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MaaS - Tekes


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Tekes (Finlands Innovasjon Norge) snakker om sin satsing på å finansiere Mobility As A Service-prosjekter.

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MaaS - Tekes

  1. 1. Mobility as a Service and Intelligent Mobility by Tekes and Finpro Martti Korkiakoski Tekes 29.11.2016
  2. 2. Public sector actors of R&D and innovation in Finland 02-2015DM 36100 PARLIAMENT Academy of Finland Universities Ministry of Employment and the Economy VTT Tekes Other ministries and their institutes Finnvera plc, Finpro, Sitra, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd Regional ELY Centres GOVERNMENT Research and Innovation Council Ministry of Education and Culture
  3. 3. Ministry of Education and Culture Finnvera Academy of Finland Tekes Finnish Industry Investment Sitra Public funding actors in the Finnish innovation environment 02-2015DM 36100 Basic research Applied research Business R&D Business development Marketing Internationalisation Finpro Regional ELY Centres
  4. 4. We offer funding, expertise and networks DM 1282874 Start-ups Growth companies Large companies Universities Research institutes Providers of public services Cities Hospital districts
  5. 5. 2015 Tekes key figures 2015 DM 1574420 01-2016
  6. 6. 209 175 191 Research funding for universities, research institutes and polytechnics R&D loans to companies R&D grants to companies and public organisations Tekes R&D funding in 2015 Total 575 million euros and 2 600 projects Million euros The funding for R&D includes 2 million euros from EU Structural Funds.
  7. 7. 03-2013DM Tekes funding for MaaS and Electric Traffic Theme 2015 (M€) 2016 (€) Projects MaaS 5,2 0,34 31 Electric Traffic 2,5 0,4 14
  8. 8. Key figures on Tekes funding in 2015 Funding for companies and research organisations 575 M€ 702 startup companies financed 625 new Tekes customers Companies’ applications processed in 54 days 70 % of company funding to SMEs 2,400 preview applications 3,080 funding applications 2,600 positive funding decisions 366 million euros for company projects of which 140 million euros for young growth companies Companies applied for 520 million euros for R&D funding
  9. 9. Innovation funding with proven impact Tekes has partly funded 65% of well-known Finnish innovations of Tekes customers state that the Tekes funding was a significant factor in their success Over 80% SMEs expect projects in 2015 to produce billion euros in turnover during the target year 8 Projects that were completed in 2015 generated products, services or processes 1,880In growth companies funded by Tekes, the increase of turnover was points faster than in other SMEs in 2011-2014 18 % In SMEs funded by Tekes 10 years ago the increase of jobs was 3,000 Projects that were completed in 2015 generated academic theses 1,320 Projects that were completed in 2015 generated patents 1,250
  10. 10. United States Washington, D.C. Palo Alto India China Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong EU Brussels Tekes as a part of Team Finland network 2015–2017 Japan Tokyo Taiwan Taipei 12- Germany Russia Moscow Tekes works in cooperation with Team Finland network in central growth markets. Tekes focuses on countries and areas that have a leading or rising position as a driver for innovation, a developer of technology, competence, and business models, or have an important status as a Finnish partner .
  11. 11. Tekes programmes and Team Finland programmes Wellbeing and health • Bits of Health 2014–2018 • Feelings Intangible value creation and experienced value 2012–2018 Bioeconomy and cleantech • Arctic seas 2013–2017 • Green Mining 2011–2016 Team Finland programmes: •BioNets •CleanWeb – Scale and profit Digitalisation • 5thGear 2014–2019 • Industrial Internet Business Revolution 2014–2019 • Witty City 2013–2017 • Liideri Business, Productivity and Joy at Work 2012–2018 New business ecosystems and market access • BEAM Business with Impact 2015–2019 • Innovative Cities INKA 2014–2020 • Smart Procurement 2013–2016
  12. 12. Smart Transport 1) Electrical vehicles, incl. cycling, 2) Autonomous vehicles, 3) MaaS Martti Korkiakoski Smart Building 1) Smart Home (HaaS, LED, energy effieciency) 2) Building Information Modeling, BIM Jukka Huikari Smart Energy 1) Solar energy 2) Energy storage & Smart Grid Karin Wikman Smart Services & Digitalization Jouko Hautamäki Smart City Programme – thematic priorities 2016
  13. 13.  Funding (loans, grants, joint international calls)  Visibility abroad • Amsterdam: Plenary session on Smart solutions from Finland in the Smart City event in June • Barcelona: Finnish Smart City pavillion at Barcelona fair in November • USA: Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC), Finnish Smart City poster at Austin Conference in June  Training sessions (internationalization & pitching)  Events • Eurostars Smart City match making 5.4.2016 • Electric Buses 11-12.5.2016, Helsinki • Energy Storage 24.5.2016, Helsinki • Cycling & Smart Transportation, 2.6.2016, Tampere • Smart City annual seminar: 13.12.2016 (Fair Centre) • Autonomous driving & vehicles, business opportunities 4.11.2016 at Tekes • EVS30 (Electric Vehicle Symposium) in Stuttgart, November 2017  Contacts, reports, signals, news and newsletter: 03-2013DM Programme Activities 2016-2017
  14. 14. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and eMobility
  15. 15. Car Rental Vehicle sharing TAXI Smart Parking Journey Planner My Mobile Public Transp. Payment System GPS / Location GLOBAL TRAFFIC MARKET OPPORTUNITY 10 000 B€ The MaaS and Electric vehicles market opportunity for Finland Estimated business expectations years: 2016 - 2021 New turnover 2600 M€ New export 2100 M€ New jobs 3500 Maas and eMobility: summary ?
  16. 16. Branch review: MaaS and eMobility This short review discusses how public and private passenger transport as well as the transportation of goods is going to change along with the take-up of:  Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)  Self-driving vehicles (robotic cars)  Smart Traffic  Electric traffic / vehicles The viewpoint is what kind of new business opportunities, new business models and new kind of companies this development will offer – and where are the possibilities for new Finnish success stories. The presentation format is concise – for more details and in-depth views, please see the references. Figure source: Frost & Sullivan 2016: Future of Mobility: Reinvention of the Car
  17. 17. Tekes’ vision is to enable a seamless and efficient flow of information, goods and people. To this end, new integrated door-to-door service solutions without a need to own a car, will be launched, based on standardized open interfaces. Challenges and opportunities  Transport system inefficiencies are presently business for many organisations and industries, many old jobs will become unnecessary although many jobs are created, and we are acting in silos.  From Finland’s and Tekes’ point of view new businesses in mobility sector are favorable increasing new services for users with much easier user experience. That will probably promote the use of public transport and decrease the use of private car.  use of electric vehicles in mobility services will probably improve the image of MaaS and makes it more inexpensive in operating costs that is also important in order to get MaaS-business profitable.  Internationally common goals and even standards should be created within Europe. That kind of work could be done within MaaS Alliance. How to make the vision real?  We will make this vision real by the end of 2016, by working with the following kinds of organisations:  Companies that are willing to operate in open ecosystems,  Regulators that enable operations in open ecosystems,  Payers of transport services that need to save 50% of the costs,  Users that prefer high quality services (matching to the budget constraint),  Research institutions that help us to see the forest out of individual trees. The timing is right today due to technology and information potential, supportive international regulations (e.g. emission restrictions), and the economic reality that compels us towards the change. Tekes’ vision - Mobility as a Service
  18. 18. Source: WEF 2016: Self-Driving Vehicles in an Urban Context. Self-driving vehicles: substantial benefits to the society to be gained
  19. 19. Source: MaaS-Autonomous vehicles-IoT –ecosystems report, Synocus Oy
  20. 20. The shifting urban mobility logic 20 Regulation Public Service Provision Transporter Vehicle Public transport - supply-driven Private car - demand-driven The old logic; two systems Customer Private car Individual The new converging logic Systemic Value Co-Creation Public Transport (scheduled) Private cars Ordered transport Regulatory/institutional support system Individual support system Operational support system
  21. 21.  Regulation on transport markets will be brought together under one act, Transport Code. The aim of the project is to promote new service models and thus better meet the users' needs.  Further aims are to review the transport system as a whole, make market access easier and promote interoperability of different parts of the transport system.  The Transport Code will help introduce new technologies, digitalisation and new business concepts. With the help of open data and the better use of data resources, favourable conditions will be provided for new business ideas. The project also aims to lighten regulation.  Where possible, provisions on transport markets and services that are currently in separate acts will be gathered under the Transport Code. Such acts include those on public transport, taxi transport, commercial freight transport, and, if implementation in a short time frame is possible, parts of the vehicle act as well as certain provisions on the professional qualification of drivers.  One aim is also to better enable combined passenger and goods transport. One objective of the legislative work is to ensure public governance in situations where market-oriented transport services cannot be considered sufficient.  The goal is that the first stage of the project enter into force on 1st of January 2017. Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications New, high-quality transport services through Transport Code (Liikennekaari)
  22. 22. 03-2013DM
  23. 23. Core infrastructure Roads, rails, airports and ports. Growth Corridors Telecommunications and information infrastructure Mobile data networks 4G/5G Static networks enabling international interoperability, broadband for all Intelligent traffic infrastructure Traffic management systems Digital ticketing, routing services Seamless connectivity Integrated online services and interfaces Online services platform: Open Data, Interfaces and APIs, Cloud Services, Internet of Things Mobility as a service Mobility-as-a-service operators (big & small), Multiple customized services All Transport modes with single User Interface, Internet of traffic. ENABLINGGOVERNANCEANDREGULATION
  24. 24. Smart Traffic Business Development Apps layer Service Provider MaaS Subsystems and Actors 16.03.16 25 Customer MaaS Operator Back-end System Service Providers’ Systems Booking Monitoring SettlementOffering Service offer: - Choices (speed, price, QoS etc) Customer id and data collection Issue travel docs Service provider communication Re-routing (if required) Re-routingTrip confirmation Capacity reservation Service provider payment Payment reception Product with attributes e.g. •Price •Route POIs •T&Cs Settlement calc: • Penalties etc Timetable monitoring Trip choice Trip purchase Trip formulation Customer comms Invoicing
  25. 25. GOAL Specifying and demonstrating the tangible next step to the Mobility- as-a-Service (MaaS) startup phase PARTNERS Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, FLOU Solutions Ltd. and University of Tampere together with transportation sectors, developers of new mobility services, transportation service providers (TSP) including public transportation operators, municipalities and government agencies METHODS Stakeholder interviews and workshops. Analysis on wider impacts of new mobility markets to identify costs and benefits for different market players. Collaboration on defining and developing an open platform independent API spefication for new mobility services SCHEDULE 10/2016–5/2017 Mobility services Mobility markets Transport code and ITS directive Consumer Building an Open MaaS Ecosystem (BOMaaS) APP1 APP2 APP3
  26. 26. Smart Traffic Business Development 16.03.16 27
  27. 27. 03-2013DM Finpro Mobility as a Service Growth programme
  28. 28. 03-2013DM
  29. 29. 03-2013DM
  30. 30. 03-2013DM
  31. 31. 03-2013DM
  32. 32. 03-2013DM
  33. 33. Examples of Enterprises Active in the Field of MaaS & Electric traffic - Projects funded by Tekes
  34. 34. 03-2013DM
  35. 35. 03-2013DM
  36. 36. 03-2013DM
  37. 37. 03-2013DM
  38. 38. 03-2013DM
  39. 39. 03-2013DM
  40. 40. Helsinki MaaS is demonstrated throughout Finland by several mobility operators: Distance in time to the city centre Distance in time City centre
  41. 41. Increase the performance of the mobility market by releasing information Need  People drive cars but are looking for a more efficient and eco- friendly transportation options  Furthermore, they are willing to pay but the service level of the relevant options is not sufficient  The amount of options is also on the rise and they need more information in order to make an informed decision Solution  Seamlessly combine existing transportation services in order to provide the sufficient service level  Build a platform from where you can search, order and pay for the combinations  Offer only combinations meeting the requirements of the customer’s service level preferences Benefits  Release the demand and supply information of the mobility market and make it more efficient Users  Public transport users and car owners FLO Solutions Oy Lauri Haapamäki User need is the main focus
  42. 42. Taxis for MaaS operators Need  Taxis are an essential part of travel packages when providing seamless and smooth door-to-door mobility services for the end-users Solution  Linking Mobility as a Service (MaaS) operators and over 30 taxi dispatching centers in Finland  Thousands of taxis available through a single hub Benefits  Less private cars, improved mobility  New business models for the taxi industry Users  MaaS-operators, application developers, taxi dispatching centers, end-users of MaaS services
  43. 43. Train services from door to door Need  Train is environmental friendly and especially efficient transportation mode that is vital link in seamless travel  Customers are expecting value added services where is also covered journey to and from station completed with different services Solution  VR developes open interfaces (API) to business partners to allow seamless travels where train is part of the total customer journey Benefits  Easines to find the best journey time, route or transportation mode from one place and one transaction Users  The end users are all the people with a need to travel and get the journey from one place from door to door Contact: +358408621788 VR Passenger Services
  44. 44. Nudging through the urban jungle Need  People, employers and cities are longing for simple and easy ways to reduce in-efficient private car use and parking. Solution  Tuup finds and compares travel options by bike, foot, taxi, shared car, public transport etc. for all the daily trips. Tuup also allows to pay for all the services and keeps the user on track. Benefits  Less time needed on figuring out suitable mobility services.  People try out bus, bike or shared car more often instead of always sticking to their own car. Some might get rid of their cars totally and thus save money and nerves.  Employers can manage with less parking spaces and can report even 30 % reductions in CO2-emissions from commuting.  Less time needed on travel expense reporting. Users  Tuup is for urban, busy people and their employers.
  45. 45. One stop shop mobile payment solution in door to door services Need  Digitalization and shared economy allow customers to have the same flexibility and tailor made transport options they can enjoy with private cars.  The annual market for passenger tranportation in Finland is 4 bn € and globally 200 time bigger. Solution  PayiQ® solution provides the pay-as-you-use/go model with access to all common digital payments methods with strong fraud prevention thru validation of user and ticket Benefits  It saves time and money in the ticket purchasing process and allows the option for multiple travel tickets thru the whole travel chain including even access to events like theaters, exhibitions, etc. Users  All consumers using any transportation
  46. 46. Idea: An operator of a nationwide network of charging stations for electric cars. Due to its open operating concept, it is simple for different actors to join the network and incorporate their own services. Impact: The user experience of electric car owners is just as seamless regardless of which Virtapiste charging station they visit. In 2014, Liikennevirta sold its charging network operator model to Switzerland. Liikennevirta: Open charging service for electric cars developed into an export product Many aspects of our development work have been successful, and we have been able to proceed at a quick pace. The EVE programme has helped us recruit a broad group of actors. Jussi Palola Managing Director Liikennevirta Oy
  47. 47. Linkker - full electric buses  Startup in 2014  Founders from research community  First prototype of ebus built in Tekes’ EVE programme 52  Orders of 20 buses  Helsinki,Turku, Copenhagen (2)
  48. 48. Idea: All rental cars are electric and car use is charged on an hourly basis. Cars can be hired and their doors opened by using a smartphone or by text message. Impact: Small and large companies are Ekorent’s customers from the Helsinki region. By renting a reasonably priced EkoRent car, ordinary consumers too can try out an environmentally friendly electric car with zero CO2 emissions. EkoRent: Ecological car rental is cheap and easy Tekes funding has enabled development work and has played a significant role in boosting our credibility, which is important to small start-ups. We now have private investors, which would have been more difficult to find without Tekes. Juha Suojanen EkoRent Oy
  49. 49. KOKONAISMUUTOS 2000-2010 LUONNOLLINEN VÄESTÖNMUUTOS SEUTUJEN VÄLINEN MUUTTOLIIKE NE MAAHAN Helsinki Tamper e Commuting Passengers on the rail CitiesPopulation change Growth Corridor Finland - the best testbed for ITS and MaaS
  50. 50.  An alliance of regions and cities along the Helsinki – Tampere axis  An open data platform for MaaS operators and ITS  Invites actors worldwide to pilot their services Growth Corridor Finland is an ideal testbed for ITS and MaaS
  51. 51. 1. Arctic testing for intelligent transport automation Technology test sites in real winter conditions with a broad selection of services 2. Digital transport infrastructure and connected cars Accurate mapping of road infrastructure and signage enabling connected driving and analytics for traffic management 3. Intelligent infrastructure asset management Data collection to enhance traffic management and refine maintenance processes in the era of automation 4. Mobility as a Service Flexible and affordable mobility services for tourists and locals without car dependency
  52. 52. 57
  53. 53. FELL LAPLAND CONNECTED Airports Train stations Road E8
  54. 54. 59
  55. 55. Thank You for Your Attention! Contact: Martti Korkiakoski, MaaS/Electric traffic activities +358505577875 60