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The bridge


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The bridge

  1. 1. সকলৈোলৈলক শোৰদীয় দূৰ্গোপূজোৰ আন্তৰৰক শুলেচ্ছো জ্ঞোপন কৰৰলৈো ।
  2. 2. All questions, which will be asked in this quiz is a result of independent research of the Quizmaster. None of the questions has been lifted from any Quiz blogs or websites or not ‘inspired’ too. Any similarity found is purely co-incidental.
  3. 3. Rules before the game………. Modified infinite bounce will follow throughout the quiz. 10 points will be awarded for every correct answer at any point of time. In case of pounce wrong answer will deduct 10 of your points. I have excluded Amul ad and Google-doodle from this quiz ; sorry for that !  Quiz Master is always right.
  4. 4. 1 In 2008, The Times ranked him sixth on a list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945".Forbes ranked him the 5th top-earning dead celebrity in 2009. The picture shown here is his personal symbol or insignia. Who is he?
  5. 5. JRR Tolkein
  6. 6. 2  Other names for this term include ten duotrigintillion on the short scale, ten thousand sexdecillion on the long scale, or ten sexdecilliard on the Peletier long scale.  The term was coined in 1938 by 9-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner. Kasner popularized the concept in his 1940 book Mathematics and the Imagination.  Give me the term.
  7. 7. Googol
  8. 8. 3  X is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Xs are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.  The word X first appeared in the early 17th century to mean a fool or simpleton. It may derive from the German word, meaning simpleton (literally "nightcap").  Which word?
  9. 9. Doodle
  10. 10. 4 What is the claim to fame of a former Croatia Miss Sport finalist Tihana Nemcic ?
  11. 11. Tihana Nemcic became the first woman to be appointed coach of a men’s club.
  12. 12. 5  This tournament was conceived during the 1959-60 season to mark the completion of 25 years of the Ranji Trophy and sees the previous year's Ranji Trophy winners take on a Rest of India side. The competition was named after X who was associated with the Indian board from its inception in 1928 until his death in 1970.  Name the tournament.
  13. 13. Irani Trophy  The competition was named after the late Zal Irani,
  14. 14. 6.Easy one: X Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Y. Give me X & Y.
  15. 15. Pablo Picasso. Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso is his birth name.
  16. 16. 7.Connect
  17. 17. Bombing of Guernica
  18. 18. 8.What is this list all about ? Also give X. X. Andrew Jones(25) Graham Thorpe (21),  Kim Hughes (17), and Mudassar Nazar and Michael Vaughan (both 16)
  19. 19. Most number of 50s in ODI without making a 100. X is Misbah with 31.
  20. 20. 9 OED describes this word as carefree, fashionable, and independent-minded. It has come from a Gujarati word, literally 'without servitude’. Which word?
  21. 21. bindass
  22. 22. 10.  At first this city was named as Chandrala which comes under the family of Gajapathis which means victory and later Legends have it that this was the place where Arjuna was blessed by Shiva, on Indrakiladri Hill. In another legend it is stated that Goddesses Durga killed the demon and relaxed in this place for some time. As she was victorious ,the place got the name .The city is also popularly known by its historic name Bezawada. In Indian Railways' assigning railway station code it is still use as "BZA”, the shortened form of Bezawada. Which city?
  23. 23. Vijaywada
  24. 24. 11  This word means "the country of the three lingas". According to a Hindu legend, Shiva descended as linga on three mountains namely, Kaleshwaram, Srisailam and D raksharama, which marked the boundaries of the Trilinga desa. Which word ,again attain its importance on 30th July, 2013?
  25. 25. Telengana
  26. 26. 12  A narrow gauge railway (or narrow gauge railroad) is a railway that has a track gauge narrower than the 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 1⁄2 in) of standard gauge railways. Most existing narrow gauge railways have gauges of between 610 mm (2 ft) and 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in).  Give me a well known Indian example of Narrow gauge railway.
  27. 27. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway or toy train.
  28. 28. 13  Sevasadanam or Seva Sadan is a 1938 Tamil film directed by K. Subramanyam. It is one of the early Tamil films to be set in a contemporary social setting and to advocate reformist social policies.  Which famous Indian’s movie debut was Sevasadanam ?
  29. 29. MS Subhalakshmi
  30. 30.  Born as Dhanpat Rai Srivastav, he began writing under the pen name "Nawab Rai", but subsequently switched to XY.  X is a Persian word originally the name of a contractor, writer or secretary, later used in Mughal Empire and British India of the native language teachers or secretaries employed by Europeans. It became a surname to those people whose ancestors had received this title. In modern Persian this word is also used to address clerks and secretaries, so they also use it as their surname.  Identify XY.
  31. 31. Munshi Premchand
  32. 32. 15  _____was a weekly radio countdown show of top filmi songs from Hindi cinema listened to by millions of Hindi music lovers, that was broadcast on Radio Ceylon from 1952 to 1988 and then shifted to Vividh Bharati service of All India Radio network in 1989 where it ran till 1994. It was the first radio countdown show of Indian film songs, and has been quoted as being the most popular radio program in India during its run. It was sponsored by an oral hygiene brand owned by Dabur, from where it got its name.  What am I talking about?
  33. 33. Binaca geetmala
  34. 34. 16.How can you connect this following video to Google?
  35. 35. Left intentionally blank
  36. 36. 1st Doodle was based on Burning man festival.
  37. 37. 17.Identify the place shown in the advertisement.
  38. 38. Left intentionally blank
  39. 39. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh
  40. 40. 18  James "Jim" Bowie was a nineteenth-century American pioneer soldier, smuggler, slave trader, and land speculator, who played a prominent role in the Texas Revolution, culminating in his death at the Battle of the Alamo. what commonly used item is named after him?
  41. 41. Bowie knife
  42. 42. 19. Simple one: identify them.
  43. 43. Serena & Venus Williams
  44. 44. 20  Saraswatichandra is a Gujarati novel by Govardhanram Madhavaram Tripathi set in set in 19thcentury feudalism in India. It is a widely read piece of Gujarati literature. The Hindi film Saraswatichandra, released in 1968, was based on this novel, as is the 2013 television series of the same name . Question is who made his TV debut with this series Saraswatichandra ?
  45. 45. Sanjay Leela Bhansali
  46. 46. 21. He is the man behind which popular website ?
  47. 47. 22  Bernadine Rose Senanayake (known as Rosy Senanayake) MP is a Sri Lankan politician, activist. Rosy Senanayake has served as the Sri Lankan High Commissioner for Malaysia and was a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Population Fund. She has been an activist on several issues and an active figure in the opposition gaining much lime light. Question is how did she make news in 1985 across the globe?
  48. 48. She was the first Miss World in 1985.
  49. 49. 23 Who recently became the first man from a Test-playing country to appear in 100 ODIs without winning a Test cap? The next to him is Suresh Raina.
  50. 50. Rohit Gurunath Sharma.
  51. 51. 24. The origin of what is being described in the following pic? And name the speaker too. ( no half points)
  52. 52. Googly and the speaker was Bernard Bosanquet.
  53. 53. 25. Identify the magazine from its 1st editorial.
  54. 54. 26.  Which English word comes from the name this kind of carriages used in France. The name of the vehicle means ‘face to face’ in French.
  55. 55. vis-à-vis
  56. 56. 27. Connect .
  57. 57. Shatranj Ke Khilari  The film, released in 1977, was based on Munshi Premchand’s short story of the same name and was narrated by Amitabh Bachchan.
  58. 58. 28.  Benjamin Sinclair "Ben" Johnson is a Canadian former sprinter, who won two Olympic bronze medals and an Olympic gold, which were later rescinded. He set consecutive 100 metres world records at the 1987 World Championships in Athletics and the 1988 Summer Olympics, but he was disqualified for doping, losing the Olympic title and both records. In 1999, Johnson made headlines again . How ?
  59. 59.  when it was revealed that he had been hired by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to act as a football coach for his son, Al-Saadi Gaddafi, who aspired to join an Italian football club. Al-Saadi ultimately did join an Italian team but was sacked after one game when he failed a drug test. Johnson's publicist in Canada had predicted in The Globe and Mail that his training of the young Gaddafi would earn Johnson a Nobel Peace Prize.
  60. 60. 29  X organization is an independent arbiter on branding. Its membership programmes pay tribute to the world's leading brands, as selected by experts and consumers. The organization also publishes a series of brand-focused books and publications. X has launched its programs in many key global markets and has publications in over 86 countries. X was founded by advertising executive Marcel Knobil in London in 1994. It began as a radio show on GLR (now BBC Radio London), which was aimed at giving ordinary customers an insight into the significant brands that touched their lives. Due to the success of the show the X organization was founded in 1995.  What is X.
  61. 61. 30  Originally designed for the Macintosh computer, the initial release was called "Presenter", developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin of Forethought Inc. In 1987, it was renamed to X due to problems with trademarks, the idea for the name coming from Robert Gaskins.  What is it?
  62. 62. Microsoft Powerpoint
  63. 63. 31. Which Indian organization gets its motto from this verse of Madbhagawat Gita?
  64. 64. Indian Air Force  The Motto of Indian Air Force has been taken from eleventh chapter of the Gita, the Discourse given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra during the Great War of Mahabharata. The Lord is showing His Supreme Divine form to Arjuna and the great form of the Lord is reaching the sky with glory, evoking fear and loss of self-control in the mind of Arjuna.  The Indian Air Force, similarly, aims to overwhelm the adversaries with application of aerospace power in defence of the nation
  65. 65. 32  Raj Bahadur was the driver of the routes 10 and 10 A in the days when his most famous friend worked as a bus conductor. The bus route was from Srinagara to Majestick and it is said that the two friends had a gala time in those days.  Bahadur knew about his friend's desire to act in films, and encouraged him to pursue his dream. In fact, it was he who helped him go to Chennai and study at the Adyar Film Institute. Bahadur always gave half of his salary to his dearest friend so that he can pursue his dream.  Who is Bahadur’s most famous friend?
  66. 66. Rajnikanth
  67. 67. 33.  What was founded by this gentleman along with his friend Vijay K. Thadani in 1981, which they named as a tribute to their alma mater ?
  68. 68.  NIIT was established in the year 1981 by Rajendra S. Pawar and Vijay K. Thadani, graduates from IIT.
  69. 69. 34.  Al Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud is a Saudi Arabian businessman and investor. He is a member of the Saudi royal family. In March 2013, Forbes listed Al Waleed as the 26th-richest man in the world, with an estimated net worth of US $20 Billion. Prince al Waleed disputes the Forbes valuation, and believes his wealth to be $26 billion.  Question is he was the first individual to purchase what?
  70. 70.  Al Waleed was the first individual to purchase an Airbus A380 and was due to take delivery of it in the spring of 2013, but it was sold before delivery.
  71. 71. 35. Which country is named after the desert shown in the backdrop of the song.
  72. 72. Left intentionally blank
  73. 73. Namibia after Namib desert
  74. 74. 36. The song is being played here in the ‘Love theme’ of the movie ‘Godfather’. Question is which Hindi song of yesteryear is inspired from this song? Also name the film.
  75. 75. Answer Film is Akele hum Akele tum.
  76. 76. 37  X was raised in the city of Y where has parents owned X Enterprises, employing some 170,000 people. When X was a young boy he witnessed the tragic murder of his parents, by the criminal Joe Chill, late one night after leaving a theater (where the movie "Zorro" was playing). He was put in the custody of the X family butler, Alfred Pennyworth. He grew up enraged and traumatized by his parents death. Years later when X was in his early 20's, he took to crime fighting as a way to deal with his anger, as well as avenge his parents. One evening whilst brooding over his inability to intimidate criminals, a bird came flying through the window of his study at stately X Manor.  What happened next and who is X?
  77. 77. This event sparked the idea of donning a frightening bat-like costume. The concept of a bat-themed suit resonated with Bruce due to his childhood fear of bats and the memory of his father wearing a bat costume to a masquerade party.
  78. 78. 38.  This fictional food item made appearances in many films which includes Death Proof, Four Rooms, Pulp Fiction , Reservoir Dogs, From Dusk Till Dawn , The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D . The packaging of it was created by Jerry Martinez.  Since the name's use in films, some restaurants have referenced it in either their name or that of a product.  Which fictional brand am I talking about?
  80. 80. 39.  The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.  The above paragraph has been taken from Bible Ezekiel 25:17.  Where in Pop culture you get to listen this verse ?
  81. 81. 40 Which famous type of Shawl gets its name from the needle, used to weave that? It has GI too.
  82. 82. The Kani shawls are woven with special wooden needles called Kanis, hence the name Kani shawls. 
  83. 83. 41  The caduceus ("herald's staff“) is the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology. The same staff was also borne by heralds in general, for example by Iris, the messenger of Hera. It is a short staff entwined by two serpents, sometimes surmounted by wings. In Roman iconography it was often depicted being carried in the left hand of Mercury, the messenger of the gods, guide of the dead and protector of merchants, shepherds, gamblers, liars, and thieves.  In modern days where we can see caduceus everyday?
  84. 84. For five points………….
  85. 85. Doctor’s symbol or a symbol of medicine
  86. 86. 42  Shown here is the list of two-lettered state codes of vehicle registration number in India. The first state is omitted from the list. Name it.
  87. 87. Telengana
  88. 88. 43  She is known by the names Ṣoḍaśī ("Sixteen"), Lalitā ("She Who Plays") and Rājarājeśvarī ("Queen of Queens, Supreme Ruler"), is one of the group of ten goddesses of Hindu belief, collectively called Mahavidyas. As Shodashi, she is represented as a sixteenyear-old girl, and is believed to embody sixteen types of desire.  Question is which Indian state is named after this goddess ?
  89. 89. She is Tripura Sundari and the state is Tripura
  90. 90. 44.Devi Durga stands on a lion in a fearless pose of “________”signifying assurance of freedom from fear. The universal mother seems to be saying to all her devotees: "Surrender all actions and duties onto me. and I shall release thee from all fears"
  91. 91. Abhay Mudra
  92. 92. 45. Connect
  93. 93. Rakesh Batra- the director. Irfan Khan- the lead actor. Central committee of Mumbai Dabbawala the song- the lunchbox by Marilyn Manson
  94. 94. 46.  What is the connecting theme – Lilith or Ranjith in all Abrahamic religions, Yhi in Australian Aboriginal mythology, Mannus in historical Germanic paganism, Epimetheus for the Greeks, Tokahe from the Lakota mythology and Malakas and Maganda in the Filipino culture?
  95. 95. They are all the names of first man or woman, or both, in their respective mythologies.
  96. 96. 47 Which ladies garment (widely used) is named after this kind of noodles ?
  97. 97. Spaghetti Top after Spaghetti noodles.
  98. 98. 48. Toughie  X is a French word which is derived from decolleter, meaning to reveal the neck or, more literally, "without a collar". The term was first used in English literature sometime before 1831.In strict usage, X is the neckline extending about two handbreadths from the base of the neck down, front and back.  Give me the term or the garment in the question.
  99. 99. Décolletage Gina Lollobrigida, in her famous décolleté dress, 1960.
  100. 100. 49  X is headgear that is used to lead or tie up livestock and, occasionally, other animals; it fits behind the ears (behind the poll), and around the muzzle. To handle the animal, usually a lead rope or lead shank is attached. On smaller animals, such as dogs, a leash is attached to the X.  What is X.
  101. 101. Halter
  102. 102. 50  Margaretha Geertruida "M'greet" Zelle MacLeod is her real name.  At 18, Margaretha answered an advertisement in a Dutch newspaper placed by Dutch Colonial Army Captain Rudolf MacLeod ,who was living in the then Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) and was looking for a wife. Margaretha married Rudolf in Amsterdam on 11 July 1895.  The Fries Museum in Leeuwarden, Netherlands exhibits a room in her name or honour. Included in the exhibit are two of her personal scrapbooks and an oriental rug embroidered with the footsteps of her fan dance.  How do we know her better ?
  103. 103. Mata Hari
  104. 104. 51  X is noteworthy for being one of the most successfully constructed languages in history. It was first detailed by L.L. Zamenhof in his book, Unua Libro, in 1887, published under the pseudonym Doktoro X. The word “X” means “one who hopes” in the language. Today, it is estimated that there are between one hundred thousand and two million fluent X speakers, and between 200-2000 native speakers. Both Google and Wikipedia provide services in X. It is the language of instruction at the Akademio Internacia de la Sciencoj in San Marino. Its structure is heavily influenced by the IndoEuropean languages, and its vocabulary is mostly derived from the Romance and, to a lesser extent, the Germanic languages.  Identify the fictional language in the question.
  105. 105. Esperanto
  106. 106. 52. Toughie  She is the Greek goddess of memory. She is the possible origin of the English word X, which itself means ‘to memorize’. Nevertheless Zeus and this goddess slept together for nine consecutive nights, thus birthing the Y. Y gives rise to another English word Z.  All the variable please !
  107. 107. She is Mnemosyne X- Mnemonic. Y- Muses Z- Music
  108. 108. 53. Obligatory Sachin Tendulkar question Pedro Collins, Glen McGrath and Makhaya Nitini are the only three bowlers to do what in Sachin Tendulkar’s test career?
  109. 109. They have dismissed GOD for a duck on two occasions each.
  110. 110. 54 How is the owner of this book store making news these days?
  111. 111. Munro’s Books established by Alice Munro and her husband.
  112. 112. 55  These are a set of connected plastic rings that are used in multipacks of beverage. first introduced them in St. Louis, Missouri in the summer of 1960. Within 10 years, plastic rings had completely replaced the paper and metal based holders then common in the market. Today several other manufacturers continue to produce it. What is it called ?
  113. 113. Six pack
  114. 114. 56.  Simple one- name the writer of the book.
  115. 115. Raghuram Rajan
  116. 116. Rules There are four(4) stages in this round. Each stage has different marking in it, that will be mentioned in every slide. You are not allowed to speak out your answer in this round. THE CONNECTION IS EXHAUSTIVE, YOU CAN’T ADD ANYTHING TO THE SUBJECT MATTER. Marks will be given at Quizmaster’s discretion.
  117. 117. Stage 1: for +30 and -20
  118. 118. Stage 2: for +25 and -15
  119. 119. Stage 3: for +20 and -10
  120. 120. Stage 4: for +15 and -5
  121. 121. Maa Durga's Weapons
  122. 122. *ধনযবোদ* আশা কৰিছ া আছ ানাছ াছক প্ৰশ্নছ াি উ ছ াগ কৰিছ ।