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InPulse Digital - Media & Entertainment Industry work


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InPulse Digital marketing is the leader in Hispanic digital marketing for the US and Latin America. InPulse has executed 300+ custom social media campaigns for major entertainment brands.

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InPulse Digital - Media & Entertainment Industry work

  2. 2. The 5Cs of Digital Marketing Our campaign development methodology Our agency generates a digital strategy based on consumer our 5Cs methodology. This generates the creative, content strategies, media planning and analytics requirements. We research the audience, and specially, we analyze how the audience thinks of and consumes (or not) the brand or product. Creative ideas to communicate our message, based on the audience and market. We define the communication strategy for each platform to be used as a touch point. We choose where and when to send out the message, so it becomes viral. We define what a successful outcome would be and measure the results to reach it or quickly react.
  3. 3. The Digital Campaign Social Media & Video Search Engines (SEO & SEM) Advertising (social, mobile,…) Email Marketing Official presence Online Publicity & Blogger Mobile We reach the audience through multiple channels via integrated and socially connected campaigns.
  4. 4. Social Media + Creative Campaigns + Online Advertising Facebook (tactics & execution): • Creative content plan • Sponsored content • Analytics & monthly report • Client monetization
  5. 5. Results (1 month): #1 Rock band in Latin America • • • • 170,000 50,000 23,000 950,000 landing page views clicks to buy (US iTunes) active players lyric video views
  6. 6. Social Media + Creative Campaigns + Facebook Apps + Online Publicity + Advertising • Argentinean actress, married to Canadian superstar Michael Bublé • 1.7 MM Facebook fans (100% annual growth), 3 MM Twitter followers • 2012 Christmas Campaign: 100K new page likes, 25K new email database, 3.2 million people reached • 2013 UNICEF Baby Bublé campaign:  20K participants & 322K visitors  242K new FB fans & 263K in TW  9.2 million people reached  Comprehensive media coverage
  7. 7. Creative Campaign: Secret Kiss … the first world-wide Facebook movie rental • Creative campaign to support Facebook rental launch • Facebook App: “Send someone a secret kiss and let him/her guess who the kiss is from” Results: • • • • • 30,000 app visits 7,100 app users 6,400 email sign-ups 110,000 trailer reproductions 280,000 Facebook fans (71% growth)
  8. 8. Sports: Rafa Márquez Social Media strategy + Facebook Apps + Online Advertising • • • • Setup web presence from scratch Facebook, Twitter, SEO, Website, etc. Ad campaigns (Facebook, sports blogs) Direct to fan relationship and promotions Results (3 months): • • • 400,000 Facebook fans 80,000 Twitter followers New partnership opportunities 2013: • • 1,000,000 Facebook fans 380,000 Twitter followers
  9. 9. Capabilities Social – Web – Mobile – Strategic
  10. 10. 300+ Facebook Campaigns
  11. 11. Web, Responsive & eCommerce
  12. 12. Mobile, Responsive, HTML 5
  13. 13. Consumer Interactive
  14. 14. Games & Advergaming
  15. 15. We get the audience
  16. 16. Video Strategic Alliance • • • Branded Video Content Long Format Content Content Marketing Solutions • Publishing / Articles • Blogger Networks • • • • • Social Media Strategy & Execution Web, Mobile Development Social Media Advertising Content Marketing Solutions • Publishing / Articles • Blogger Networks Analytics
  17. 17. Anoche En La Tele • Daily recap of TV’s best moments (Spanish & English Networks) brought to you by the unique and engaging Yvannia Garcia • • 3-4 minute daily segments can be uploaded to social platforms or websites daily. • Monthly Cost: $30K (1 daily show M-F) • 6 month minimum commitment • Opportunity to extend the daily show to 30 minutes and air it on a DishLatino network. • Monthly Cost: 20 Shows at $5K per show
  18. 18. Proven Experience • Over 500 shows of “Anoche en La Tele” produced to date for MSN’s digital platforms. • Proven operations model with experienced team of storytellers, producers and editors guaranteeing daily delivery of show. • Experienced Host “Yvannia Garcia” is bilingual and bicultural allowing for higher efficiencies in the production of both Latin and GM shows. • State-of-the-art, in-house, film, video, music sand audio capabilities with access to extensive B-roll and music libraries.
  19. 19. Mobile Strategic Alliance • • • • Mobile Marketing Telco partnerships (phone databses, SMS, MMS) iOS, Android App development Interactive Games development • • • • • Social Media Strategy & Execution Web, Responsive Development Social Media Advertising Content Marketing Solutions • Publishing / Articles • Blogger Networks Analytics
  20. 20.
  21. 21. Analytics & KPIs Our company is focused on measuring to obtain increasing results and opportunities. Sample analytics we look at: • Facebook, Facebook Apps Likes, talking, interactions, active users, story impressions, demographics, countries, cities, Language, reference traffic • Ads (Facebook, Google, etc) CTR, CPC, conversion costs. For Facebook also social lift. • Grassroots/Online Publicity Referral clicks (what sites are really working) • YouTube Analytics Subscribers, video views, total views, time spent. • Google Analytics Country, sources, time spent, exits • CRM Analytics Sweepstakes results, overall database, demographics • Email Marketing Open, click, etc.
  22. 22. Integrated Digital Marketing Technology Design Editorial Responsive Responsive Social Media SEO Usability Call To Action Video, CMS, … Branding Creative Creative writing Email Mktg API Integration Marketing & Management Client Services Online Publicity Advertising Reporting Our company has: • Executed over 700 projects in the US, Mexico and 10 other countries • Presented at over 20 conferences • Been interviewed by the press a dozen times
  23. 23. Clients
  24. 24. Press
  25. 25. Team Diego Prusky – Founder & CEO • Diego generates the vision of the agency’s constant evolution, assembles the management team and has developed relationships with companies such as MTV, MySpace, Warner, Universal, and EMI • Recognized by the industry, with invitations to MIDEM, Billboard, Monitor Latino and A2IM Tech Day in 2010. Natalia Zuazo – Editorial Team Manager • Previously at the online divisions of MTV, El Clarin, Ciudad Digital and others. Based in Bs. As. Journalist, political scientist, she currently writes for several magazines including Rolling Stone and Brando. • Online communications & social media expert. Joaquin Arambarri – VP Operations • Previously in El Pais Digital, Uruguay’s largest newspaper, Joaquin is an Engineer with multiple specializations and 10 years of experience managing technology teams
  26. 26. Team Elisabeth Bohlmann – EVP Client Services • • Originally from Germany, she is fluent in German, English, Dutch and Spanish. Elisabeth is a great asset to our clients, combining her creativity and understanding of the music industry with her degree in economics Alexis Einhorn – Accounts Director • Alexis graduated "Cum Laude" from the Raphael Reccanati International School in Israel with a B.A. in Communications, focusing in Persuasive Studies. • He has led projects involving organizations such as Warner Music Mexico, Universal Music US Latin, American Diabetes Association among others. Ximena Bentancor – Chief of Design • Ximena has over 10 years of experience in web design and usability. She ensures the quality of InStyle DM’s designs. She is interested in all types of interactive creativity. • She has lead design projects for MySpace, EMI Music, Salt River Project, Warner Channel, IMER, AIESEC, Universal Music, etc. And another 25 in-house Editors, Web Designers, Web Developers, Copywriters, and Project Managers.
  27. 27. Elisabeth Bohlmann | VP Client Services | Diego Prusky | Founder & CEO | | 1-888-880-8620 USA: +1.888.880.8620 | MX: (55) 8421.8500 | UY: 2710.5649 | AR: (11) 5219-4165 © 2014 InPulse Digital Marketing