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John Whitelegg - Drammenskonferansen 2018


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John Whitelegg - Drammenskonferansen 2018

Published in: Real Estate
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John Whitelegg - Drammenskonferansen 2018

  1. 1. Housing and mobility: indivisibility and paradigm shift John Whitelegg Oslo, 14th March 2018
  2. 2. Known Knowns (Mr Rumsfeld) • Vauban • Hammarby Sojstad, Stockholm • Gehl, Cities for people • Halton, Lancaster, UK
  3. 3. Key messages (1) • Space matters so why should we base planning on the worst performers in terms of space • Social interaction matters (Appleyard) • Accessibility matters (Vauban and Stockholm) • High quality housing matters and this requires a fusion of housing, accessibility and safety (Elberfeld)
  4. 4. Key messages (2) • Fiscal responsibility matters • Equity and social justice are fundamental • Public Health must not be ignored
  5. 5. Was ist Effizienz? Nebst Energie vor allem Komponente Raum!
  6. 6. Wuppertal Institute
  7. 7. Fiscal Responsibility
  8. 8. Housing, Mobility and Finance • Both exhibit similar regressive tendencies and deepen inequality • UK Cabinet Office, 12% of transport spend goes to “bottom quintile” and 38% to top • A new fiscal model shifting funds to integrated housing and mobility outcomes is smarter • The cash for housing is released by increases in modal share (UITP data)
  9. 9. Co-Benefits of integration • Reduction in costs of death and injury in the road traffic environment • Health gains amongst older residents from enhanced social interaction • Decline of NCDs (Obesity, CVD and Diabetes type 2) and recognition that NCDs go up as we promote cars (inc EVs and AVs)
  10. 10. Integration with Public Health • We have been here before (Liverpool in 1850- 1870) • Promote and go public on zero air pollution, zero death and injury and zero carbon • Actively support the recommendations in full of the WHO global action plan on increasing levels of physical activity to reduce NCDs • ctivity_plan/en/
  11. 11. Paradigm Shift • Transformative Science (Goepel, 2016) • Design spatial and temporal equity solutions • Maximise democratic participation • Maximise gains to public health (NCDs) • Zero carbon, zero air pollution, Vision Zero • Affordable mobility and affordable housing totally integrated
  12. 12. But what about next Monday? • Vision Zero (total safe systems) • Convert car parks to high quality Passiv Haus new homes • Housing and mobility are indivisible, e.g. Lancaster) • Car-free streets +car-free housing • Public spending must deliver accessibility • Create the city of short distances
  13. 13. New use of a parking garage for flats in dense urban areas Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Holzapfel And by creating a new urban culture
  14. 14. Halton Co-Housing Project, Lancaster • 36 dwellings • 11 car parking places • Passiv haus standards • Cycle path, e-bike and cycle storage • Car club and owner-based car share
  15. 15. Halton, Lancaster
  16. 16. Halton