate in using, testing and co-creating • Who can offer pilots? SME’s, start-ups, bigger companies, registered associations or university groups – we welcome all offers from registered actors. The pilots may also have funding from other sources. • Engaging a wider network of stakeholders in co-creation activities AGILE PILOTING ENGAGING THE WHOLE URBAN COMMUNITY
  15. 15. 1 OPEN CALL FOR PILOT OFFERS 2 SELECTION PROCESS WITH EXTERNAL EVALUATORS 3 PILOTING PROCESS CO-CREATION & EXCECUTING PILOTS IN LIViNG LAB 4 PROGRAM AND PILOT EVALUATION PROGRAMME RESULTS, AUTUMN 2016 3 CALLS, 3 THEMES 106 OFFERS PREPARING FOR NEXT CALL 4 PILOTS READY, 5 STARTING Programme replicated in Climate street, Helsinki Interest nationally: 6 biggest cities (6AIKA), Prime minister’s office Experimentational Finland- project 10 city departments 30 companies 300 users involved
  17. 17. SMART TRASH BINS AND WASTE DATA Smart trash bins and waste logistics were tested with 5 housing companies in Kalasatama in the common yard areas. Sensors in trash bins were used to collect data on waste flows and levels. A mobile feedback service for the residents using rfid tags was also tested. The pilot partners were able to pick up learnings how the sensors and service can be used for more efficient waste logistics. The pilot served as a trigger for new ideas and services based on waste data.
  18. 18. Experimenting with 10 households in Kalasatama. The application reminds residents about products reaching their expiry date. Service encourages to use expiring food and thus has an effect on the food consumption of the whole family. Using the app raised awareness of foodwaste among the users. in some of the households it also reduced foodwaste. FOLLER - IOT, TAGS AND SENSORS FOR REDUCING FOODWASTE
  19. 19. TUUP BRINGS DIFFERENT MOBILITY SERVICES INTO ONE APPLICATION In Kalasatama, Tuup was looking into how to impact mobility choices of residents and increase the use of shared vehicles. A group of 15 residents in Kalasatama took part in the experiment. The pilot focused on the user experience and collaboration with partners of rental and shared cars and cargo transport services. Identifying a new customer group for the company.
  20. 20. NIFTY NEIGHBOUR, A SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NEIGHBOURHOODS Map based service by social innovation NGO Yhteismaa. Nifty Neighbour explored how the service can help residents of Kalasatama to generate and test ideas to improve the neighbourhood and to enable initiatives bycrowdfunding. During the pilot several approaches were experimented from user recruitment to resident engagement. 100 new users and 2 local crowdfunding cases.
  21. 21. Kalasatama Autumn 2016 Peer fitness service for seniors Piloting starts with recruiting the peer coaches. Coaching is supported by a digital tool by Movendos Digital services for wellbeing and happier life Auntie provides easy access digital tools for mental support in different life crisis.
  22. 22. Key learnings• the programme has taken early phase prototypes faster to real life testing than any other innovation initiatives in Finland • makes Smart City development tangible and visible. • engages different stakeholder groups and enables common discussion of smart future services. Co- creation workshops provide a crucial tool to learn, share and to create larger ecosystems. • …. More to come by 2017 KEY RESULTS
  23. 23. For more information: @kaisaspilling